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Historic Dugout Canoe Used Unveiled By Hurricane Irma

Apart from the havoc Hurricane Irma caused, it might have brought with it the gift of a possible archaeological discovery: a historic Indian dugout canoe. The canoe discovery has been doing rounds in the news and social media and officials say it could be either decades old or hundreds of years old. It may have belonged to the natives of Florida around the Indian River at the time.

A local photographer, Randy Lathrop, during his morning bike ride in the aftermath of the hurricane, instantly knew what he was looking at. Anyone else might have thought it was just a big piece of wood that washed up:

Historic Canoe From Hurricane Irma

The old boat is said to have belonged to the natives of Florida, who used it for fishing and travel. Initial observations indicate it is approximately 15′ long and weighs between 700 to 1000 pounds according to the transporters. The canoe appeared to be carved out of a log, which experts later identified as a cypress.

The canoe was found in a place that was historically inhabited by the Native Americans known as the Ais. They were known as the “Indians of the coast” and lived along the Indian River. They were chiefly hunters and fishermen, and Hurricane Irma primarily affected their former territory.

Perhaps this explains why the canoe was found in the area. However, experts from the University of Florida explained that while the boat was used by more than one Indian tribe, it was also popular among the Seminole Indians who occupied most parts of the west coast of Florida.

Dugout Canoe Discovered In FloridaThe wooden canoe was identified north of Cocoa and a few kilometers from the Kennedy space center. This area, and Florida in general, has had the highest concentration of dugout canoes found, which is mainly attributed to the climate. A humid environment is conducive to the preservation of wooden artifacts.

The artifact was preserved in a water bath, pending carbon dating, which will establish how old the canoe really is. However, some of its features, according to a historian, are unique. It had a square form, a feature that was common from the 1500’s to about 50 years ago.

Surprisingly, it also had cut nails, which historians date back to the 19th century. Available features show an interesting mix, so it will be exciting to wait for the dating results and precisely relate it to our historical records.

Old Canoe Discovery
Randy’s Post

A source from the Florida Department of Historical Resources acknowledged that the artifact was unique and if it indeed proves to be historical, it will be preserved and find its place in a museum. However, first, it has to be stabilized to avoid further degradation.

Basic White Water Kayak Moves You Should Learn In Class!

Kayaking is fairly easy to learn, but whitewater kayaking is definitely a more challenging activity. Paddling a kayak on a whitewater river can be dangerous, and occasionally deadly, which is why it’s important to be prepared and have the appropriate training.

Even fairly experienced kayakers should consider taking a class or lessons before heading out on the water. A good class or training program will teach you some of the basic moves, like the ones below.

White Water Kayaking Moves You Should Learn Before Heading Out On The Water:


1. Paddle Strokes


High Brace Paddling Stroke

Learning how to maneuver a kayak through the water is incredibly important. There are a variety of strokes to master and these will be taught in a white water rafting class. The primary stroke is, of course, the forward stroke. This is the basic stroke that propels the kayak forward through the water.

White water kayaking involves specific strokes, which include low and high brace. The low brace is a slight variation of the typical ready position in kayaking and helps to prevent it from flipping in whitewaters. The high brace is used when a paddler is about to flip over so they can help to right the kayak.

The forward and back sweeps are also important kayaking paddle strokes. The forward streak is a paddle stroke that will allow the kayaker to turn the boat rapidly. Mastering this move is important, as maneuvering rapidly will keep the kayak from being flipped or caught in a hole. Similarly, the back sweet is the reverse of this move and also used to turn the boat.


2. Rolling Prevention And Aftermath

Any class in whitewater kayaking will cover rolling, which is an essential skill. The class will teach a person who has flipped the kayak to regain the upright position. There are a variety of styles for rolling, and an instructor will cover which one works best for each scenario. A class on whitewater kayaking may even allow you to practice rolls in still water, like a swimming pool.


Finally, a kayaker who is unable to roll the boat successfully will have to exit the kayak and swim. While this is not ideal, a class will help by teaching you when it would be a good idea to continue with the roll, and when to exit the kayak.

While white water kayaking can be a safe and enjoyable hobby, it is dangerous for untrained individuals. This part of the instruction is incredibly important to know before setting out.


3. Boofing

Kayak Boofing

This unusual word is unique to whitewater kayaking. It refers to raising the front or bow of the kayak during a freefall. This can happen when going down a waterfall or ducking behind a boulder.

The technique is used to prevent the front of the kayak from being submerged in the water and instead, making it land flat when reaching the bottom of the waterfall. Instruction on this technique may also cover a rock boof, which is a move that uses an impact with a rock at the top of a ledge to create a firm landing and prevent a head-first fall.


4. Additional Instructions

The type and length of the class may change how much detail is provided, although basic information should always be a part of the class. The information above should be included in a beginning whitewater kayaking class.

Instructors will also usually discuss the types of white water kayaks available and which ones are best for beginning and experienced kayakers.


Kayaking safety equipment

The class will also cover the equipment needed. Of course, the kayak and paddles are the essentials. Paddles for whitewater kayaking vary and a class will teach the differences in paddle types and may provide the opportunity to try out a few paddle options.

Other equipment covered will include a life jacket, helmet, and spray deck or sprayskirt.There may be additional equipment recommended, but these are the basics needed to start whitewater kayaking. In a class, an instructor will cover why these items are important, as well as their use.


White Water Kayaking Basic Moves Conclusion

Whitewater kayaking is a fun and enjoyable activity, but it’s incredibly important to be prepared before setting out alone. A short class is a good idea and will provide some of the basic skills needed for kayak safely. Classes vary from a few hours to a few days. Choose one that covers these topics and make sure to learn the basics with confidence.

Having 2x The Adventure With Origami Kayaks AND Bikes!

Do you love to go biking and kayaking, but never have the room in your car to take both?  Well, there is a way to do that, and it’s with both folding kayaks AND folding bikes! Today, we will be discussing origami kayaks AND origami bikes, though “folding bikes” is the proper industry term.  Hopefully, you get the idea.

You can conveniently fit both a folding bike and a folding kayak in your trunk or back seat, and also have room for your other gear and friends or family. Life can be pretty simple and amazing, if only we think outside the box. Why take up more space than you have to, when more compact items have been created to make things easier on us?

You could ride a bike for a nice leg workout, and then fold it up, put it in the car, and carry your kayak to the water in a backpack, or the other way around: all thanks to origami technology.

Let’s take a look at the two in closer details:


History of Folding Bikes

Folding bikes, which are designed to facilitate easier storage, as well as transport, have a history that can be a bit confusing. That’s because a lot of people mistake actual folding bikes to bikes that are merely separable or portable. While William Grout is often credited for creating the first folding bike, his creation was more of a portable bicycle, since only the front wheel could be folded and the frame had to be disassembled.

