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Is the Sevylor Tahiti Fishing/Hunting Inflatable Kayak Worth the Price Tag?

sevylor fishing hunting kayakUpdated 10/8/2016… Of all the kayaks I have reviewed, I am seriously excited about the Sevylor Tahiti Fishing/Hunting inflatable kayak.  First check out this handsome canoe:  It’s outfitted in that cool hunting green colour and style that screams. “Let’s take this baby out for some fishin’!”  All kidding aside, Sevylor nailed the design of this kayak (paint me vain).  The colour also helps blend in if you’re taking it out on a lake or marsh for hunting purposes.

Like other Sevylor inflatables, this kayak comes with their Airtight system that guarantees no leaks…. And those are the type of guarantees I love to have when it comes to these lightweight toys.  The Tahiti is constructed of 26 guage PVC (measurement for thickness of the material that the kayak is made of) and a tubular I-beam floor for maximum stability.  It comes out to be 10 feet 9 inches by 2 feet and 4 inches and can handle a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.  Two adults should fit into this kayak very well or one heavy/tall person.

Sevylor Tahiti Fishing & Hunting Kayak Easy to Maneuver?

Maneuvering the Tahiti is as easy as maneuvering any other inflatable kayak.  Once you test it out and get into the ‘rhythm’, you’ll find this Sevylor inflatable kayak glides quite nicely. However, we do recommend purchasing a skeg separately and utilizing it for a bit more maneuvering ease.

However, some people are stuck on this very issue.  There seems to be an issue where the kayak may go in circles instead of going straight.  This could be due to many reasons.  It could be because the heavier person may be seated in the front causing the light end/the back to not anchor properly.  It could also be wrong expectations transferring from having used a hard shelled kayak.

I do recommend purchasing a skeg for this kayak for added reliability.

Plenty of people have used this Sevylor inflatable kayak well and found it enjoyable.  However, please do not take it where there is a lot of swell, wind or high waves.  Inflatable kayaks are supposed to be enjoyed in calmer areas like a lake.  Any area where there are tree branches poking out, rough rivers or lots of rocks—keep away from all such areas!  Even though this kayak is built to take a fair amount of abuse, caution should be practiced.  For this reason, always keep a patch kit with you.  Some folks have found that their Tahiti did very well in areas that I’m cautioning you against.

Also, if you’re taking the Tahiti out for fishing purposes, then seriously consider taking a light anchor with you (for obvious reasons).  This is one of the more well known fishing kayak.

Construction of the Tahiti Inflatable Kayak

This bit is something pretty cool I observed about the Sevylor Tahiti Fishing & Hunting inflatable kayak.  There are three main compartments that need to be inflated to properly inflate it.  These three parts are all separate: two along the side and one underneath you.  It could very well be that if the sides deflated, you’d still float because of the bottom remaining intact.  (Please don’t test this in dangerous conditions!)

sevylor fishing and kayak in use

Another neat thing is that the seats are adjustable so depending on your and your partner’s weight and size, you can move them as needed.  Or you can position them to face each other.

Recommended Upgrades

If you have a little more spending money, definitely opt for more quality paddles.  The ones that come with this Sevylor inflatable kayak (the Tahiti) work okay but investing in a nice pair will pay off.  Another recommendation is buying a skeg because the main complaint people have had is they can’t get the canoe to trek straight (though I believe there are other reasons at play).  Invest in a skeg and you won’t regret it!

Quirks Pertaining To This Sevylor Inflatable Kayak?

The only quirk that I’ve noticed is the folks who had issues navigating the Tahiti properly.  As discussed in this review earlier, this could be due to inexperience or the lack of a skeg.  Opt for a skeg!  It only helps.  Also, remember to use it in calm waters with light wind as it’s meant to be utilized in those situations specifically.

Sevylor Tahiti Fishing & Hunting Kayak Summary

With an average rating of 4 stars and a great price of under $130, this inflatable kayak is a great purchase.  For another Sevylor option, check out the Sevylor Quickpak Coverless Sit-on-Top inflatable kayak.

