How To Pick The Right Aquatic Shoes

There’s no better time to invest in water shoes than during the summer season, but you should know that a good pair of shoes should be usable year round. There are many different kinds of water shoes you can buy out there, and each kind has its own beneficial features that differ from the next.

Depending on which water activity you’re participating in, you can also expect to get different water shoes for the best protection and experience altogether.


If you’re looking for water shoes for kayaking, you want ones that are slightly more flexible than usual. Kayaking water shoes are typically made out of neoprene, a synthetic rubber that will keep its flexibility through a wide range of temperature levels.

This is important, mostly for comfort’s sake, considering that you could be paddling for hours at a time. Even if you were just a beginner, and would only go out for short periods of time, the perfect pair of shoes are the ones that will allow you to go on paddling for as long as possible. Make sure you have the perfect fit to go out in your Sun Dolphin Bali 10 sit on kayak.

Water Sports

You might not automatically think about water shoes when you’re doing water sports, but having the proper shoes could actually elevate your level of skill. These shoes would be perfect for water activities such as rafting, paddleboarding, surfing, and jet skiing, among others.

The main feature you’d want to look for with water shoes, in this category, would be lightness. Water sport shoes are generally made with thin, synthetic materials that allow for quick movements. You’ll also want to look for shoes that provide just enough cushioning to absorb the shocks that you normally would experience when participating in active water sports.

In addition, it’s important to get shoes that have enough grip to provide you with ample control, when it comes to slippery surfaces.


Most people get water shoes for the sake of swimming. There are different types of shoes you could get, depending on the type of water terrain you’re swimming in.

Either way, the most important feature to look for, in this aspect, is protection. When you’re swimming near a rocky beach, you’ll want to get shoes that can protect you from possible cuts and scrapes that you might get from stepping on sharp rocks.

Protection can also come in the form of proper cushioning. In addition, you’ll want shoes that can give you traction in unstable, sandy bottom surfaces in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Your water shoes should give you traction, while being lightweight at the same time. You’re not going to want to feel your shoes on while you’re swimming.

Another important feature to look for in water shoes, for swimming, is how quickly they dry up. Most mesh fabrics are popular options for water shoes, because of their quick drying capabilities.


With boating shoes, you’ll want to pay attention to the exterior properties more. Breathability is an important factor, especially since you’ll be out of the water a majority of the time. You’ll want shoes that will dry quickly as well. You never know when you’ll get wet on a boat. Style is crucial for many, and boating shoes definitely have a wide range of styles you could choose from, and many brands.

Other features that are important, when it comes to boating shoes, include grip, platform stability (for standing in motion), and of course, comfort.


Whatever water shoes you may end up getting, the most important thing to look for is quality in materials. Water tends to break down materials faster, so you’ll want to get high quality water shoes that can last you a while, and protect your feet at the same time.

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