It is Emmit G. Latta, an American inventor, who created the first documented folding bike. He even had his invention patented in the U.S., which was successfully granted in February of 1888. Following that, he sold the patent for his folding bike to the Pope Manufacturing Company. However, no one really knows if Pope ever produced bikes based on Latta’s patent.

Aside from Latta, American inventor Michael B. Ryan also invented another version of the folding bike, the patent for which was granted in April of 1894.

However, it is to French military officer Captain Gérard that the invention of the first folding bike is often attributed to. The only problem is that Gérard’s prototype didn’t really work. Charles Morel, a wealthy Frenchman who was completely sold on the budding bicycle trend, and Gérard then got the help of a mechanic called Dulac to perfect the design. Once it has been perfected, Morel and Gérard started manufacturing and commercializing the folding bike.

Morel and Gérard’s joint venture was a success and soon after that, even the army bought into the idea of using folding bikes. Gérard was put in charge of a regiment of soldiers using folded bikes and was eventually promoted to Captain. Later on, Morel and Gérard had a falling out due to an issue with profit shares. The patent for the bike was then sold to Peugeot, Michelin who took over the production in 1899.

It can be said that while it was Captain Gérard who made the folding bike famous, it is still Latta who created the first documented folding bike.

So, how did such a cool invention come to be?  Well, here’s a succinct video:


A Fine Example: The Montague Paratrooper Highline 20 Speed Bike

Designed for the country rider, this rugged folding 20 speed mountain bike is a favorite of many. Foldable within 20 seconds, it can easily fit in one’s truck or car, a closet or any small storage area you choose. It really is a convenient bike for many. This means that you can ride up to your destination and fold it to either walk with it or put it in a case or backpack for carrying.

The Paratrooper Highline comes in two sizes: medium for riders who are 5’7″-5’11” and large for those who are 6′-6’4″. The medium has an 18″ frame and the large has a 20″ frame. When the folding process is complete, the bike measures out to be 36″x 28″x 12″, and it weighs about 30 pounds.

The frame is aluminum and the rest is alloy and steel, with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. It’s perfect for mountain biking and areas where there a lot of rocks, as the 27.5″ tires allow you to roll over them easily.


History of the First Origami Kayak

We have to firstly thank Anton Willis for inventing this amazing product: the Oru Bay line of origami kayaks. Boats can be big and occupy a lot of space, and that’s where the origami kayak comes to the rescue by being light weight, easy to fold, strong and can carry up to 300 pounds or more.

Origami kayaks are made up of a single sheet of polyethylene which, when folded, becomes a single box with straps. That means that the boat becomes the box and the box becomes the boat! The folded kayak can easily be carried on one’s back as a backpack or as a shoulder bag.

Of course, there are a couple of other origami kayaks including the MyCanoe.


Imagine Cruising Freely Alongside The Water…

Picture this: You are riding your Montague Paratrooper Highline bike alongside the water on a trail. You are beginning to envy the thrill of the people on the lake who are kayaking as you watch. So the idea hits you, why not kayak too?

Instantly, you remember that your kayak is in the car, so you decide to ride back and get it. You could strap it onto your back and head back to the spot where you want to go kayaking. Then unfold it from its case, stretch it out and lock the parts into place.

You can fold your Montague Paratrooper Highline, put it in its bag and take it with you wherever you want to go on the water, it’s just that easy.


But The Origami Kayak Is Too Heavy For Me!

Not all of us have those biceps and muscles to even lift the cases of either the folded bike or the origami folding kayak. In that case, take your car to the kayaking spot instead of riding the bike to it, if that’s at all possible. When you reach your destination, decide which activity you would enjoy doing first. Many people would rather go biking first. Once the hot sun shines on you for a while, you will need the refreshing breezes of the lake while floating on the water.

Once you are through with riding, come back to your car, fold your Montague Paratrooper bike and put in the back. Remove the origami kayak, strap the case onto your back and walk over to the water and start the assembly. You could always do it the other way around as well. When you get tired of kayaking, carry it back in its case and get your bike out of your car.


Is It Safe To Carry My Folded Bike On A Kayak?

The following would be the scenario if you can carry the kayak on your back while riding the folding bike, then put the bike into the assembled kayak and go out on the water. If that’s not possible, there are inflatable kayaks as well that fit into smaller backpacks, but might not have room for a bike case and could be more prone to punctures. But for now, let’s take a look at this particular combo.

The folded Montague Paratrooper bike weighs approximately 30 pounds. The Origami kayak can carry up to 300 pounds. Adding an average person’s weight of between 130-200 pounds, it means that the total max weight loaded onto the kayak would be 230 pounds. So it is definitely possible to take the bike on your kayaking trip.

Just fold it, put it in its bag and load it into the storage area of the kayak or between your legs and off you go. Make sure the bike bag is stored properly so that it doesn’t scratch the surface of the kayak.


Important Tips For Using Both Vessels Together

1. The folded bike is made of aluminum. Be careful when putting it in the kayak, so as to avoid scratches. Also, the bag for the Montague is water resistant, so a few drops of splashing here and there should not be a problem. It’s a somewhat risky venture to take the bike, but some people need to do that if it’s a long adventure.

2. The Montague Paratrooper Highline 20 speed bike comes with 27.5″ wheels. These are very strong and sturdy on the road, providing a firm grip. You can ride along with no fear of sliding or skidding while carrying the folded origami kayak on your back.

3. The need for lightning fast brakes is taken care of in the Paratrooper, with hydraulic disk brakes. This is essential, especially when on country trail rides where emergencies can appear at any moment.

4. The Oru Kayak Beach LT is very sturdy and lightweight, with more room than the other Oru models. The material that is originally used to make the kayak is designed to accommodate both heavy weights and light weights while being streamlined. The weight is distributed evenly across both sides. With its 12′ length and weight of 26 pounds, it is easy to paddle through water, even when carrying the case containing the folded mountain bike!



Yes, you can interchange both mountain bike riding and kayaking. You do not have to worry about when to carry each on your trip. The Montague Paratrooper can be folded easily into a case and so can the origami kayak, which can be folded into a box itself and strapped onto one’s back, if not shoulder carried.

The good thing about both is that they are designed for the sporty person who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. Go on, switch between kayaking and mountain bike riding, and experience double the thrill!

Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl – Considerable Improvement Over Previous RL Models?

Sea Eagle Boats has made a name for itself in the inflatable boats market niche. A lot can be written about the company’s keen attention to the quality of its boats without specifically zeroing in on any particular model.

The Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl review below seeks to concentrate on this lightweight tandem kayak as one very competent boat, both in sight and functionality.


Sea Eagle razorlite 473rl

Check out the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl at Amazon!

Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl Frame

For starters, this kayak is space-centric, like most of the best kayaks on the market. Measuring at a length of 15’6″, the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473 rl inflatable kayak is long enough for tactile functioning. Its width of 2’6″ gives it a narrow build which enhances its bullet shape. Those two factors are good enough to make the boat cut through water more efficiently than other kayaks within the same category.

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Important to point out are the tough plastic molds that make Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl’s stern and bow. The good thing about having such a build is the fact that you can be sure that those rocky spots won’t cause you any worries. Additionally, the double concave build on both of the molds gives both of them a heightened water cutting ability which is commendable for an inflatable kayak.

One good thing about inflatable kayaks is their lightweight attribute. The 1000 denier material (quite tough) does not betray the boat’s lightweight nature. The drop stitch technology also makes the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl very tensile. The 3 chambered body is composed of the starboard, floor, and the side hull.

All this leaves the inflated boat’s hull weight at just 43 lbs, which is light enough for one person to carry it. In conjunction with the boat’s build, this helps to increase the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl’s ability to maneuver through the water. For your air needs, the kayak’s hull holds three air valves, one for each chamber.

Sea Eagle Razorlite 473 top view

The Sea Eagle Razorlite 473 rl inflatable kayak interior is as clean and spacious as you would expect of a respectable vessel. Made of the same materials as the exterior, the interior space measures 14’10” x 21″. The space on this kayak is enough for the accommodation of up to two people.

Check out the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl at Amazon!

The interior tubing is quite thick too, to make sure that the boat’s occupants do not suffer the cold effects of the surrounding water. Gauging 10″ high and 4″ thick, you are well covered. To provide further protection from the water, the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl also comes with bow and stern spray skirts.

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How handy is this kayak? It comes with two drain valves, which renders it way better than most other kayaks, which hold only one drain valve. Sea Eagle does not boast about it, but the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl’s straight hull build provides it with almost the same build reflex found in rigid non-inflatables.

For extra stability, you get yourself a nice slide-in skeg. However, the Razorlite lacks its own pair of rudders or motors to warrant the handy skeg it comes with. However, it fits in well with providing anchorage for those downwind and upwind movements. For portability purposes, the boat comes with a comfortable pair of handles.


Features of the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl

The Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl has one of the most comfortable seating spots available for inflatables. The high back thermal molded foam seats are decent for both long and short kayaking experiences. Moreover, they support rigorous back movements during paddling.

Check out the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl at Amazon!

The seats are tied down to the kayak’s floor using a tie down seat strap. The straps are attached to a set of D rings, which are in turn are retrofitted to the kayak’s interior sides. The Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl can be used in both tandem and solo forms.

For the solo form, you only need to position the seat within the middle-most point and tie it to the middle D-Rings.

Razorlite 473rl in the sun

For enhanced comfort during paddling, the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl comes equipped with two parts of removable footrests. The footrests are also adjustable to allow for all leg lengths and comfy positioning. Paddling, on the other hand, is expected to be very easy on this kayak. Two standard detachable spoon paddles come as part of the package. Each spoon paddle is composed of two asymmetrical blades and two shaft rods, which are joined using interlock mechanism screws.

The shafts of the paddles have feather holes on them which reduce the effect of the wind on your paddles, even as your struggle with the water. This makes the paddles good enough for speeds of up to 6 MPH. The Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl derives its carbon tag from the use of the lightweight carbon fiber build of its paddles. As such, you can get an idea of how much the paddles are instrumental in the kayak’s full functionality.

A standard feature also is the availability of a hand pump. The hand pump, we have to admit, is not the best on the market. The addition of a foot pump would have gone a long way in making it more handy. Nevertheless, this minor setback is offset by other factors.

The boat’s build allows for a faster inflation. The one-way valves make it easy to pump air into the kayak no matter how ineffective the pump is. The mesh material of the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl’s hull also makes it quite handy when it comes to air filling.

Check out the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl at Amazon!

Carrying a Sea Eagle inflatable kayakThose factors give the boat an 8 min setup ability. Should you feel that your hands can’t do with the hand pump, you can get yourself a Sea Eagle BP 12 electric pump, with a car rechargeable battery. It should be pointed out though, that high-pressure air compressors should not be used on the RazorLite.

Apart from the the areas mentioned above, the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl also comes with a backpack carry bag and a repair kit. The all purpose carry bag not only accommodates the deflated 30″ x 19″ x 9″ hull, but also carries any extra pieces of the boat within it. The repair kit, on the other hand, is composed of a strong adhesive, prick needle and PVC patches and is only meant for minor repairs.

Check out the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl at Amazon!

Storage Space in the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473

For storage purposes, the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl does not feature any hull attached hatches. The seats, though, have their own pairs of storage pouches at the back. These zipped storage pouches do not account for much in term of space, but they can be used to carry a few necessary items such as first aid essentials, a flash light, sunscreen tubes and your repair kits.

For other items such as rod holders and hatches, you might need to seek different alternatives.


  • The Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl is very light and easy to maneuver
  • NMMA certified, which is proof of its adherence to safety standards
  • Quite easy to setup, about 8 minutes
  • Swept Back Rear Skeg, which can be removed
  • Backpack carry bag
  • 10 psi inflation pressure
  • 750 pound load capacity
  • 2 AB40 paddles included

Check out the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl at Amazon!


  • Lacks sufficient storage to make it an angling or long trip vessel
  • Sleek build may prove challenging to use


Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl Review Conclusion

The Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl Pro Carbon Kayak has a lot going for it in terms of speed and sharpness. Its lack of storage is not a good enough reason for you to ignore it. Looking at the high number of customers who have praised it, there is little that they don’t like.

In this Sea Eagle Razorlite 473rl review, we have learned that this inflatable kayak is very strong, is NMMA certified, quick to set up, holds more air than other kayaks for rigidity, and cuts through the water effortlessly. This is the perfect kayak for a day trip

Ancheer Inflatable Boat – Game Changing Roomy & Comfortable Raft?

For water lovers who need a wider space, adventure dinghies should be your vessel of choice. A boat that is quick to assemble, such as this Ancheer inflatable boat, is a heaven sent opportunity. The Ancheer Inflatable Boat has also made its mark as a good emergency boat for cruise ships and yachts, and for good reasons.

If you know anything about assembling boats, then you have to know that deciphering the parts that compose a fully rigged boat is key. This raft passes the test in regards to that particular challenge, as you will find out in this Ancheer inflatable boat review.


Ancheer Inflatable boat

The Ancheer Inflatable Boat Frame

The Ancheer’s four-chambered PVC hull is as good as any dependable boat should be. The 0.9 mm material on the triple layered hull is not only tough, but is also UV, puncture, stain and oil resistant. There are a good number of two and three-chambered rafts but the Ancheer inflatable dinghy has four chambers that accommodate a pressure of 3.6 PSI.