Sevylor Tahiti Fishing/Hunting Inflatable Kayak Features

Inflation Time15 minutes
NMMA Certified
# of Seats2
Maximum Weight Capacity400 lbs
Inflated Size10' 9" x 2' 4"

Rave Sea Rebel Inflatable Kayak [2011]

Updated 09/3/2016 With Chart:

rave sea rebel 2011 in useIt sure looks pretty in this picture, now, doesn’t it?  Well, pretty doesn’t answer a lot of your questions so let’s get to it: Is the Rave Sea Rebel the bees knees? How does it fare compared to other rafts?

To start with, the Rave Sea Rebel inflatable kayak is a basic, one seater kayak that beginners and advanced kayakers both can enjoy.  Most people find it easy as heck to assemble and pumping it/inflating it takes around 10 minutes.  If you are under 6 feet tall, you will find the kayak to have enough room for you and your items.

Basic Measurements

The Sea Rebel kayak is pretty lightweight with 3 fins attached to the bottom which helps it trek straight in the water.  Once inflated, it comes out to be 8’7” x 35” x 8”; deflated, the kayak measures to be 8’10”x38”.  The maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds and the kayak is constructed with durable 420D nylon cover.  The kayak weighs 22 pounds.  Inflating it takes about 10 minutes on average (for first timers, it may take a bit longer).

Possible Issues With the BackRest

Most people find the backrest to work fine or have found a workaround to make it more comfortable while a couple reviews on Amazon mention how that the backrest is almost “useless”.  These kayaks are made like ‘one size fits all’ product meaning that a good number of us also have bad backs.  This means that with a budgeted inflatable kayak, you’re going to have to tweak the backrest/seat a bit to make it more comfortable to your needs.


For an inflatable kayak, it steers well.  Going in a straight line is a bit of a task but once you learn how to work with it, it’s pretty smooth riding.  Having been tested in calm lakes and extremely light waves, the Sea Rebel performs well and even young children will enjoy using this kayak.


The kayak comes in a sporty frame in a yellow colour and can be transported easily.  It’s one of the easier kayaks that can be deflated and put back in the bag (this can be a daunting task with some of the other inflatable kayaks).  One other pro is that the Sea Rebel is light enough to carry to your destination easily.

rave sea rebel inflatable kayak 2011The only ‘con’ is the room designated for your items.  This is located behind the seat (please view the image).  This isn’t as much of a con as it is a bit of an annoyance: to grab something, you kind of have to twist in place or reach around with your arm.

Excellent Reviews

The Rave Sea Rebel 2011 is not only priced really well but also, it has received great scores on Amazon (no 1 or 2 star reviews!)  All reviewers are extremely happy with the purchase of their Sea Rebel and the price makes it a worth purchase.


The Rave Sea Rebel Inflatable Kayak is priced around $160-$200 and most folks on Amazon who have bought it think of it as not just a good kayak but a ‘great kayak’. If you are on a budget and want a solid buy, this inflatable kayak will NOT disappoint.

Rave Sea Rebel Features

Inflation Time10 minutes
NMMA CertifiedNo
# of Seats1
Maximum Weight Capacity200 lbs
Inflated Size8’7” x 35” x 8”

Sevylor QuickPak Coverless Sit-On-Top Inflatable Kayak Review [Updated]

Updated 09/01/2016…

Sevylor QuickPak Kayak With Accessories
Sevylor QuickPak Kayak With Accessories

For many reasons, the Sevylor QuickPak is one of the best rated inflatable kayaks on the market.  While it has a couple of cons (which we will go into detail down below), it has plenty of pros and the pros really shine.  I’ll be going into details about the price, seat issues, cargo details, comfort level, inflation time and much more.  The purpose of this review is to help you make up your mind so if you have any questions after reading the review, feel free to get in touch here.

Basic Kayak Design

Let’s start with the basics: what I found great about this kayak is that it a is “sit-on-top” kayak (take a look at the images).  So, instead of sinking down into the kayak, you sit on top of it.  For a lot of people, this is a lot more comfortable for their backs.  Also, the backrest is adjustable and this is a very important feature as kayaking, if not properly prepared for, can be painful.  (I have a bad back so I take such things into consideration).  The Sevylor QuickPak Coverless Sit-On-Top Inflatable Kayak has comfortable seating; comfortable enough to take small waves.

