Kayaking And Camping Adventure In Patagonia

kayaking and camping in Patagonia

Kayaking is growing in popularity in Argentina which is in South America. Patagonia is one of the best places and common for this activity. It’s one of the largest regions in the Republic.

When you visit Patagonia, you will be amazed by the outstanding wilderness scenery. The towering mountains and ridges are amazing to watch. On the southern side, the glaciers offer an amazing view.

On the Northern side of Patagonia, is the lake district. It offers an excellent kayaking opportunity for any paddler. If you love paddling, Patagonia is a place you can visit despite your skill level.

The activities range from multi-day adventures and half day tours. For multi-day adventures, camping would give you a good experience. The best time to go for kayaking is from October to April. Some of the amazing activities and places you can visit include:


The Rio Negro is also known as the Black River. Its located at the junction of Neuquén and Limay rivers. You can plan to go for a multi-day visit to the river. The trip would take a total of 14 days.

It begins at Neuquén city to the Atlantic ocean. Only small groups of adult kayakers can go for this extrusion. They should all be experienced, fit and capable of swimming.


The national park is accessible by anyone in San Carlos city with ease. The city is also the gateway to Patagonia. You can fly in from any South American city. The park has several lakes, and there are a series of kayaking companies in the region.

You can choose to go for a half day or a full day tour which would be perfect for you and your family. If you are a professional kayaker and physically fit, you can go for multiple days camping in the park.


This would be one of the fantastic adventures you can enjoy in Patagonia. The tour takes place at the South Atlantic Ocean beginning from Peninsula Valdes.  This is the region where the Southern Right whale calving takes place. The elephant seals and Magellanic penguins also have colonies in this region.

There is multiple days tour in the Atlantic sea region. Beach camping is fantastic since you would spend nights close to whales nurseries. During the kayaking tour, you would be able to spend a night at the Sheep Ranch. Late September and Early December are the perfect moments if you need to go for sea kayaking.


If you and your friends can make a group of more than 14 individuals, you can have an overnight tour. If you choose an excellent camping company, you will get all the necessary camping gear, drinks, and food.

You should carry your sleeping bag during this kayaking summer events. Since in Patagonia it can rain during summer, it’s advisable to bring a waterproof jacket.

You can carry lightweight clothes which would dry quickly. Its good also to carry light equipment since everyone would carry their tools to the camping site. The wild scenery is a fantastic place for your camping tour. You can carry your camera to take pictures while you are on your tour.


If you need to improve your kayaking skills, you can visit the various schools in the region. You can also choose to learn leadership skills. The training would equip a learner with comprehensive life-saving skills and leadership skills. After completing the course, you are awarded a certificate by the American Canoe Association.

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