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First and foremost, welcome to Killer Kayaks–a complete and helpful resource when it comes to all things inflatable kayaks.  But enough about the site itself; you’re here to learn how it came to be.

About a year ago, I was going through a tough time. As it turns out, when you’re going through a rough time… it can get rougher. Ever heard: “when it rains, it pours?” Well, yeah. I caught myself looking at the mirror and saw a version of me that I no longer was happy to see. I was severely overweight.

I had hit my limit. No matter what, even if I was hurt, even if my scale didn’t budge, I was going to lose weight. I was going to lose weight if I had to walk 2 hours a day. I was going to lose weight if I had to eat 2 salads a day. And even if the scale didn’t show me to be a pound lighter within a couple weeks, I’d tweak my food intake and keep exercising!

And that’s exactly what I did. I started hiking. Nothing too crazy. I live close to San Diego where the weather is pretty much perfect with plenty of amazing trails. There were times I’d walk at a medium pace outside in the parking lot, around the block or around my favourite neighborhood. When I had more time though, I’d hike trails.

Fast forward a good year and I’ve lose a fair amount of weight. With weight loss comes extra energy. It’s not that I need to exercise… it’s more like I want to. I can partake in fun activities that I had given up. I love biking now too.

So how did killerkayaks.com come to be?

A friend and I were walking through a sports store when we saw hardshell kayaks. She pointed to it and exclaimed how much fun it would be to go kayaking…. I told her it would be great fun but we both lived in apartments. Where would we store these beasts?

That’s when I did a search online and found inflatable kayaks. I informed my friend. We ended up doing tons of research which we’re putting into this website. I would have loved a website like this when we started researching inflatable kayaks specifically.

And that’s the story of this site. Whether you are kayaking because it’s fun… or maybe you’re doing it for weight loss–it doesn’t matter. We want to present you with complete information here so you make the right choice when it comes to purchasing your first inflatable kayak.

If you have ideas about how we can improve the site, make sure to leave us a comment anywhere on the site. We pay attention to those 😉

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