Sevylor QuickPak Coverless Sit-On-Top Maximum Capacity & Size

In the very front, you will notice a small cargo area where you can store a few small items.

Obviously, much needed and handy.  The Sevylor QuickPak Coverless Sit-On-Top inflatable kayak has a maximum weight handling capacity of 400 pounds and is a comfortable fit.  Once inflated, the kayak comes in around 8’8”x2’4”.

One of the main questions with inflatable kayaks is whether they are “safe” enough to endure certain environments or, rather, if they will deflate due to an easy tear.  For this Sevylor Quickpak Coverless Sit-On-Top Inflatable Kayak, Sevylor has implemented their own exclusive AirTight system which pretty much guarantees no leaks.

With that said, it’s perfect for lakes or extremely light waves but shouldn’t be used in the ocean or rapids.  (And really, inflatable kayaks are not meant to be enjoyed in harsh environments).  I have heard of people grazing the kayaks on rocks lightly without any damage to them.  (Important Note: Inflatable kayaks aren’t meant to be used in tough conditions so please consider your safety before taking any questionable actions).

Sevylor Quickpak Coverless Sit on Top Kayak in Action
Sevylor Quickpak Coverless Sit on Top Kayak in Action

Sevylor QuickPak Maneuverability

With that said, the Sevylor Quicktop Sit-on-Top Kayak treks nicely in the water and I was able to navigate with it fairly well right off the bat.  An Amazon reviewer even mentioned that he would be comfortable enough to use this inflatable kayak for fly fishing.  A couple of reviewers on Amazon have complained that the kayak isn’t as sturdy or maneuverable as a regular kayak; they are missing the point.  If you’re looking for flexibility, ease of handle and a cheap price, then this kayak will defintely not disappoint you.  If you’re looking for something that can handle the rapids or if speed is a huge concern, then an inflatable kayak may not be your best buy.

Another thing to note is that the base of the kayak comes to be at the water level but this is how it has been designed and works really well.

There are plenty of pros for owning this little baby and a couple of cons so let’s dig a bit deeper.

One of the coolest things about this kayak is that once it is deflated, it can turn into an (integrated) backpack.  Imagine if you’re a bike ride away from a nice lake; grab your kayak (folded into a backpack) and head on over.  In that sense, the Sevylor QuickPak kayak holds true to its name.

Another great thing: on average, it takes about 5 minutes for it to inflate so if you’re looking for a lightweight kayak, then this will fit the bill nicely.

The QuickPak is also easy to inflate as it comes with a dual action hand pump with various sized nozzles.  If you’ve ever purchased an inflatable kayak before, you know that sometimes this part can be an annoyance but this part worked just fine for me.  A couple of other folks had a little bit of trouble with fitting the pump to the nozzles; for a quick fix, you can hold the hose around the nozzle with your hand or tape it.

Sevylor Quickpak Sit on Top Inflatable Kayak

Fun Features

A couple of fun features are a cup holder and a build in oar holder (some of the more expensive kayaks don’t have these in-built features).  These features aren’t perfect but are at least included in this budget raft.

One of the bigger complaints on the Amazon reviews has been that this kayak won’t paddle straight.  Well, if you’ve ever owned an inflatable kayak, this can be a concern.  Due to the “light” nature of the inflatable kayaks, even with skegs, it can be hard to steer them straight.  To fix the problem, easily, you can put something with a bit of weight (like a water jug or a weight dumbbell) in the front (where the cargo compartment is).

A couple people who have left unsatisfied reviews on Amazon probably came in with the wrong expectations.  For instance, you cannot expect a lightweight, inflatable kayak to do what a weighty kayak costing $500+ can do.

Sevylor Quick Sit-On-Top Kayak Verdict

If you’re looking for a get-up-and-go kayaking that’s compact, this kayak solution by Sevylor is one of the best ones on the market with a low budget.   The average rating for the Sevylor Quicktop Sit-On-Top kayak is 4/5 stars on Amazon and you can check out more details here.

For a roomier option, check out the Sevylor Tahiti Fishing & Hunting inflatable kayak!

Sevylor QuickPak Coverless Kayak Features

Inflation Time5-10 minutes
NMMA CertifiedYes
# of Seats1
Maximum Weight Capacity400 lbs
Inflated Size8’8” x 3'

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