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Basic White Water Kayak Moves You Should Learn In Class!

Kayaking is fairly easy to learn, but whitewater kayaking is definitely a more challenging activity. Paddling a kayak on a whitewater river can be dangerous, and occasionally deadly, which is why it’s important to be prepared and have the appropriate training.

Even fairly experienced kayakers should consider taking a class or lessons before heading out on the water. A good class or training program will teach you some of the basic moves, like the ones below.

White Water Kayaking Moves You Should Learn Before Heading Out On The Water:


1. Paddle Strokes


High Brace Paddling Stroke

Learning how to maneuver a kayak through the water is incredibly important. There are a variety of strokes to master and these will be taught in a white water rafting class. The primary stroke is, of course, the forward stroke. This is the basic stroke that propels the kayak forward through the water.

White water kayaking involves specific strokes, which include low and high brace. The low brace is a slight variation of the typical ready position in kayaking and helps to prevent it from flipping in whitewaters. The high brace is used when a paddler is about to flip over so they can help to right the kayak.

The forward and back sweeps are also important kayaking paddle strokes. The forward streak is a paddle stroke that will allow the kayaker to turn the boat rapidly. Mastering this move is important, as maneuvering rapidly will keep the kayak from being flipped or caught in a hole. Similarly, the back sweet is the reverse of this move and also used to turn the boat.


2. Rolling Prevention And Aftermath

Any class in whitewater kayaking will cover rolling, which is an essential skill. The class will teach a person who has flipped the kayak to regain the upright position. There are a variety of styles for rolling, and an instructor will cover which one works best for each scenario. A class on whitewater kayaking may even allow you to practice rolls in still water, like a swimming pool.


Finally, a kayaker who is unable to roll the boat successfully will have to exit the kayak and swim. While this is not ideal, a class will help by teaching you when it would be a good idea to continue with the roll, and when to exit the kayak.

While white water kayaking can be a safe and enjoyable hobby, it is dangerous for untrained individuals. This part of the instruction is incredibly important to know before setting out.


3. Boofing

Kayak Boofing

This unusual word is unique to whitewater kayaking. It refers to raising the front or bow of the kayak during a freefall. This can happen when going down a waterfall or ducking behind a boulder.

The technique is used to prevent the front of the kayak from being submerged in the water and instead, making it land flat when reaching the bottom of the waterfall. Instruction on this technique may also cover a rock boof, which is a move that uses an impact with a rock at the top of a ledge to create a firm landing and prevent a head-first fall.


4. Additional Instructions

The type and length of the class may change how much detail is provided, although basic information should always be a part of the class. The information above should be included in a beginning whitewater kayaking class.

Instructors will also usually discuss the types of white water kayaks available and which ones are best for beginning and experienced kayakers.


Kayaking safety equipment

The class will also cover the equipment needed. Of course, the kayak and paddles are the essentials. Paddles for whitewater kayaking vary and a class will teach the differences in paddle types and may provide the opportunity to try out a few paddle options.

Other equipment covered will include a life jacket, helmet, and spray deck or sprayskirt.There may be additional equipment recommended, but these are the basics needed to start whitewater kayaking. In a class, an instructor will cover why these items are important, as well as their use.


White Water Kayaking Basic Moves Conclusion

Whitewater kayaking is a fun and enjoyable activity, but it’s incredibly important to be prepared before setting out alone. A short class is a good idea and will provide some of the basic skills needed for kayak safely. Classes vary from a few hours to a few days. Choose one that covers these topics and make sure to learn the basics with confidence.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler – A Roomy & Enjoyable Fishing Experience In One?

Another creation from Ocean Kayak, the Prowler 13 sit-on-top kayak is a boat whose design allows the user to comfortably sit on top of it for different kayaking activities, but mainly for fishing. It makes use of the latest technology on the market to ensure that the user will enjoy attributes such as good performance, stability, speed, and movement.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 angler

You can use the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler for other applications as well, other than fishing. The design of the kayak is also compact and lightweight, meaning both amateurs and professionals can use it.

Let’s learn more about it in this Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 review:

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Is The Frame of The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Durable?

