Kayaking and Camping On The Coast Of Corsica

Kayaking and camping adventure on the coast-of-Corsica

Corsica is an authentic paradise for kayakers who want to indulge in their passion for paddling. The inland’s landscape includes serene beaches, waterways, wild valleys, and more.

Whether you love kayaking or camping, there is always a hidden pleasure. Once you visit the island, you’ll find an overwhelming geographic diversity. Here is what you need to know for a hassle-free adventure.


The island has glittering bays, white-sand beaches, coastal cities, dense forests, valleys, and vegetation. It’s worth mentioning that there are many hill villages that hold their own Corsican identity. Kayaking is one of the fabulous ways of exploring the coastal region.

As you glide along the water, you’ll see fish up to a depth of 15 meters. You can take advantage of the multi-day trips to explore new areas. Of course, the white sands will give the most rewarding sunsets of your life.

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Skill Level Needed For Journey

With the right instructor, you can explore the waters by learning all the basics and advanced techniques. Not to mention, you can still join a group of friends who know how to use a kayak.

Normally, the rivers are divided into three sections: approaching the coast, mid-valley, and high-mountain valleys. Each has its own challenges, so it’s prudent that you match the river with your skill level.

Best Time To Visit Corsica

You can visit Corsica is spring and autumn. It’s better if you go in July and August when the weather is cool. Summers can be very hot and is the perfect time to get in the water. Most people prefer to visit the island during the month of September when the temperatures are favorable enough for the beach.

If you’re looking for the best time to camp, make sure you visit the island late June or early September. You may want to avoid this area during the winter season when the roads are impassable. However, you can still explore the villages and the cities.

Where To Camp

The best place for camping is in the mountains or near the waterfront. If you love nature, you’ll always find a place with open air accommodation in Southern and Northern Corsica.

One of the most famous places is Camping Benista. It’s a nice place to spend memorable holidays and the home to the most beautiful gulfs in the world. The campsite offers lodge tents and bungalows for optimal comfort. Other notable campsites include La Pinede, Dolce Vita, Riva Bella, and more.

Corsica Food

Corsican cuisines draw their attention to Italian and French Influences. Most restaurant menus have meat, pasta, soups, fish, vegetables, and desserts. The green pastures provide an unending supply of chestnuts. Besides that, you’ll find topical dishes like Prissuttu, Figatellu, Lonzu, and Coppa.


While the island attracts thousands of travelers, it has its own dangers. First, there are many pickpockets on the streets who target the tourists. It’s important that you keep your valuables protected. And even when you’re on the beach, never leave your belongings unattended.

Secondly, don’t just rely on credit cards. Some may not be accepted in hotels, restaurants, and shops. Always carry enough cash to cater for your daily activities if you’re not near an ATM.

Lastly, there are concerns that the roads are narrow and can only fit one car. Also, be on the lookout to ensure there are no animals crossing the road.

The French island gives you an opportunity to explore the pink-tainted rocks surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Just grab a kayak and head out for an eco-friendly adventure. Make sure you respect the environment at all times.

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