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Three of the chambers are independent, allowing for the boat to provide continuous support to its users even after one chamber has been punctured and deflated. Each chamber is equipped with its own one-way valves, increasing air retention during pumping.

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Measuring 7.55′ x 4.13″, the Ancheer Inflatable Boat shores up enough space to support 2 people, but the 10.8′ model can hold 4-5 adults or a weight of up to 880 pounds. However, for a smooth ride in this sized model, it is recommended that you restrict the number to three grown ups.

At the rear end of the boat, there is a pontoon that aids in stability. The pontoon maintains the boat’s balance without exposing the user to extraneous listing conditions.

To increase the user’s stability, the Ancheer Inflatable Boat comes with aluminum flooring, and although its use is not necessary, it is advised that you use it.

Apart from providing you with secure footing, the aluminum floors will give your boat a solid deck. The good thing with the aluminum flooring is that they are way easier to assemble than most other boats that come with the choice of an alternative floor. It also acts as an anchor for your fuel tank and battery box.


Top and bottom of Ancheer Inflatable Raft


Commendably, the Ancheer Inflatable Boat is fitted with a reinforced transom for the addition of an outboard motor. This ensures that, should you feel the need to have a swift water ride, you will be set.

When it comes to transporting the Ancheer, this vessel’s hull is retrofitted with D rings which allow for the addition of towing ropes. Lifting and transporting the boat out of and into the water should not be hard either. The Ancheer Inflatable Boat’s sides are fitted with two pairs of comfortable plastic grip handles, a pair on each side.

For additional stability, the Ancheer Inflatable Boat provides a 360 degree crash barrier to protect you in the case that you have an accident. The barrier is nicely done, fitting well with the rest of the hull without reducing its function. Life lines on the side of the boat come in handy for those accidental slips into the water.

Meanwhile, at the furthest stern of your cockpit, just below the transom, there is a drain valve to let out water from the cockpit’s floor. The Ancheer inflatable boat has a backward slant that helps ensure that the water is let out naturally.

Check out the Ancheer Inflatable Boat on Amazon!

Bold Features of the Ancheer Inflatable Boat

Fully rigged, the Ancheer Inflatable Boat has a load capacity of anywhere from 616-880 pounds, depending on the size of the boat. That weight includes the motor, passengers, and luggage. If you want to bring your family out, then the 10.8′ dinghy would be a better choice than the 7.55′.

The Ancheer Inflatable Boat’s seating arrangement is not very appealing. With two backless aluminum benches, it could get uncomfortable if you have back issues. However, it is because of the aluminum benches that the boat can retain its lightweight structure.

To hold the two benches (the word ‘bench’ does not fit well with boats) in place, the boat has two pairs of fabric deck holders. This arrangement gives the boat a very casual look. If you are alone on the Ancheer Inflatable Boat, you can remove one the bench for more room. Moreover, you can even choose to do away with both benches and sit on the floor for a more athletic rowing stance.

Speaking of rowing, the Ancheer Inflatable Boat comes with two handy aluminum oars. The oars are lightweight enough to float on water, so if you lose your grip, you can still recover them fast. Nonetheless, the chance of losing the oars is almost nil, not with the hull-fitted oar locks on the boat. Whenever you are not using them, you can let them rest in place. To make sure that the oars do not fall while resting, there are two firm oar holders on either side of the boat.

Check out the Ancheer Inflatable Boat on Amazon!

With the purchase of the Ancheer Inflatable Boat, the first thing you get is a reliable foot pump. With this cool pump, you do not have to tire out your arms. Spare that energy for the rowing. The boat also comes with a sufficiently spaced fabric and nylon carry bag. So when you feel you’ve had enough for the day, just deflate your boat, pack and leave.

In addition to all that’s mentioned in this Ancheer inflatable boat review, you also get a repair kit to handle those little punctures. Underline the word ‘little’ because for more serious rips, it is highly advised that you send your boat back to the manufacturer. Nevertheless, considering the tough material, you are not likely to get to that point anytime soon.


Plenty of Storage in the Ancheer Dinghy?

In terms of storage, Ancheer Inflatable raft has very little to write home about, with no hatches or rod holders. This is rather understandable, because the boat is not inherently built as a fishing or long trip vessel. Do not fret though, because the dinghy’s open cockpit floor can act as a wide ranged space for equipment, bags, and gear.

With so much discussed, we have summarized everything into the next pros & cons when it comes to the Ancheer inflatable boat. Here you go:


Check out the Ancheer Inflatable Boat on Amazon!


  • Seating benches might not offer the best boating experience
  • Quite bulky for two people to carry
  • Lack of storage space with more passengers


Ancheer Inflatable Boat Review Conclusion

The Ancheer Inflatable Boat is a respectable functional raft. If you’re looking for a fishing kayak, this boat should be at the bottom of your list. There are better inflatables for that. However, if you are the Saturday afternoon drift type of person, this is an idyllic choice.

Check out the Ancheer Inflatable Boat on Amazon!

For large yacht and small cruiser owners, the Ancheer is a convenient, sturdy emergency dinghy. Go ahead and compare it against other inflatable rafts and see if it fits your needs.

Pelican Unison 136T Kayak – Surprisingly Comfortable Tandem Ride?

The Pelican Unison 136T kayak is a premium watercraft made by Pelican, which has some great features and design qualities. Pelican is a renowned manufacturer that has produced many quality products in the industry. With this background, there is a lot of expectation for this watercraft, considering that the market is saturated with good options. The watercraft borrows heavily from various design aspects of previous products by the same company.

Most boats made by Pelican are aimed at a specific niche of users who want to get the best value out of an affordable product. The same principle seems to be the idea behind the manufacture of the Pelican Unison 136T kayak. There are many other things that give this kayak its character. While it does not fall short of features, the main determinant of the real value of the Pelican Unison 136T kayak is the user experience. Any good product needs to have a careful balance of features and user value.

With such huge clout behind it, will the Pelican Unison 136 tandem manage to impress? We will find out shortly when we analyze this watercraft in detail. Since there are many different things to explore with this kayak, we will look at its frame, features, storage options and a number of benefits the kayak offers. Any disadvantages will also be listed in the following comprehensive Pelican Unision 136T review.


Pelican Unison 136T KayakCheck out the Pelican Unison 136T Kayak on Amazon!

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Starting off with the frame, the Pelican Unison 136T kayak is made of Ram-X Premium, which is mulitple layers of polyethylene treated with a high quality resin to be more rigid than regular polyethylene. There are many advantages with this kind of plastic, but it is most preferred because it is strong but lightweight.

Because of these qualities, the Pelican Unison 136T tandem kayak is built for great performance and durability.

When it comes to the dimensions of the Pelican Unison 136T kayak, the total length of the frame is 13’6” and the beam is 31.75″. With this length, the watercraft is not difficult to maneuver in the water. The cockpits are 102″ long and 26″ wide.