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler is made from polyethylene and measures 13’4″ in length and 28″ in width. It weighs 56 pounds, while its seat type is sitting on top. It has a weight capacity of 300-400 pounds and only one paddler can use it at a time.

The foot braces on this Ocean Kayak Prowler Angler will help to secure your feet in the molds. The best attribute of these foot braces is that they are adjustable, so you can adjust your sitting position easily.


When most people go fishing, they will mostly complain about the deck space. If it is not big enough for your movements, you will surely have a difficult time. The makers of the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler sit-on-top kayak took this into consideration. They have provided enough deck space that you can use it for storing a tackle box or to fit a cooler in the back.


Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 review

The inside of the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler deck is well contoured, which helps to keep the water from making a pool on the inside of your boat. All you have to do is plug up the scupper holes to keep the water out, and when you’re back on land, you can unplug them to drain any water out that may have gotten in. This is one less thing to worry about as you go about your favorite hobby on the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler.

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The Prowler’s compartments will ensure that nothing will fly out as you paddle. By lifting the hatch lid, you will get an opening that goes from the front to the back, a perfect fit for any rods you wish to take with you. If the Ocean Kayak Prowler Angler flips, you will not lose everything you had stored on the kayak. There is also a storage console you can add to the center of the kayak. Some people leave it empty so they can cut bait or unhook fish in the middle.

The kayak also entails cup holders that are molded into the equipment to hold refreshments as you paddle away, as this Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 review will boast about more than once.



The comfortable seat is among the most impressive features of the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler sit-on-top kayak. However, some people find it doesn’t have enough padding on the bottom, so if you’ll be out all day, you should get an additional pad for it. If the back is tightly held upright, it will be a comfortable ride for people with back issues.


Prowler 13 Ocean Kayak in blue camo

There are also rod holders behind the seat, which are basically two mounted holders that are used to fit the rods in their place securely. The molded mount on the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler is a very helpful feature, as it provides the best place to store equipment and your fish after you have done your best to catch some.

Check out the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler on Amazon!

The Transducer Compatible Scupper is another important feature of the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler sit-on-top kayak. It is designed to let the beam from your transducer fish finder penetrate the hull, thus enabling you to find fish that are deep down.

A fish finder is quite easy to install, just stick it in a small cubby and run the wire through your Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler kayak. After reading this Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 review, you will know that you can also add a GPS and/or lights for night fishing.


Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Storage Space Issues

Storage is very important for a person using a kayak, and this is especially true for people who use it to go fishing on the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler. You will find two string bungee straps on the kayak, which will be very helpful whenever you need to secure your things inside the cooler. You will also find two flush mount rod holders that ensure that the rods are steady.

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler has a storage compartment with a lid in front of the seat, but it is not waterproof, so you can’t put anything of value in there. There is a bungee cord on each side of the kayak to hold the paddles. You can add on a cooler in the back from Ocean Kayak that will hold drinks, as well as any fish you’ve caught.



  • The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler’s deck layout is quite exceptional and has room for customization
  • Its speed is unmatched, as compared to the other kayaks
  • Quite stable and comfortable
  • Tracks well because of its V-shaped keel
  • The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler is quite affordable without add ons
  • The kayak comes with numerous features that enhance its functionality


  • The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler does not come with a rudder, but one can be added
  • Hatches are not fully waterproof
  • Its molded foot wells can become quite frustrating for the user
  • There are 4 colors to choose from: Camo, Lime Camo, Blue Camo, and Urban Camo


Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Review Conclusion

If you are a kayak fishing first-timer, the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler will be a worthy investment. You will be impressed by its features and its compact design will certainly make things easier for you. Whether it is a car, motor bike or any other kind of machine, most people will be looking for one that will serve them well.

The same applies to kayaking, and the Ocean kayak Prowler 13 Angler will give you the best performance, due to its exceptional features. Once you add certain things to this boat, you will have a very solid, long lasting fishing kayak.

green camoflouge prowler 13 fishing kayak!

Aside from having everything you need, once you add on to it, the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler will also be stable in most conditions, and this is music to the ears of people who would like to go kayaking in various conditions.

