Kayaking the Chesapeake Bay

Everyone loves adventures, one such adventure is kayaking.  Everything looks beautiful while paddling through the ocean away from the chaos of city life.

The best part about kayaking is you get to explore new areas which larger boats can not maneuver through.  Kayaks are smaller, and streams are more accessible when using one.

There are different things to learn before you can start kayaking, one of the most basic is the types of Kayaks.  For more in depth you can learn more about sun dolphin kayaks.

Types of Kayaks

There are different types of kayaks based on the type of water. They are Flatwater Kayaks and White-Water Kayaks. These are further classified into more types on the bases of different designs and uses.

Flat-water kayaks are; pedaling kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, recreational kayaks, and touring kayaks.  These are best if you love exploring and are planning to go from any point A to point B.

Types of white-water kayaks are; playboats, creek boats, inflatable, and river runners. Not all white-water kayaks travel long distances, some people enjoy the waves too.  Inflatable kayaks, in the case of white-water kayaks, are quite stable and offer a good experience.

Once you’ve decided the type of kayak that best suits your requirements, decide where you want to launch your kayak at.

A great option for kayakers is the Chesapeake Bay, with many areas to explore.

Popular Areas of the Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay, a popular spot for kayakers, has several spots fit to have a fun kayaking experience. The shallow waters and several tributaries merging into it are a kayaker’s paradise.

There are several trails to chose from in the Chesapeake Bay.  These are some popular areas to kayak in and near the Chesapeake Bay (ideal if you are planning to explore areas)

Choptank and Tuckahoe Rivers Trail

Gloucester County to Virginia Blueways

Nanticoke River Water Trail

Potomac River Water Trail

Mathews Blueways Water Trail

These are some trails you can follow in the Chesapeake River for a great kayaking experience.

After selecting a spot to kayak, you must now consider all the risks you can come across while kayaking.

Dangers to Consider When Kayaking

Kayaking can be very dangerous if you set off in undesirable conditions. It is important to consider all possibilities before paddling away in your kayak.

Bad Weather

The first rule of kayaking is to not paddle if the weather conditions are bad. By doing so you are putting your life at risk. So, it is always recommended to look at the weather reports and make decisions accordingly.

Lack of Kayaking Knowledge

You must know the basic of kayaking, to do so take a beginner’s course. It may cost money but will keep you safer. And if you don’t even know how to paddle, how can you kayak?

Unfamiliar Trail Route

There are chances of getting lost and encountering unwanted dangers when you wander off into an unfamiliar route. To avoid this, it is always a good plan to map out the trail you want to take.

Equipment Failure

Always check equipment and kayaking gear to dodge the risk of failure. Some common kayaking gears and equipment are buoyancy aids, helmets, bilge pumps, and a paddle.

Now that you know a thing or two, kayaking will not turn out to be a bad experience. So, get out there and paddle!

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