Hobie Cat Company

The Hobie Cat Company plays a huge role in the watercraft industry. They are well known for their impressive line of watercraft products, including the popular Hobie Cat catamaran. This reputable company distributes their product line worldwide, with subsidiaries in several countries.

Their recreational products include sailboats, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and boats that are not only used for recreation, but fishing as well. Hobie Cat also provides parts and accessories for all of their products.

History of the Hobie Cat Company

With his woodworking skills, Hobie Alter, founder of Hobie Cat Company, made his surfboard dreams come alive. In 1950, he built his very first surfboard in his parent’s garage. Soon after that, things really took off and a company was born. With much success, several years later, Hobie opened up the first surf shop in Southern California, in Dana Point.

In 1958, Hobie and his friend, Gordon Clark invented a new, faster, and lighter surfboard. While experimenting with different materials, they ended up inventing the polyurethane foam surfboard. This board was amazing. It revolutionized surfing. All of a sudden, more people wanted to be surfers, and they all wanted to use a Hobie.

By the mid 1960’s, Hobie boards were being used by the most popular surfers at the time, winning medals and setting records. It was a fun time for the Hobie surfing team.

Hobie’s interest turned to boats in the late 1960’s, at which time he invented the first Hobie Cat. This was a lightweight, fast, and easy-to-sail boat, based on the Polynesian twin-hulled catamaran.

This design, like the surfboard, revolutionized the industry. Today, the Hobie Cat is quite possibly the most popular and best-selling catamaran on the water.

In the years since, Hobie managed to bring many more innovations into the water sports arena. Hobie successfully invented and built more boats, cats, fishing floats, and a variety of kayaks. His inventions changed the watercraft industry many times over.

Where is the Hobie Cat Company Located?

The Hobie Cat Company is headquartered in Oceanside, California. It is comprised of several subsidiaries, which are located in Australia, France, Brazil, Netherlands, and Brazil.

Latest Developments

The Hobie Cat Company has been an innovator in the recreational watercraft world from day one. This proves true, even today, as they continue to impress with new products.

One of their latest watercraft products is the Mirage Eclipse. This craft is similar to a stand-up paddle board, but with different aspects. Mirage Eclipse users won’t be needing paddles, as they can pedal by foot. It is designed so that you stand upright, and it’s wider than a paddle board, offering greater stability than other boards. It’s equipped with a removable hull and handlebars for easy transport. Get ready for an extra-balanced, innovative ride, as you pedal your way across the water.

Hobie has also recently introduced to us to the Mirage Compass. Imagine a blend of kayak and a recumbent bike, and you’ll get the Compass. It’s a fishing kayak that’s quiet, lightweight, stable, fast, and it’s powered by your feet.

The Mirage Compass slides easily through the water, with the MirageDrive pedal system and Glide Technology. It has the capability to navigate forward, virtually hands-free.

What Drives the Hobie Cat Company?

The Hobie Cat Company was founded on one man’s dream. This dream turned the watercraft world upside down with impressive innovations. Today, the Hobie Cat Company continues to serve the watercraft world with impressive products, state of the art technology, and revolutionary ideas.

The Hobie Cat Company has been a part of water recreation and fun since the 1950’s, and continues to successfully play a part in it today.

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