In terms of capacity, it is able to carry a load of 500 pounds. That simply translates to two adults and a reasonable amount of gear, or option 3 at the end of this Pelican Unision 136T review. Not many tandem kayaks have such specifications without an off-putting price.


Pelican Unison 136 by Pelican Sports

Check out the Pelican Unison 136T Kayak on Amazon!

Looking at the exterior of the Pelican Unison 136T kayak, you get to see a well-designed hull bottom. This is typical of modern watercrafts that are specifically designed to optimize speed and reduce drag. It is also streamlined for maximum strength in the water, and the frame can be described as modern and improved. The obvious design language of traditional Pelican watercrafts included in this boat goes a long way to give users an assurance of great performance.


Pelican Unison 136T Kayak Features

There are many features that come with the Pelican Unison 136T kayak. The first main feature of the kayak is a multi-chine, flat-bottom hull design that is constructed for stability. This feature is created from a modern machine-aided design for optimization of speed and reduction of drag. There are handles at both the front and back for easy transportation. In addition, you get a spacious cockpit that is well-designed to give you ample room to move around.


Pelican Unison Tandem In Action

The Pelican Unison 136T kayak comes with seats which feature ERGOfit seating for comfort. They are also adjustable for various heights. The backrest of both seats are built creatively to ensure decent support, which is thoughtful for a tandem boat. There is enough space for a bottle holder for each paddler on the deck of each cockpit. An open compartment for each paddler is also available, as well as a 4″ day hatch in the middle for additional storage.

In terms of functionality, there is a tie-down mechanism included for securing paddles at the sides of the Pelican Unison 136T tandem kayak. The bungees fitted in the bow are great for securing paraphernalia at the front. Comfort features like the adjustable foot pegs for sufficient stability when paddling are not left out. There are a number of other minor features which only serve to make the Pelican Unison 136T kayak a unique product.


Storage Space in the Pelican Unison 136T Kayak

The Pelican Unison 136 tandem features a number of storage options. Starting off with the small storage areas, there is a drink holder available for each paddler, as well as a 4″ day hatch in the middle. You can store your keys and possibly a cell phone in there, or other smaller items. The main storage for the boat, however, is the water resistant storage at the rear. This hatch is big and capable of holding up to 60 liters of water.

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It is quite a welcomed addition that the storage on the Pelican Unison 136T tandem kayak features a quick-lock mechanism. Its location in the stern is also advantageous as it can hold all of your important gear.

Other storage options include the various tie-downs for securing gear. These storage options are quite sufficient for a tandem kayak, especially for a day trip. More storage would be made available to the paddler who decides to use the boat as a single-person watercraft.



  • Easy to transport, with handles at both the front and back
  • Modern hull design that gives it stability in the water
  • Great performance, due to its sturdy construction
  • Multiple comfort features in the backrest and footrest
  • Storage options are sufficient for day trips
  • The Pelican Unison 136T kayak is affordable
  • Lightweight, weighing 67.4 pounds
  • Great for taller people

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  • Tracking might be difficult for beginners, as there is no rudder
  • Width might make quick turns more difficult
  • The Pelican Unison 136T kayak’s storage is not great for overnight trips
  • Can’t be disassembled for easier storage


Unison 136T in sea

Pelican Unision 136T Review Conclusion

The Pelican Unison 136T kayak is a unique watercraft made with the great features of other Pelican models. The Unison is roomy for both paddlers, has adjustable footrests, and it is extra sturdy because of the company’s Ram-X Premium construction. There is also the multi-chine flat bottomed hull that adds stability and improves tracking, staying flat on land while loading gear onto the kayak.

Since it is optimized for great performance, the Pelican Unison 136T kayak is a decent option for tandem kayakers. There’s so much room in each cockpit, you can take your dog out with you if you’re going solo! They can be completely comfortable and stretch out while they enjoy the ride.

Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 – A Quiet Two Seat Fishing Boat?

Whether you are a serious or occasional angler, you may be aware of how important your boat is for a successful fishing experience. This is why you have to read this Stealth Stalker STS 10 review keenly. This Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 is a lightweight, two-seater, sit-on-top vessel that comes ready for a fast water launch.

Equipped with a pair of convenient paddles, the boat can be assembled with a prominent motor board section. It is shipped with its own foot pedal pump, which makes it easier for everyone who hates pumping with hand pumps. Its lightweight nature makes it optimal for shallow water fishing, and it can float in just 4 inches of water!

Let’s check out some other features of the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10.

Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10

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Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 Frame

The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 measures about 10 feet in length, which is long enough to allow for sufficient cockpit space after calculating the boat’s hull space allowance. At a beam width of 5 feet, the boat is stable enough to run on most water bodies.

Upon deflation, the hull is reduced to just about 31” x 40” x 9”. Thus, the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker fishing boat is readily transportable, both when fully inflated and deflated. When fully inflated, the hull’s diameter measures about 16 inches.

The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10’s hull is made of 1000 denier PVC. This makes the boat tough enough to be suitable for use in shallow waters, where it is likely to come into contact with pebbles and abrasive rocks.

The quadruple overlapping glue seams ensure that the various chambers of the boat hold together without betraying any signs of the multi-chamber build. Composed of three chambers, one each on the starboard side, port area, and bow, the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 fully assembles in a maximum time of 20 minutes.

Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 seats

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For an angler, the outer area matters very little if the inside of a boat is cramped, space-wise. The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 is anything but cramped. The interior side measures 7’6″ by 2’4″, which is quite roomy for most anglers, but the width might not be comfortable for a stretched-leg horizontal seating position.

To enhance the angler’s stability and the boat’s rigidity, the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 comes with an additional plywood floor. The inflated hull weight stands at 45 pounds, which makes it light enough to carry two people and then some.

Fully rigged, with the plywood floorboard and motor mount on board, it weighs 78 pounds, which is a notable increase in weight. However, the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 has a weight capacity of 1200 pounds, so the additional weight should not be a problem at all.


Features of the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10

The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 can be adjusted into a one-seater with the removal of one seat. They are set on a 7″ high, rotating mount which makes them swivel-ready. This is especially useful for anglers when trying to manage an unsteady catch that is trying to fight to get off the hook.

Sadly, the seats do not have much else to write home about. Rubber made and set on a foldable hard plastic frame, they are as basic as you would expect of any comfortable boat seats. They do not have any extra functionalities, such as acting as alternate position supports. Their build makes them suitable for use on the boat, but nowhere else.

With the ability to seat 2 people, the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 is capable of accommodating up to a maximum weight of 1200 pounds. Considering that a good number of inflatable boats and canoes are only able to accommodate up to a maximum of 900 pounds, this is impressive. The boat is able to hold one pair of oars, so no tandem rowing here. The oars are held in place by a rigid pair of oar locks.