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Whether you are in the surf or on a large lake, you should definitely buy an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler sit-on-top kayak. The fact that it is quite pocket-friendly will be pleasing to most fishermen and current/future paddlers.

Fissot Kayak – Is the Fissot Fishing Kayak All Fluff & Plastic?

The Fissot MFK003 Modular Fishing Kayak (or the Fissot kayak for short!) is a motorized kayak that’s been on the market for a number of years now. This kayak is one of a kind and it has drawn both praise and criticism from many customers.


Fissot Kayak

Being the outcast in the fishing kayak domain, the kind of attention the Fissot kayak has received over time is not unexpected. The Fissot kayak is a delicate balance between experimentation and a technological triumph on the verge of revolutionizing the fishing kayak market. Most people used to traditional kayak fishing might be surprised, excited or even appalled by the features the Fissot fishing kayak comes with.


Fissot kayak in action

The MFK003 is, without a doubt, a testament of the bold steps Fissot has taken to shake up the fishing kayak market that is already dominated by kayaks of a certain accepted standard. Just like any other unconventional product, the success or failure of the Fissot fishing kayak will be determined by the consumers. There is no doubt that the Fissot kayak MFK003 has brought on board some features that might be attractive to people.

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Will this kayak be the product that you have been hoping to see hit the markets? We will take a look at the features of the modular Fissot fishing kayak below:

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Frame of the MFK003 Fissot Kayak

The Fissot Fishing Kayak (MFK003) features a frame made with the widely-used polypropylene, which supports two wings and the body. As a whole, the body measures almost 11′ x 33.5″ x 16.6″. This size puts it right in the middle of the short kayak class. Since the Fissot kayak is a modular model, all the parts are attached to the central frame.


There are multiple plugs and controls for adjusting the various movable parts of the Fissot kayak. It also features a hull design for increased stability and performance. The stability of the Fissot fishing kayak is also improved upon by the wings on the side that open up to allow for weight distribution. There is an adjustable bar in the middle of the Fissot fishing kayak that provides support for when the paddler/angler is in an upright position.


Fissot fishing kayak[Note: Learn about origami folding kayaks here!]

In terms of shape, the MFK003 Fissot kayak looks like any other sit-on-top kayak when its wings are closed. When they open, however, it looks like a sea lion in reverse because of its elongated thin rear and protruding sides. In terms of weight, the Fissot MFK003 weighs about 105 pounds.

Much of the weight can be attributed to the motor, which adds an additional 20% to the body weight, as compared to non-motorized kayaks. Overall, the Fissot kayak is still generally light despite featuring multiple additions to its design.


Fissot Kayak Features

One of the most dominant features of the Fissot MFK003 Fishing Kayak is its side wings that open up and provide increased stability. When these adjustable wings open, you are able to stand on the Fissot kayak and reel in fish more efficiently.

In addition to that, the Fissot fishing kayak also has a 12V battery in the system that provides power to the motor. The battery runs for 2 to 3 hours before running out, after it’s charged for the same amount of time. In total, the electric power in the system is 480W. There is a single paddle included in case the power runs out, or you would rather paddle for fun.

Check out the MFK003 Fissot Kayak on Amazon!

The MFK003 modular Fissot fishing kayak is a single-person sit-on-top machine that has three rod holders, two of them located at the front and the other in the back. The Fissot fishing kayak is said to provide forward propulsion at a speed of about 6 miles per hour. It also features a fairly large cockpit with ample space for keeping a few important items within reach.

The Fissot fishing kayak is also large enough to support users of different sizes, and also has foot pedals at the front and a rudder at the rear for controlling the direction of the machine. There is a seat included, even though it does not offer much support for the back.

Check out the MFK003 Fissot Fishing Kayak on Amazon!

Storage Room in the Fissot Kayak MFK003


Fissot MFK003 Kayak

The Fissot kayak MFK003 has a number of storage options. There are hatches at the front and rear that are great for storing dry items and caught fish. These hatches have a rubber covering.

However, the storage compartments are not particularly waterproof, so it might be necessary to keep water out of the kayak if you have sensitive items in the storage. There is a big water bottle holder in the middle of the cockpit. There are also two additional storage hatches on the two arms that spread out.

Check out the MFK003 Fissot Kayak on Amazon!

