Class III Kayaking Journey Down The Alsek River

Class III Kayaking Journey down the Alsek River

The Alsek River offers one of the most spectacular kayaking sites in the world. It offers a chance to kayak along the spectacular Alaskan landscape. Kayaking trips to the Alsek River are available during summer time during the months of June and July.

It takes at least a week to cover the entire Alsek River. Make sure you carry enough supplies and warm clothes. The temperatures here are still low even during summer time.

River Difficulty

The Alsek River mainly has rapids of Class II to class III rapids. However, there are challenging and exciting class IV and class V rapids as well. The rapids begin once you’ve passed Lowell lake. They begin as class III rapids and they are pretty fun to negotiate.

The glaciers running along the river make this a truly unforgettable experience. In addition, the river is punctuated by beautiful waterfalls running from the mountains.

The next section is the party piece of the Alsek River. It is known as Turnback canyon. It features one of the most turbulent and violent whitewater sections in the world. You have to be a kayaking expert to navigate this section.

The rapids here are Class V difficulty and above. Even kayaking experts will have a hard time navigating this section when the water level is high. Most rafters and kayakers even choose to fly over this section in a helicopter!

If the water level is low, you might be able to tackle Turnback Canyon with an expert on a 2-seater kayak. It promises to be a scary but unforgettable experience. The rest of the river is littered with class II and class III rapids. These rapids provide plenty of fun and they do not need a lot of experience to navigate.

The Best Kayak For Kayaking On The Alsek River

The Alsek River is mainly made up of class II and class III rapids. This means that you do not need a long, fast kayak for this river. A smaller kayak will offer the best experience since it has the agility to cope with class II and III rapids. You can choose to carry an inflatable kayak. It is easy to carry and it offers optimum stability.

If you want to tackle the infamous Turnback Canyon rapids, you can consider carrying a long and fast kayak. If you want to tackle it with an expert, then a 2-seater kayak is the best option.

What Will You See?

The Alsek River kayaking course is full of beautiful scenery and wildlife. You will get a chance to see moose, bears and even wolves. You might also get a chance to see mountain goats and eagles. The scenery all around is quite spectacular.

The glaciers are the most amazing sights. Some glaciers are really massive and awe-inspiring. The Alsek River water continues to increase as its tributaries continue to add water to it. The convergence points of the Alsek River and its tributaries are awesome sights.

Possible Dangers Of Kayaking On The Alsek River

The obvious risk here is the water temperature. You have to ensure that you are warm enough to tackle the Alsek River. You also have to ensure that you maintain a safe distance between you and the animals. Some animals like bears and wolves are extremely territorial and they might attack if you get too close.

In addition, do not attempt to kayak at the Turnback Canyon section if you do not have enough experience. There are other rapids on other parts of the river that are safe and fun to navigate.

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