An A41 foot pump is made available to pump air into the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS 10. The pedal’s surface is coarse enough to allow you to pump even if your shoes are wet. It works well enough to make a pump time of between 10 to 15 minutes.

It is important to note the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10’s hull pressure is held at 3.2 psi, so it is not advised to use air compressed tire pumps. The recessed one-way valves, characteristic in all of sea eagle’s inflatables, makes it easy to inflate, while reducing any escaping air during pumping.


Stealth Stalker STS10 Foot Pump

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The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 angler is rather exceptionally built when it comes to the carry handles, and it has three welded to the hull. At the front, there is one horizontal handle and an additional pair of vertical handles welded on the extreme left and top right areas of the stern. Hence, the person at the back is able to hold the boat with both hands, which increase weight distribution during carrying.

The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 comes ready for motor mounting. It is recommended that you use a motor that weighs up to a maximum of 45 pounds. Weight notwithstanding, you can affix 4-horsepower motors with minimum shafts of 20 inches. The use of motors boosts the boat’s speed up to a maximum of 6 mph. The speed is dependable on the type of motor used. You can go 5-6 mph with a gas motor and 4-5 mph with an electric one.

To enhance its use, the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10’s hull has metal mounts that allow for the addition of more objects such as rod holders, a canopy, and other accessories. Additionally, the 4 mount pads come with a sufficient number of brackets to ensure that should you lose even one, you can postpone that visit to your local fishing gear store.


Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker Fishing Boat Storage Room

We have to mention in this Stealth Stalker STS 10 Review that you should not expect a lot in the way of storage on this boat. The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 has only one designated bag area. The stow bag itself is not big enough to store a huge amount of gear.

Needless to say, you just have to carry your own external hatches for the storage of your catch, as well as other things such as drink bottles.


Stealth Stalker Fishing Boat

The good thing is that the boat has four strategically placed rod holders. Two rod holders on each side of the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 make it convenient to place you rods in wait for action. Unfortunately, the rod holders utilize the same space on the four mount plates. Therefore, should you need to add anything else, you are forced to dislodge one or two rods.



  • Easy handling, even for an inexperienced angler
  • Ability to add motors makes the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 a good choice for anglers
  • Stable enough for use in various water conditions
  • Light enough to carry
  • Swivel seats that can rotate 360 degrees
  • Brackets to install a canopy for hot, sunny days
  • Easy to assemble, with an easy to read instruction manual
  • Minor repairs on the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 are stress-free
  • Universal Scotty Mounts to use any equipment you want



  • The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS 10 lacks adequate storage
  • Wooden floor boards are quite heavy and stiff, which could lead to transportation issues
  • Standing on the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS 10 is not as easy as other angling boats
  • Rigid seats

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Stealth Stalker STS 10 Review Conclusion


Using engine on stealth stalker

The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 frameless fishing boat is a good boat. A lot could have been done to make it better, but it still serves the purpose well. Apart from the storage, which can be fixed by carrying your own storage bags and hatch, the boat is still a sturdy, quality option.

However, for the price, functionality may be a little bit low. Nevertheless, considering the other alternatives on the market, you are better off placing your bet on the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10 than on a majority of inflatable boats out there.

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Elkton Outdoors Tandem Kayak – Only For Short People?!

Fishing by means of a kayak has become increasingly popular, and the Elkton Outdoors brand seeks to address the needs and wants of both veteran and novice kayakers for sturdy, versatile and functional inflatable kayaks.


The Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak is specifically designed for fishing on rivers, lakes, and the ocean. It has a lightweight and robust structure, with a well-defined design and easy-to-handle assembly for easy paddling. The manufacturers made sure to keep anglers in mind when designing this tandem kayak by optimizing it for fishing. Keep reading to find out more in this Elkton Outdoors Tandem Review.

Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak

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Elkton Outdoors Tandem Sit On Top Kayak Frame

Built with 1000 Denier PVC and tarpaulin, the Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak can take on any rugged terrain and get you wherever you need to be to enjoy fishing in various areas. This is a durable boat that is suitable for rugged use in open seas and flat water, but not the best choice for whitewater rapids. The 18-gauge PVC is highly resistant to rips, punctures, and abrasions. That means the Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak has a greatly reduced risk of a leak springing while on the water.

Even thick fishing hooks can’t rip through the Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak’s thick material easily, although it’s recommended to avoid jagged rocks. So, you don’t need to be wary of this tandem kayak because of its construction, since it’s built tough and extremely long-lasting. With proper care, the Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak can be used for many years. After use, be sure that you hose down the deflated boat with tap water and then let it air dry.

Included in the Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak package are 2 adjustable Velcro seats, 2 adjustable rod holders (one trolling and one vertical), and double sided oars as well as a foot pump, repair kit, and carry bag. The adjustable seats were designed by engineers for added comfort. With the mounted adjustable rod holders, fisherman can set up their rods in various positions for the ultimate catch. This allows for a versatile fishing experience, suitable for any weather or water conditions.

The Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak comes with 3 removable air chambers which allow quick, easy, and convenient inflation and deflation (adjustment of air pressure) and leak repair. The air pressure in every chamber utilizes a pressure gauge that can be modified, depending on your needs. However, it is also important that you maintain the proper balance between all 3 air chambers. In the event of any damage, repairs and other adjustments are fixed more quickly without difficulty. The leak can be easily repaired, as well, using the patch repair kit. Thanks to the separate air chambers, the Elkton Outdoors Tandem sit-on-top kayak should still stay afloat until one reaches the shore, even with a leak.

Features of the Elkton Outdoors Tandem Kayak

The Elkton Outdoors tandem sit on top kayak is built to last. With its ultra-durable roto-molded construction will ensure that it will never puncture or crack and will last for years. There’s also plenty of storage, like dry compartments for keys, wallets, and phones. Two gear storage areas are situated at each end of this kayak.

Included with the Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak are 2 double sided paddles, 2 adjustable premium kayak seats, bungee cords, and 2 adjustable rod holders. The center platform is perfect for coolers or gear. Two carry handles allow for expedient transportation, and the boat easily fits in the bed of a trailer or truck. The Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak is 12′ long and 3′ wide, allowing plenty of room for 2 people and their required gear. The weight capacity is 600 pounds.


The Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak has 4 built-in mesh gear pockets that are meant for storing fishing gear and supplies. The air-tight internal storage compartments make sure that your valuables aren’t damaged while on the water. Carry handles are also featured at the fore, aft, and on the sides. There are also D-rings to help securely attach other kayaking equipment, like an anchor and spray shields. One can also drag some gear behind the boat with the assurance that the Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak can carry it without ripping.