Overall, this Fissot kayak has ample storage for its size and can hold a weight of up to 500 pounds, so it is definitely a decent machine for carrying loads of fish.


  • The motor, included with this Fissot kayak, simplifies the operation process
  • Adjustable side arms to improve stability
  • Fissot Kayak can cruise at a decent speed
  • Provides an efficient way to fish and kayak at the same time
  • The motor allows for reverse and forward motions
  • The Fissot kayak delivers a great performance overall


  • Multiple, adjustable parts can cause problems in this offering of the Fissot fishing kayak
  • Not versatile enough to be used with dynamic flow conditions
  • The Fissot fishing kayak is quite pricey when compared to other kayaks on the market
  • The inclusion of a motor makes the kayak less of a kayak, and more like a small boat

Fissot Kayak Review Conclusion


The Fissot MFK003 Fishing Kayak is a different kind of sit-on-top kayak, which has a number of definitive features and characteristics. It is a divergent product with minimal accessories and various enhancements.

This Fissot kayak comes with a sufficient motor that can push it at a considerable speed. It also comes with a paddle, which is not really needed with the kayak since it is motorized. However, for those days where you might want to paddle around a lake and enjoy nature, it will be available.

Check out the MFK003 Fissot Kayak on Amazon!

Altogether, the MFK003 Fissot kayak is designed for small-time fishermen. It’s definitely not built for those who might want to spend long hours on the water, as it does not provide sufficient comfort. Because of its modular construction, the kayak is also not suitable for rapids and other potentially turbulent flow conditions.

Because of this, rivers and streams are places that you don’t want to take this Fissot kayak. Still water and small water bodies are, however, perfect places to take the Fissot kayak MFK003.

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The History & Innovation Behind Origami Kayaks

Human beings have a deep need to connect with nature, and it is even strong in those who live in cities and away from the great outdoors. As a result of this need, we have invented various types of crafts to help us experience mother nature. One of these is the kayak. It is a narrow, light, easily maneuverable boat that can carry one, two or even more people. With a paddle, you can navigate along rivers, on lakes and through rapids.

For centuries, people have used kayaks to get around the water bodies of our world. While many types exist, the most versatile is the folding kayak also knows as the origami kayak. You can easily carry it around with you anywhere you desire, and not just because you can fold it, but because it’s super lightweight. Here is a history of the folding kayak and what it looks like today.

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folding kayak on the water

Early History Of The Origami Folding Kayak…

The idea of a folding kayak goes back many centuries to the dark ages. In 500 BC, Middle Eastern merchants used collapsible kayaks to float their goods down the Euphrates river in Babylon. A donkey was also included onboard the early kayaks, and once they arrived, the donkey was used to haul the collapsible kayak upstream once again.

In the early 20th century, a more efficient, effective and safer folding origami kayak was invented. Alfred Heurich, an architecture student, invented the world’s first safe and working folding kayak in 1905. He took to the waters of the Isar River near Munich, Germany to test and prove his creation.

After success, he registered a patent for it under the name “Delphin”. His folding kayak consisted of a bamboo frame with sailcloth stretched over it. After folding, Alfred’s kayak could fit in three bags, each weighing less than 10 pounds.

early collapsible kayaks

While Heurich invented the folding kayak, another man made them a commercial success. His name was Johannes Klepper and he was a Bavarian tailor.

In his factory at Rosenheim, Germany, Klepper took Alfred’s design and began to manufacture the folding kayaks on a massive scale. He made the frame from wood and the hull from canvas. He marketed them as being compact and easy to transport. In 1906, Klepper released a folding kayak brand known as Faltboot and it preceded many other kayak technologies available today.

early type of kayak

Some notable adventurous milestones were performed in early folding kayaks. For example, in the 1930s, explorer Oskar Speck traveled from Germany to Australia in a folding kayak. The journey took him 7 years from 1932 to 1939 and covered a total of 31,068 miles.

Service In The World Wars

A decade later, folding kayaks were once again at the front lines, literally. During the second World War, the navies of all participating nations saw the importance of the origami kayak. The crafts were light, easy to maneuver and highly seaworthy.

