An Adventurer’s Dream: Exploring Montana’s Clearwater River Canoe Trail

For those interested in beautiful canoeing/kayaking trails, look no further than Montana’s Clearwater River Canoe Trail. Known for its phenomenal two hour canoe trip, the river flows through a dense willow marsh that most deem incredibly exciting.

Photographers and bird watchers alike will be overjoyed about the contents of the trail. It doesn’t matter where you look, all you’ll see is beauty. No pollution, no industrialization, just nature. The trail is three and a half miles long. It’ll take just under two hours to reach the end, while kayaking at a relaxing pace. The trail takes approximately one hour if you’re in a rush, which hopefully you aren’t!

It’s important to note that the trail is open to motorized boats, however, they cannot create any wake. This means they’ll be puttering along at a pace even slower than canoes and kayaks.  If you’re in the market for a kayak, you can take a look at our Bali 10 ss kayak review  or perhaps you want to find an Oru kayak for sale. Your call!

Let’s get started:

More Trail Information

Information boards can be found near the beginning of the trail, near the boat launch. The boards display information on the trail, nice spots to stop and take a break, and of course, all of the bird watching spots to look out for.

The wildlife you can expect to see consists of warblers, bitterns, catbirds, snipes, great blue herons, and so much more. Make sure you bring your binoculars and camera! The opportunities are endless. The park staff welcomes people of all ages for these opportunities.

In regards to parking, there is a small lot at the entrance to the trail. There is also a public bathroom. Please note that no drinking water is provided, and that leaving garbage behind is strictly prohibited. Nature is beautiful, let’s keep it that way!

A fun feature is that in the surrounding area, you’ll find various places to hike and even camp. You’ll also find various stands and such that allow you an up close and personal look at the native wildlife.


In regards to fishing, it is allowed in certain areas around the trail. Talk to the park rangers for more specific information. Also ensure that the fishing season is in your favor.Remember, when in doubt, talk to the rangers! They know everything there is to know about the wildlife and its preservation. Brochures are readily available at the trail head.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, one day you and your family will be able to visit Montana’s beautiful Clearwater Canoe Trail. Remember to bring drinking water, a picnic lunch, bug spray, sun screen, and everything else that you’ll need to make the best of your stay.

Fishing rods and hiking gear are not provided by park rangers, nor is kayaking gear. It’s also important to note that you must dress appropriately and be prepared for any situation that might pop up.

There is always the chance for rain or storms, or perhaps insane heat. It’s of vital importance that you remain prepared. Bring plenty of sun screen and a rain coat, if you don’t want to carry an umbrella.

Find the inner adventurer within yourself. Take a trip to Clearwater Canoe Trail. You will not be disappointed!

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