Kayaking And Camping Adventure at Emerald Bay

Kayaking and Camping Adventure at Emerald Bay

Lake Tahoe is widely considered as one of the leading vacation destinations in California. If you choose to visit Lake Tahoe, it is important to know in advance that there is no other place like Emerald Bay that manages to exquisitely showcase the natural and authentic beauty of the area.

Emerald Bay offers you beautiful and breathtaking scenery and different outdoor activities such as swimming, biking, hiking, camping, and kayaking.

The Boat-In Campground

This is one of the pleasurable ways for you to be able to fully experience the best that Emerald Bay has to offer.  The small campground is located a few feet from the edge of the water and it is a popular spot for kayakers.

The campground is only accessible by boat and requires reservations since there are only about 20 camping sites available on this coveted location. Not too long ago, first-moving boaters (motorboat or sailboat) used to be the ones to get the campsites since they arrived faster compared to kayakers.

Then the campsites used to be offered on the basis of first-come, first-served. At present, kayakers can also make their way to the campsites knowing in advance that they will get a spot for camping.

It is important to note though that during the busy seasons including the summer and weekends; almost all the campsites are usually reserved and busy.

However, if you are not lucky to get a camping site, you can still get other private sites above the bay along the hillside. You will have flat areas for your tent, fire pits, and picnic tables, bear boxes, and much more.


Whether you want to access the Emerald Boat Camp or just to see the picturesque scenery that the area has to offer, kayaking makes this possible. Kayak hires are available at the beach and usually, you will be given some pointers and basic lessons in regard to kayaking around the area.

Choose a kayak that is easy and stable to paddle. A double boat is perfect if you happen to have a child. A kid can paddle his or her own kayak if accompanied by an adult or a guide on the water.

However, kayaking to Fannette Island is only allowed for those who are over 15 and therefore if you have a child, using a double kayak is appropriate. The Fannette Island is the only island found in Lake Tahoe and it is located in Emerald Bay.

Lake Tahoe generally has calm waters which are also crystal clear and there are no common navigation problems encountered. For that reason, kayaking on Lake Tahoe can be done by even beginner kayakers. Just note that you should try to avoid kayaking during the time when there are afternoon winds as you will have a rough experience.

In conclusion, kayaking and camping at Emerald Bay enable you to enjoy the serene shorelines of the alpine lake. You can spend the rest of your afternoon in the area fishing, float tubing or even swimming. And at night, you will be able to experience outdoor fine dining in the wilderness in the company of overhead stars.

Site seeing at Emerald Bay cannot be complete without tasting the superb food available. If you want to experience a great dining experience, you can eat in any of the top restaurants.  There is something for everyone at Lake Tahoe.

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