However, the most important reason why the armies were enthusiastic about folding kayaks is because of the materials used in their construction. Due to the wooden frame and canvas skin, they could not be detected on radar. Hence, they provided a much-valued tactical ability.

military using kayaks

The British, Australian and French navies all manufactured their own folding origami kayaks. The Germans used them to fight the Russians on Finnish lakes. Moreover, the British and Australians used folding kayaks in an ingenious way to destroy enemy ships. Navy special forces would use them to sneak up on enemy ships, plant magnetic bombs and detonate them after the soldiers were safely back at shore.

Interestingly, the Americans were not as enthusiastic as the either nations in adopting the folding kayak for military purposes. However, they joined in after seeing how these crafts were effectively used by the British for reconnaissance in the Falklands War of 1982.

Civilians also used folding kayaks extensively. Between the two World Wars, people would carry these handy crafts with them on railroads and buses. After alighting, they would use the folding kayaks to navigate the lakes and canals in and around cities. Unfortunately, the wide acceptance of the automobile reduced the popularity of the folding kayak. It was only to emerge once again in the 1980s when sea-kayaking became a popular sport in the Pacific Northwest.


Some Interesting Facts About Origami Kayaks

In 1928, the longest folding kayak ever was made. Measuring 16 meters in length, it could seat 8 paddlers. In the same year, Captain Romer made the first Atlantic crossing in a folding kayak. The journey started at Lisbon and ended at St.Thomas in the Caribbean. Lasting 90 days, his voyage covered 4,473 miles.

Due to technological advancement, frames made of aluminum have since replaced the original wooden ones. Moreover, hulls are no longer made of canvas or skin. They are constructed from a material known as ballistic nylon. Today, one of the foremost manufacturers of folding kayaks is Oru Kayak. Below is more information about the company.


Discover Oru Kayak

oru folding kayak

Oru Kayak is an American company that manufactures folding kayaks whose structure is inspired by Japanese origami. The Oru folding kayaks are inspired by Greenland kayaks and constructed using the techniques of origami. The craft was designed by Chief Design Officer Anton Willis, who co-founded the company with Ardy Sobhani.

Oru folding kayaks are so versatile that they can be folded into a box the size of a briefcase, which makes them very easy to transport and store. They are designed in San Francisco and constructed in Los Angeles. The company began with a bid on the famous crowd funding website known as Kickstarter.

After a successful bid, Oru Kayak has since grown to mass produce its own crafts. They are available for purchase and shipping all over the world. In addition to folding kayaks, Oru also sells kayaking gear to make navigation easier, as well as safety equipment that is custom made for the Oru folding kayak.



folding kayak by Oru Kayak

Few experiences are as peaceful yet exhilarating as kayaking. Today, you can easily carry a kayak with you on your expeditions. Thanks to decades of development and eventual perfection by Oru Kayaks, you can get one that folds up and stores conveniently. This empowers you to easily explore the waters of the world. Modern folding kayaks are safe, effective and designed for various types of water bodies. Therefore, they are an ideal way to explore the great outdoors.

The Basics Of How To Do A Seal Launch!

With some bodies of water, you might find that there are no good spots to launch your kayak, and paddling into waves can be exhausting before you even start! Sometimes you must do a ‘seal launch‘, which is sitting in your kayak and sliding off of a rock, cliff, or embankment into the water.

If it’s from a higher height, you can have a friend push you in, or you can just edge yourself off and take a nosedive to the water:


seal launching into rapids

If you don’t know the area very well, or it’s not known as a seal launching spot, you have to make sure the landing area is clear of anything that might hurt you. The biggest dangers would be rocks that are just under the water or the water not being deep enough. It’s best to be safe and find a popular launching spot or ask who knows of one.

There are a few ways to gain entry into the water if all you see are cliffs or rocks. The first is the hardest one, which is to climb down to get as close to the water as you can and jump on top of your kayak as you throw it into the water. If it’s on the ocean and there are a lot of waves, you could be without a kayak mighty quick or take much longer to get in. That should only be an option if the rocks are too jagged or high.

The next choice is to slide off of a huge rock formation, one that is preferably smooth so as not to scratch the bottom of your kayak. If there’s an area of algae covering the rocks, that’s even better. Sit in the kayak and try to push yourself off of the rock, slightly leaning toward the back of the kayak.

