Advanced Elements

Advanced Elements is a company that was created in California over 10 years ago, with the intention of providing customers with the best outdoor experience possible. Their goal is to make the newest, most technologically advanced inflatable kayaks that are also beautiful to look at. They believe in great customer service, always keeping their needs in mind when developing their products.

The company’s kayaks are unique in that they have both soft AND hard parts, giving the feel of a regular kayak but being as lightweight as an inflatable kayak. They even have a fishing kayak, but they don’t just make kayaks. They also create iSUPs (inflatable stand up paddleboards), cargo bags, roll tops, travel bags, a shower bag you can hang to take a short shower, sails for kayaks, paddles and more.

Advanced Elements prides themselves on their innovations, and rightfully so. They developed the AdvancedFrame (aluminum ribs built into the stern and bow), StraitEdge, and BackBone accessory. Their kayaks are constructed with multi-layered PVC and have two different air chambers, so that if one deflates, there will be another chamber of air surrounding the kayak.

Advanced Elements has worldwide certified dealers, from Canada to China and beyond. There are many demo events in different states/areas for potential customers to see the kayaks in person. They also have a forum for discussions among both current customers and those who are new to the company. If you had questions about anything, you’d most likely find the detailed answers there.

Following are our AE kayaks that we have reviewed: