Outcast OSG Striker Raft – Two Person Quality Raft With Room?

If you have come across the Outcast OSG Striker Raft, then you have most likely fallen for its aesthetic looks. It’s as small and as sharp as you would expect a striker vessel (militarily-speaking) to look. Then again, it is not just the looks that speak for this raft, but also its efficiency as a vessel meant for angling.

Even with its handsome look, this raft packs a punch by being able to accommodate up to two people without reducing its ability to deliver on performance. Its capability to withstand the rugged nature of rapids also makes it an excellent choice for adventurous anglers, as we will find out in this Outcast OSG Striker review.

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In this Outcast OSG Striker review, we will be going into details about not just the frame, but storage points, seating comfort, the angling aspect, accessories, and much more. Dive in!

Outcast Osg Striker Raft


The Outcast OSG Striker Raft Frame

The Outcast OSG Striker Raft’s main frame, the inflatable hull, is made of urethane. At full inflation, the hull measures a diameter of 16”. The fact that the craft is very light and easy to maneuver will make you feel like you are rafting on air.

Urethane is a tough synthetic material that is able to withstand damage from rock and gravel grazing, as would be expected of shallow waters. Additionally, the seams of the AIRcell (the hull) are welded together, which provides a more tensile hold of the whole frame.

At a length of 9’6″ and a width of 5′, the Outcast OSG Striker Raft has plenty enough space for a comfy cockpit. Not the full body stretching type of cockpit, but enough comfortable leg room for the backseat angler. The size of the boat also offers enough buoyancy support, which is crucial in unsettled weather conditions and waters.

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Outcast's Osg Striker angling raft


Fully inflated, Outcast OSG Striker only weighs 102 lbs, but that does not stop it from performing with a huge weight capacity of up to 800 lbs. Quite impressive! What’s more, when it’s deflated, this raft can fit in your backpack if well folded. Fully inflated and rigged, it needs only two people to carry it.

To create rigidity, it is fitted with two pairs of aluminum frame sets, which provide extra support for the seats. They do not add any extra weight to the boat or cause any inconvenience.

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Features of the Outcast OSG Striker

There are many people who are always wary of inflatable watercrafts. However, the Outcast OSG Striker Raft’s material speaks to its durability. With a fabric density of 1100 PVC, the craft is undoubtedly one of the toughest inflatable rafts on the market. Moreover, at a material weight of 24/27 ounces, the raft remains just about the right size/weight ratio for your maneuverability needs.

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The Summit 2 valve is an air intake valve made with long-lasting benefits in mind. It will allow an intake of air with every pump session, without it being a tiresome chore. This makes it ideal to use either a hand pump or an electric pump on the Outcast OSG Striker Raft.

Should you, your child or your pet break the valve, an inexpensive replacement is readily available from Outcast. What’s more, you do not need a technician to repair the valve of the Outcast OSG Striker. All it takes is reading the Outcast OSG Striker Raft’s instruction manual and you are good to go.

As an angler, you would know that you are never assured of the water situation, especially if you are doing rapid streams, rivers, and open lakes. That is why the Outcast OSG Striker Raft’s self-bailing floor is a welcome feature.

The craft is curved a bit higher on the bow area, which will allow water on the floor of the cockpit to drift toward the stern area, where it will drain out of the boat. In a two man position, the inflatable lean bar on the Outcast OSG Striker allows for a more comfortable standing position for the front angler. This is essential when going for the big ones that are ready to put up a good fight.


Overhead view of OSG Striker


The Outcast OSG Striker’s seating arrangement is also something to ogle upon. Even though the Outcast OSG Striker is largely marketed as a two-seater, it can also be converted into a single by detaching the frames which hold the front seats. The seats themselves are comfortable while retaining the minimalistic feature of the rest of the craft.

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Should you need to add a few mores accessories to the Outcast OSG Striker Raft, you won’t have to worry about extra space. The vessel has a brilliant integrated gear system (IGS), consisting of slots that allow for the addition of accessories such as rod holders, deck mounts, paddle holders, and cargo pockets.

All aspects of movement on the vessel, from maneuverability to speed, should not be a problem. Through the IGS, an extra pair of rowers can be added to make the Outcast OSG Striker Raft a tandem. Not a popular thing for such a craft, but if you are adventurous, you can try just for the fun of it. For speed freaks, the raft comes ready for a motor to be installed.

We are about halfway through our Outcast OSG Striker review. Next up is storage space.


Outcast OSG Striker Raft Storage

At first sight, you might write off the Outcast OSG Striker Raft as incapable of giving you a good angling experience due to storage space. After all, what is angling, if you cannot carry home a catch?

For your storage needs, the Outcast OSG Striker has an attachable cargo pocket bag, which does not look like much from afar, until you start opening up those pockets.

The cargo of the Outcast OSG Striker Raft has two zipped pockets which, though not very large, are enough to hold quite a nice amount of medium sized items such as a pump, your angling knife, bags and other stuff. If you’re out all day fishing, it’s a certainty that you will get thirsty, so the two cup holders that are included will come in handy.

The Outcast OSG Striker Raft also comes with a seat side saddle bag which accounts for more storage than the cargo pocket bag.


fishing raft by Outcast

To begin with, the bag has two more cup holders, and with two heavy straps attached to it, it is able to withstand as much load torture as you can give it. The Outcast OSG Striker Raft has a large dry pocket, ideal for storage of items such as your Garmin, cell phone, maps etc.

Additionally, you also get a medium wet/dry pouch where you can store your fishing jacket after use. With a fishing net pocket that allows for the draining of water from the pocket, you are in safe hands.

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Since we have covered a lot of ground in this Outcast OSG Striker review, so we have succinctly listed all the pros and cons of the Outcast OSG Striker raft:


  • The Outcast OSG Striker Raft is very light, inflatable and detachable, hence easy to transport
  • Easy to repair, making it cost efficient, as mentioned earlier in this Outcast OSG Striker review
  • Comes with an easy to understand assembly manual
  • 2 sets of oars included
  • The IGS makes it easy to add and remove items
  • Self bailing floor
  • The Outcast OSG Striker Raft can be used for both solo and dual angling




  • The Outcast OSG Striker Raft requires careful storage in order to last longer
  • Material may be susceptible to UV, so it is advised that you use UV-resistant boat cleaner


Outcast OSG Striker Review Conclusion

There are quite a number of better rafts out there. However, that does not undercut the Outcast OSG Striker Raft’s ability to live up to its ‘striker’ tag. For an inflatable raft, the Outcast OSG Striker raft is able to hold its weight well. Light, durable and easy to assemble are some factors that you just can’t overlook.

Check out the Outcast OSG Striker Raft on Amazon!

As for the fact that it requires lots of care, it is neither the first nor the last inflatable to require lots of care. So, if you can overlook that little drawback, the Outcast OSG Striker Raft is a fishing vessel that’s ready to take on almost any conditions and keep you safe at the same time.

We have been over all the features and benefits in this Outcast OSG Striker review, so if you need to scroll up for a quick summary, glance over the pros and cons list.

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