When you perform your seal launch, don’t lean forward too much , as this may result in the kayak flipping upside down and you will land on your head in the water. In that case, you will have to do a rollover and put yourself upright. Also be careful where you put your paddle as you’re falling to avoid any unnecessary injury. Over your head is the safest place to hold it.

seal launch

The final way to enter the water (this is for the ocean) is to take your kayak close to the water, lay it down on a rock and get in. The wave that washes over the rock will lift you up and you can paddle off the rock. If it doesn’t fully sweep you off the rock, just steady yourself and wait for the next wave.

You may want to have your spray skirt on in either situation, especially where there’s waves. The same tactic can be done to get back onto the rock after you’re done kayaking.


kayak launch on rock

Some people will just throw in their kayaks and jump into the water right beside them, if they can enter the cockpit from the water. This would more easily work on a lake or river, rather than the ocean, which is constantly moving and possibly turbulent.

Perform a seal launch however and wherever is easiest and safest for you so you can avoid injuries that will prevent you from doing more kayaking!

Origami Kayaks – Expensive Trend Or Durable Foldable Kayaks?

It seems like in one swift move, origami kayaks (also known as folding kayaks or origami folding kayaks) took over the kayaking world like a trend… only this trend has never left.

The revolutionary idea began with the Oru Bay kayak in 2012 when Oru Kayaks company started as a 3 person company looking for funding, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign.  Soon after, the Oru Bay kayak made an appearance on the Shark Tank.  But before we get into all of that… let’s delve into:

What Is An Origami Kayak?

Think about what an origami is: it is the Japanese art of folding paper into art or decorative pieces.  How neat do those designs look?  Well, take that and apply that concept to a kayak.  As unbelievable as it might sound, an origami kayak aka a folding kayak is a kayak that can be folded or unfolding as needed and within minutes.

In case you have it in your mind that these could possibly not be durable, I would encourage you to check out this video as a starter reference:

Types of Origami Kayaks On The Market

#1. Oru Bay Kayak

The Oru Bay Kayak, the original origami kayak, is at the leading forefront of this category.  We did an in-depth article on it which you can read by clicking on the link above; included are pictures and videos so you get a great idea of what the Oru Bay is all about.

#2. MYCANOE Origami Kayak

The MYCANOE Origami Kayak located in Knoxville, TX, is a patented, award winning canoe that takes 15 minutes to assemble.  How cool is that? Obviously not a lot of contenders in this category, but these origami kayaks are super sturdy and durable.  Learn more about the MyCanoe Origami Kayak option!

#3. Onak Origami Kayak

Onak, the latest entry into the origami folding kayak category, reached this goal of raising money on Kick Starter.  For updates, check out their Kickstart Page here: Onak Origami Kayak Kickstarter.

Surf Kayaking – A New Trend Or An Awesome Sport?

There are few outdoor sports that challenge your mind, body and intellect, while giving you a sense of freedom and excitement. Many people enjoy the water in different ways, but one activity that is always sure to evoke a sense of delight from within is surf kayaking.

surf kayaking through the waves!

So…. What IS Surf Kayaking?!!

Surf kayaking is exactly what it sounds like! Much like a surfer on a surfboard, you are heading into the waves, except that your weapon of choice is a buoyancy device that you can sit in and control. Unlike surfing, you do not have to go through the trials of having to learn how to balance. This is already an innate part of the activity, which means you get to enjoy the thrills on offer right away, without a laborious and awkward training period.

History of Surf Kayaking

views of a red surf kayak

How did surf kayaking begin? It didn’t really start to take off until the mid-50’s to early 60’s, when adjustments were being made to surfboards to allow the user to use a seat pocket and foot wells to ride the waves. Someone then came up with the idea of using a paddle to control this new kind of surfboard.

As this way of surfing became apparent to observers, the idea quickly took hold and other people started to make adjustments to their own surfing equipment. It really was a combined effort of many people in different countries that helped make the sport what it is today…. and thus shaped the sport of surf kayaking!


