Kayaking and Camping Adventure In Wisconsin

Kayaking and camping in Wisconsin

Northern Highlands-American Legion State Forest has more than 232,000 acres to explore. Among the best way to accomplish this endeavor is through kayaking and camping. From trickling streams to big lakes, this forest offers exciting paddling adventure opportunities for all.

One way to do so it by renting a kayak from Coontail and let the current guide you along the Manitowish River. Be sure to arrange for a pick up near Highway 51 at the end of your trip once you had a chance to admire the fantastic scenery surrounding you.

Be Prepared Before Heading Out in Your Kayak

Before you head out paddling your way through the Forest, be sure to take along a USGS topographic map for your trip. You are advised to make an allowance for an overnight stay, which is impressive as you will be afforded the opportunity to enjoy a one of a kind camping experience. Paddling time is estimated to be from 8 to 12 hours when you head out to Murray’s landing.

Know which kayak is best suited for what you want to do. It needs to sturdy and able to handle the beating you will probably get from being in the river. Most kayaks are intended for a single person and would either feature a short or long body.

Regardless of the type of kayaking, you are looking into starting, ensure you are adequately prepared for what you are about to do.

As you will most likely be exposed to extreme adventures at times, you need to be extra careful about following safety advice and make sure you have all the equipment you need for your experience.

If you are someone who loves kayaking or canoeing your way down the River, then we guarantee you that doing so through the Northern Highlands-American Legion State Forest is just what the doctor ordered for you.

Different Types of Kayaking Adventures

Luckily, newbies can look forward to different types of paddling adventures in the State Forest and not just the extreme ones. If you are out to have a little bit of fun on your own, then you are more than likely going to opt for river running only.

Individual sections of the Manitowish River are not the roughest, and many a time you will go through flat parts and rapids. River running is usually a one-day excursion.

Some folks find it to be great fun to get involved in rodeo or playboating. What this implies is staying close to the same part of the river and making use of rapids to do the tricks. Just be aware that this is harder to master and should be tackled once you are more experienced.

Newbie paddlers would enjoy the Manitowish River that runs through the majestic Northern Highland American Legion State Forest as it is quiet water. The upper part connects up to 25 lakes, which includes the Manitowish Chain of Lakes.

The best part is that the area features several boat landings and access points, and more than 50 campsites for those with a more adventurous spirit. The lower portion of this River flows through the beautiful Northwoods where there is ample opportunity for wildlife viewing such as eagles.

Camping in the Northwoods

Do not lose out on some great campsites by reserving your spot 11 months in advance. Come prepared by charging your batteries and carrying an extra set as there are strict regulations regarding the use of generators.

If you choose to settle on the beautiful North Trout Lake, then you will be spoiled with RV camping sites that feature three toilet facilities and three hand pumps for your water needs.

Many folks think the Northwoods are mostly geared towards family cabins on the lake. However, we cannot think of a more suitable area to set up your tent and blend into the surrounding environment to enjoy the sparkling night sky above you.

Instead of having to wake up to city lights, the frogs in the lake will sing all sorts of tunes to wake you up at sunrise. One of the favorite spots we suggest you visit the Sandy Beach Lake Campground as it features lovely views and a large sandy beach.

Look forward to great adventures over here in the woods, sitting around a campfire at night, laughing and making s’more with family and friends.

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