We all know that, while fishing, leisure is a big part of the whole experience. Because of that, the Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak has two premium kayak seats and cup-holders. You can therefore kick back and revel in your day of fishing! You won’t have to clutter your kayak when you bring all your fishing gear with you! There is a platform in the center of the boat that stores extra equipment and supplies, or a cooler to keep your fish on ice.


  • Strong, durable construction, from the sturdy PVC to the welded seams
  • Worrying about tears in a inflatable kayak will be a thing of the past
  • The Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak retains air better than other inflatable kayaks
  • Includes solid, yet lightweight oars
  • Rod holders for easy storage of fishing rods
  • Inflatable boats are easier to transport and are stored in a smaller space
  • Package has everything you need to get started, as already mentioned earlier in this Elkton Outdoors Tandem Review


  • The Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak is tear resistant, but not tear-proof, so it is not suitable for use in rough water conditions
  • Poor instructions, can be a challenge to know where to start

Elkton Outdoors Tandem Review Conclusion

The Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak offers great value for the money, for its ample storage options, durable materials, and effective control. This kayak is among the best and is designed to sustain better performance as well as much greater endurance. You may use it for fishing on a lake, touring a stretch of a slow-moving river, or enjoying the company of a friend on a nice day.

One can choose to go on a solo trip or bring along a friend. In both cases, you can be assured that it’ll pass the tests of a quality kayak. Indeed, if you are on the lookout for a large tandem kayak with plenty of expedient features, then you must earnestly consider this Elkton Outdoors tandem kayak. It offers the perfect combination of value and price, packed into one remarkable fishing kayak, made for both professional and beginner anglers.

5 Best Kayak Life Vest Options For Your Next Kayaking Trip!

Everyone is going to need a life vest when they go kayaking, especially if they want to be safe. Not only are they great for keeping you afloat in emergency situations, but they can hold your most valuable items where you can easily reach them. You wouldn’t even have to store them in a hatch on the boat because they would be in a pocket right on your chest.

Let’s take a look at some of the best kayak life vest options that will serve your individual needs.


1. ONYX MoveVent Dynamic Life Vest



This life vest is Coast Guard approved and has a SOLAS grade material that is reflective so that rescuers or other boaters can see you more easily. There is a mesh material in the back to keep you cooler on hot days, as well as in the front to drain any water out of the zippered pockets. The shoulder straps can be adjusted and are made with neoprene pads. A strong fabric made of 200 denier nylon makes up most of the vest’s composition, along with a light foam for buoyancy.

kayak life jacket - MoveVent Dynamic

The first best life vest on our list is the ONYX MoveVent! The design of the ONYX MoveVent Dynamic Life Vest allows for ease of arm movement, which is great for those who need to paddle. Side belts are easily adjustable to tighten or loosen the vest, and there is one pocket in the front that includes a whistle if you needed it during an emergency.

The only drawback is that the pocket is too small, so storage is not the best on this particular vest, but you can at least hold your keys in there. There is also a hard clip on the front to attach a knife for fishing or anything else that can be attached.


  • X-Small/Small – 28”-36”
  • Medium/Large – 36”-44”
  • X-Large/XX-Large – 44”-56”

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2. ONYX Kayak Fishing Life Jacket


Another life vest by ONYX, this is mainly used for kayak fishing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use it if you are someone who likes to carry extra items with you. This jacket is also Coast Guard approved, with a mesh material on the back to let the wind in and stay cool, as well as keeping it less bulky. It is made to accommodate larger people as well. It’s made with 400 denier nylon and has 3 pockets, one small and two big ones.

Fishing life jacket

Normally, the bigger pockets would be used for a small tackle box, scissors, pliers, knives, and other things a fisherman would need. For someone who wants extra space, they could put their cell phones, sunscreen, and other things. There are clips on the front for your sunglasses, as well as a whistle and whatever else you need to attach. The vest has 6 adjustable straps for a comfortable, secure fit and there are neoprene shoulder pads.


  • Universal – 30”-52”
  • Oversize – 40”-60”

Check out the ONYX Kayak Life Vest on Amazon!


3. Stohlquist Edge Life Jacket


This Stohlquist life vest has a very large arm opening so you can paddle unobstructed with no chafing. It is Coast Guard approved, and is also approved by Transport Canada, with highly visible reflective markings. The vest is made with 200 denier oxford liner with a Mini-ripstop outer shell made of nylon, which means it’s reinforced so it won’t rip.

Edge life jacket - best kayak life vest

The sides of this life jacket are made with mesh for more ventilation and the padded shoulder straps are adjustable. There is a decent sized front pocket and a side pocket as well, both zippered. You can just unzip it and drop things in for easy access later. The foam for buoyancy is very soft, making it perfect for both men AND women, with a WRAPTURE shaped torso.


  • Small/Medium – 33”-39”
  • Large/X-Large – 40”-46”
  • XX-Large – 48”-54”

Check out the Stohlquist Edge Kayaking Life Jacket on Amazon!


4. Stohlquist Women’s Betsea Personal Flotation Device


The Betsea life vest is built with the female body in mind, with contoured inner cups built-in for upper body support. It is approved by the Coast Guard and Transport Canada with a 3M reflective trim in the front and back. The outer shell is made of 500 denier nylon, the liner is 200 denier oxford, and the arms are extra wide to paddle or swim freely. The cross-chest cinch harness prevents the jacket from riding up.

PFD Betsea
There are two zippered pockets on the front of the Betsea so you can store your phone, keys, and whatever else you need to, as well as two 4-way lash tabs to clip extra items onto your jacket. Lumbar pads are also included for back support, along with pockets to warm your hands in case the weather changes while you’re out on the water.


  • Small/Medium – 28”-34”
  • Large/X-Large – 35”-40”
  • Plus – 40”-46”


5. Stohlquist Youth Escape PFD Life Jacket

We’ve included a youth life jacket so that everyone is included, especially when you’re taking your family out for some fun water activities. This jacket has extra soft foam inserts in both the front and back for added comfort and is Coast Guard approved. It’s best for kids that weigh 50-90 pounds and has straps to fully adjust the jacket to fit them very snugly.
PFD Youth Escape

The shoulders of the jacket are padded and there are reflective accents all throughout. It is made with 200 denier nylon for the outer shell and the liner is 200 denier oxford. The arms are extra wide to make swimming easier and to move around unrestricted. The zippered pocket is a great place to store your kid’s snacks and a small tube of sunscreen or whatever else they may need.

Check out the Stohlquist Youth Escape PFD Kayak Life Vest on Amazon!


Best Kayak Life Vest Options Conclusion!

There are many kinds of vests, and some are made for special activities, like fishing. Some are very basic (cheap, but will still save you in an emergency), some are moderately priced, but won’t have the extras, and some are more expensive, but they will have everything you need in a vest.