How To Train For Surf Kayaking

When first starting out, you will need some basic preliminary skills. Even though this activity is fairly easy to pick up, you will still need to be conscious about the water and how to get yourself out of trouble. Before you even think about heading out to the surf, you should have some experience with the water, like being able to swim, identifying hazards and knowing what to do if you get yourself into trouble.

For this reason, before you start (if you don’t have experience already), it would be a good idea to get into a basic water safety class.

training for water safety

A good course will show the fundamentals of what you need to do when out on the sea. Basic techniques include what to do when you capsize, how to stop in an emergency, basic paddling skills, such as forward strokes and reverse paddling, sweep strokes, Eskimo rolls and wet exits. With that out of the way, what do you need to do to begin?

Types of Kayaks

Firstly, you need to understand that surf kayaks are not quite the same as the run of the mill sea kayaks. Because you will be heading into surf, you need a bit of specialization. In order to maneuver the vessel through the waves, you need to ensure your kayak has fins to allow this to happen.

There is no way that you will be able to remain upright without this feature. You will typically find that the number of fins vary, but the most common are two or three finned models.

fins of surf kayak


Most of these kayaks are specially designed to move through the waves, propelling you forward, and a sea kayak will simply not do the job.

There are three basic types of surf kayaks. They are the High Performance, the Waveski, and the International Class. Here is brief rundown of each one:

#1. High Performance Kayaks

These are just what they sound like, made of quality materials and designed for speed and versatility through the waves. They are generally a little bit smaller than other kinds of kayaks, but this is so that they can perform moves and techniques that the other kinds cannot.


surf kayaks

#2. International Class Kayaks

These are kayaks that conform to their own standard. These do have fins to help them through the water and are a lot bigger. This allows the kayak to catch waves that are large and not as clean cut, which high performance kayaks are unable to grab.

International Class Kayaks

#3. Waveskis

These kinds of kayaks are reminiscent of the early kinds of kayaks, just as the sport was starting to evolve into a more mainstream activity. Waveskis have fins and lie somewhere between IC kayaks and HP in length. They are a high-performance vessel and are able to perform some nifty moves out on the waves due to their durability and versatile design.

waveskiz surfing kayak

Surf Kayaking Techniques!

When surf kayaking, there are varying techniques to overcome the breaks, which will require practice if you have not done this before. A common technique you can try (and is beginner friendly) is the pre-jump. As you paddle out toward the waves, push the front of the kayak down into the water using your weight. As the wave goes over, lean back so the nose of the kayak raises up above the wave.

As you do this, thrust your paddle through the water to propel you forward over the break. This technique is all about timing, and after a few goes, it will seem quite natural.

surf kayaking techniques - charging at a wave

Once you are amongst the waves, it is time to start surfing. You will need to position yourself in such a way that you can catch the waves. Below are some brief ideas on what you need to do.

There are a couple of ways to take off when you have the right wave to ride, the first being the straight take off. Your boat should be perpendicular to the wave. As the boat is drawn up, paddle quickly in a tight burst to propel forward while moving your body forward at the same time to encourage movement on the wave.

Once the boat is picked up, stop paddling briefly and let the wave carry you through, returning to a natural position. Once you are moving steadily, start paddling along with the wave.

getting onto the wave


But what if the waves are too high or difficult to get moving in? That’s when the diagonal take off is needed.

The diagonal take off allows you to move with the shoulder (the breaking part of the wave) right away, especially useful if the wave is too big for a straight take off. Position the boat with the wave so that it is at a 45-degree angle with the wave. You need to get the angle just right, otherwise the boat will just move through the wave rather than with it.

Once the wave begins to break, paddle forward and engage the side rail of the surf. The boat should move down the trough of the wave if done correctly.

riding the wave in your sufing kayak

Social Events And Competitions For Surf Kayaking

If competition is something that you are setting your sights on, the best thing to do is get to know some of your fellow surfers who can give you the tips and tricks of the surf kayaking trade. In your local area, there may be some regional competition, but the most famous are overseas events that are held in both the United States and Europe.

The most popular worldwide competition is the Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Festival.

MYCANOE Origami Kayak – A Worthy Foldable Option?