It all depends on the activity and/or sport you’re participating in. If you’re fishing, it would be nice to have the basics right in your jacket, like a knife, some hooks, weights, scissors, gloves, etc. No matter what storage needs you have, life jackets are a necessity for safety purposes, first and foremost, so choose wisely. These are some of the best kayak life vest options you will find around.

Hobie Tandem Island Sail – Well Performing Sailing Kayak Or Failure?

The Hobie Tandem Island Sail is a unique kayak designed and manufactured by Hobie, a renowned kayak brand that offers you exemplary kayaks. The Tandem incorporates an exceptional design, new technology, and premium features that make it perfect for kayakers, sailing enthusiasts, and fishing fanatics.

The new design transforms the Hobie Tandem Island sailing kayak into a high performance, unique sailing machine that does not disappoint, regardless of any situation. You can exercise by pedaling or paddling, go fishing, or raise the sail and let the wind do all the work while you sit back and enjoy nature. Let’s have a look in this Hobie Tandem Island review at the features and performance of this incredible piece of work.


hobie tandem sailing kayakCheck out the Hobie Tandem Island Sail on Amazon!

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How Does the Build of the Hobie Tandem Island Sail Hold?

As a part of the redesign, the Hobie Tandem Island Sail features a sturdy frame made with rotomolded polyethylene, which ensures a strong, fully adjustable, and customizable frame. It has a length of 18’6″ and a width of 30″, while the hull weighs 130 pounds with basics and 240 pounds when fully loaded with accessories. The Hobie Tandem Island kayak not exactly lightweight, so you might need a hand carrying it to the water and bringing it ashore.

Thanks to its quality constructed frame, the Hobie Tandem Island Sail will not only accommodate up to 600 pounds, but it will also ensure great stability while sailing in tough conditions, such as strong water currents or winds. The amas are large enough to offer great stability and can tuck in against the hull for easy and hassle-free docking, or they can be removed completely. The  Hobie Tandem Island Sail akas can be detached and stored in a carrying bag.

The cockpit of the Hobie Tandem Island sailing kayak can be easily transformed into a peddling platform when the weather conditions are not favorable for sailing.


hobie tandem pedal sail kayak

This kayak features 2-piece carbon-composite masts, whose main function is to reduce weight while maximizing performance. The Hobie Tandem Island Sail’s larger masts and sail area help provide smoother and faster rides, making your trip more fun and hassle-free. The kayak also boasts of a Lowrance Ready system that features a built-in Transducer Mount that will also greatly enhance your fishing experience.

Check out the Hobie Tandem Island Sail on Amazon!

The Hobie Tandem Island Sail comes with Vantage CT seats that feature a 3-level height adjustment and can be reclined to a preferred angle for all day comfort. The kayak seating features lumbar support that provides superior comfort and support regardless of your sailing angle. That means you can stay out all day and remain comfortable all throughout. These seats are also quick-drying and can be substituted as beach chairs.


Features of the Hobie Tandem Island Sail Kayak

The Hobie Tandem Island Sail comes with a ton of premium features that offer great convenience and versatility. You will absolutely have a whole lot of fun on your water adventure because of this sailing kayak. It features two MirageDrives, one in the front and one in the back, which allows for increased speed and ease of use.

The Mirage Drive technology gives you the option of pedaling the Hobie Tandem Island Sail kayak when the sail is up and furled, once again enhancing your kayaking experience.

sail kayak - yellow

That’s not the complete package; the Hobie Tandem Island Sail also comes with two sets of paddles for quick steering situations, which can be stored on the akas when they’re not being used. You also have the option of using the rudder steering controls in the front and rear cockpits.

The Hobie Tandem Island Sail is an incredibly designed kayak that allows you to paddle, sail, fish, and pedal with great ease and with maximum speed. Its pedal power makes it much faster when compared to most tandem kayaks on the market. With its 3 superior forms of propulsion, you don’t have to panic when the wind stops blowing.

Check out the Hobie Tandem Island Sail on Amazon!

Also offering exceptional performance are the roller-furling systems and vertical battens, which provide a boomless surface sail and better lift. The retractable centerboards are expertly designed to reduce lateral slip, also ensuring a smooth ride. These centerboards basically fold up against the side of the Hobie Tandem Island Sail to ensure easy docking and transport, as well as maneuverability.




overview of the Hobie Sail kayak


The Hobie Tandem Island Sail comes with sufficient storage hatches, including four mesh-covered storage pockets, two molded-in rod holders, and 4 cup holders. There are bungee cords in the rear for extra storage that needs to be secured in place. One of the seats can also be removed, thus creating more room if you are going solo.

There are three twist and seal hatches, all three measuring 8″, as well as a very roomy bow hatch. You can purchase trampolines for the Hobie Tandem Island Sail for extra storage, and they can also be used to lay on, prevent water from spraying into the cockpits, or to invite kids or dogs along! They are made of a strong vinyl mesh that can be firmly tied to the kayak for reliable security.

Truly, the Hobie Tandem Island Sail lives up to its name: a kayak that you can sail in & even use a trampoline!


  • Two MirageDrives and rudder controls in the front and rear for dual steering
  • Multiple storage options on the Hobie Tandem Island Sail, with the option to add more
  • Hobie Tandem Island Sail is sturdy, durable frame construction for long lasting use
  • Excellent performance, versatility, and stability, which is made apparent in this Hobie Tandem Island review
  • Hobie Tandem Island kayak is faster than most kayaks, easily maneuverable
  • Vantage CT seats with lumbar support that are easily adjustable
  • Optional 8-gallon live-bait tank for fishing and trampolines for extra storage space
  • Available in 3 different colors

Check out the Hobie Tandem Island Sail on Amazon!



  • The Hobie Tandem Island Sail will be too expensive for many people
  • Too heavy for people to use if they are heading out alone

Check out the Hobie Tandem Island Sail on Amazon!

Hobie Tandem Island Review Conclusion


The Hobie Tandem Island Sail is, without a doubt, a great sailing machine that will transform the way you paddle, fish, or cruise on the water in luxury. It is sturdy, durable, comfortable, easy to use, and very versatile. Its premium features, whether they are already included or added later, can make this the greatest kayak you will ever buy.

You can fish with a live-bait tank, pedal and paddle when you want exercise, or sail when you want to just relax out on the water.


hobie tandem island kayak

If you are a beginner, there is nothing to worry about, as the Hobie Tandem Island Sail is perfectly designed for beginners as well as professionals. If you have never sailed before, this is the perfect way to practice the techniques that make sailing much easier and more enjoyable.

So if you are a fishing or water sports fanatic, you will certainly want to try this state-of-the art piece of work, expertly designed just for you.

Check out the Hobie Tandem Island Sail on Amazon!

PS. Again, tons of information in this Hobie Tandem Island review. For that reason, we have included a video down below so you can see it in motion! Here is a neat video showing off the Hobie Tandem Island Kayak:

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