InflatableNo / Foldable / Origami
Inflation TimeN/A
NMMA CertifiedN/A
# of Seats1
Maximum Weight Capacity280 lbs, 390 lbs with stabilizer
Inflated SizeN/A

For the outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy kayaking, a foldable kayak is a remarkable feature that allows for easy storage and transportation. The MYCANOE Origami Kayak is not only very easy to carry, but also to assemble. In fact, you can transform it about 10 minutes into a fully operational Canadian canoe.

Welcome to our MyCanoe review!

mycanoe origami kayak

The Basics of the MYCANOE Origami Kayak

Because the MYCANOE Origami kayak is foldable, the design of this 14.5 feet kayak surpasses all other canoes and kayaks. In fact, this is a patented, award wining product. A lot of thought was put into the innovative carrying case that adds structural support by becoming the kayak’s floor.

The MYCANOE Origami kayak features an Origami inspired design that has been verified and highly tested by a number of water sport institutions and professionals. They have all provided positive feedback.

top view of the mycanoe kayak

After three years of prototypes, sketches and tests by early adopters and several improvements implemented to the original design, the MYCANOE Origami kayak makes the best choice for your next outdoor water adventure with family or friends.

This TUV certified kayak can easily be stored in your closet, under your bed, or just about anywhere! You can take the lightweight MYCANOE Origami on all of your adventures because it is so easy to carry.

MYCANOE Origami Kayak Construction & Frame

This kayak features two seats and measures 14.5 feet and is easy to take everywhere you go, at only 52 lbs. For easy carrying, the optional paddles come in a two-piece construction. They even float, so you don’t need to worry if you drop one in the water. The floor of the kayak uses the two piece carrying covers, so you won’t leave anything behind.

origami kayak construction

For easy assembly, the MYCANOE Origami Kayak also comes with a mallet. All the materials used for the construction of this product are high-quality. The body of the foldable kayak is made from a marine-grade custom polypropylene and is UV treated to withstand as many as 20,000 folds!

What Makes This Folding Kayak Special?

This is indeed a very special Origami inspired kayak that is TUV certified, award winning, and when compared to competitor products, performs better. It provides limitless possibilities to enjoy your trip, coming with two seats and specifically built for top performance. It can even take small rapids and a few bumps on rocks, but is probably not a good idea for the long run.

Users can fold it up for easy transport. It also offers some additional options, including an oar lock kit and stabilizers for added enjoyment in outdoor activities such as fishing. The stabilizer attachments provide extra steadiness for more weight. MYCANOE Origami kayak is able can hold up to 440 lbs without the stabilizers, and up to 500 lbs with stabilizer attachments installed.

using stabilizers on the mycanoe folding kayak

Having an overall structure that is stable and one of a kind, this folding kayak received many favorable reviews and is highly rated. People who purchased the MYCANOE Origami kayak have appreciated the resilient structure of the boat with a fully folding feature and a smooth float on the water. It’s one of the most purchased kayaks out there.

How Is The Storage Space In the MYCANOE Origami Kayak?

Since it is completely collapsible, the MYCANOE origami kayak is very easily stored in small spaces. When folded, the carrying case measures only 37 x 8 x 25 inch. It’s perfect for apartment residents who love outdoor sports and activities.

folding out the mycanoe kayak


  • The MYCANOE Origami kayak reacts very well on water
  • The kayak is patented, TUV certified and award winning
  • It can be conveniently assembled into a full sized kayak in only 10 minutes and folded back into its case after use
  • When compared to the standard kayaks from other brands, the MyCANOE Origami lacks nothing except storage compartments
  • Structure of the MYCANOE Origami is made from a custom polypropylene material that can handle as much as 20,000 folds and comes with a 15 year UV treatment
  • The MYCANOE kayak can fit and be stored practically anywhere


  • The MYCANOE Origami kayak does not feature any storage compartments and does not initially come with paddles

MYCANOE Origami Kayak Review Summary

As far as folding kayaks (also known as Origami kayaks go), there are not that many options on the market.  The only other worthy, notable kayak in this department is the Oru Bay kayak but to be honest, MyCanoe Origami Kayak definitely holds its own a deserves a serious consideration.  Hopefully, our MYCANOE Origami kayak review will convince you one way or another!

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