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Big Bear Guide – Everything You Need To Know For Your Big Bear Vacation!

At an altitude of almost 7,000 feet, in the San Bernardino Mountains, lies Big Bear Lake, a beautiful vacation spot for tourists and locals alike. The city of Big Bear is located on the south shore of the lake and it’s all surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest. The Big Bear Valley includes Big Bear lake, the city of Big Bear, and other lakes and towns. The area sees over 100,000 visitors during popular vacation times and holidays.

Big Bear Lake

More About Big Bear

The temperatures for the summer usually stay around 80 degrees (although a high of 94 was recorded in 1998), and winters can get quite cold (around 25 degrees at the lowest). Snow falls every month except for June, July, and August, which means it’s one of the only places where southern California locals will get to see an accumluation of snow!

Big Bear Lake is 7 miles long and it’s a mile across at its widest section. Many activities are enjoyed at this popular vacation spot, including fishing, hiking, boating, snowboarding, and skiing. The area provides fun things to do all throughout the year, whether it’s fishing or boating in the summer/spring, or skiing at the Bear Mountain or Snow Summit resorts in the winter.

Big Bear Snow Summit

There is also plenty of lodging options, from hotels to cabins to resorts and cottages. There are restaurants that will please all tastes, bars, and coffee cafes (and yes, there’s a Starbucks too…where ISN’T there one??). Let’s find out a little more about the area and some of the things to do, in detail.

First, A Little History About Big Bear

The Serrano Indians lived on the land for thousands of years, along with grizzly bears (which is how the area got its name). However, in the midst of the Gold Rush, when explorers and their parties arrived, the bears disappeared (not surprising) and in 1933, black bears were introduced to the area. The Indians never killed the grizzly bears, nor wore their fur, since they thought of them of ancestors.

Grizzly Bears in Big Bear!

You can still see them in the area, but instead of seeing them in their natural habitat, they’re at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo. Common, smaller animals like squirrels, coyotes, and raccoons are seen often in the area, but larger ones like the black bears, mountain lions, and deer are rare sights.

A local man, Kirk Phillips, visited New York City and saw how their bus line worked (the world’s first) and decided to create one that ran from San Bernardino to Big Bear Valley. This, in turn, allowed for further and faster development of the whole Big Bear area.

The first resort built was the Pan Hot Springs Hotel in 1921, named after the land it was erected on which contained a natural hot spring. After that, more resorts were built, some high class enough to attract celebrities of that era. By 1924, there were 44 resorts, but there were fires that damaged many of them in 1933.


Big Bear Lake Cabins & Lodge Options!

If you’re wondering where to stay in Big Bear, worry not!

In Big Bear, you will find a wide selection of lodging establishments such as private homes or cabins, hotels, resorts and lodges, Beds and Breakfasts, group facilities, condos and much more. This provides various options for people who need to choose their lodgings according to how much they want to pay or what kind of service they want.

Below are some great places to stay in the area:

1. Fireside Lodge


Fireside Lodge Hot Tub, Big Bear

Fireside Lodge is located within walking distance (almost right across the street!) of Big Bear Lake, which makes it pretty convenient if the lake will be your main focus. There are rooms with kitchenettes, jacuzzis (with a fireplace right next to it), fireplaces in other rooms, family units, and romantic spaces for couples with lake views. They offer special events, are more than happy to help you with whatever you need and they offer complimentary concierge service. It’s very nice and in a great location for those with a limited budget.

2. Vacasa

Vacasa provides cabins and chalets either on the side of the lake or very close to the ski resorts. They are for big groups of up to 10 people and can get quite costly at certain times of the year, but everyone can pay their share to make it more affordable. There are cabins for all preferences and they have everything you need during your stay, including kitchens, cookware, fireplaces, nice couches and chairs, washer/dryer, and many other amenities. They also have free WiFi and flatscreen tvs in case you somehow get bored.


3. Castle Wood Cottages


Castle Wood Cottage Room, Big Bear

Known for providing a perfect romantic experience, Castle Wood Cottages is comprised of rooms that are all themed, according to what is attractive to you and your partner. There are themes like Antony and Cleopatra, Crystal Cave, Enchanted Forest, Gone With The Wind, and others. It is just minutes from the lake and ski slopes, with fireplaces and jacuzzis, and added romantic packages for an extra cost. They also offer discounts for bike and kayak rentals, as part of your stay. It’s very unique and is the perfect romantic getaway.


4. Eagle Nest Bed And Breakfast

The Eagle Nest Bed and Breakfast is located on Big Bear Blvd, just like the Fireside Lodge, and has five guest rooms, all western themed. They also have five cottage suites (apart from the B&B), and one cabin, which is not on the same property.

The B&B rooms come with fireplaces (some gas, some electric), A/C, queen beds, and free breakfast. No pets are allowed in these rooms, but they are allowed in some of the cottage rooms for an extra cost. Breakfast is also not included with the cottage rooms, but can be purchased daily. There are fireplaces that burn wood, spa tubs, and other amenities.

These are just but a few lodging options for visitors to Big Bear Lake. There are many other hotels, cabins, and cottages to choose from. But enough about places to stay…let’s check out water activities!


What Water Activities Can I Do In Big Bear?

Located at the center of the city, Big Bear Lake is the highest-earning attraction at the resort, most frequented during the summer months. On those weekends, there is usually a wide range of water vessels on the lake, like canoes, jet skis, kayaks, speed boats, fishing boats, and more. The lake is often visited by anglers who are looking to catch rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and catfish, among others.

Big Bear Fishing

Smaller boats are the best way to get acquainted with all that Big Bear Lake has to offer. Not only does kayaking and canoeing provide a nice workout, but paddling is also a known stress reliever. Using these boats, one can explore places on the lake that cannot be accessed when using bigger boats. They provide a view of the lake from a point that is unlike any other.

Before launching the boats, they are inspected by workers at the resort and are launched from ramps or marinas on the lake. They can also be rented at the marinas at either hourly or daily rates.

A selection of the most used and trendy water vessels includes pontoons, bass boats and aluminum fishing boats. A large number of these boats may have flags, which are usually found hanging close to the stern of the boat. These flags are simply a warning to other boaters in the surrounding area that they are looking for rainbow trout and they are trailing a line.

Another awesome approach to enjoy Big Bear Lake is to use a speed boat or waverunner, which many people like the thrill of riding. Some of these high powered speed boats are used for other water activities such as wakeboarding and water skiing, which are both allowed on the lake. But there’s more to do besides fishing and boating. For instance, inner tubes are also one of the devices used on this lake for fun.

Tubing On Big Bear Lake

It’s common to see some boat types waving an orange flag. This primarily indicates that someone is close to the boat like a swimmer, wakeboarder or skier. There are various activities to enjoy from the back of a boat, and Big Bear Lake is the place to go for that kind of thrill and excitement. The lake also offers a cable for wakeboarding or wakeskating for starters who want to learn the sport.

Jet ski riders love the power of these thrust powered crafts as they hit the throttle to zoom across the lake. This is arguably the most thrilling experience Big Bear Lake has to offer. A jet ski can have you exploring much of the lake in a quick fashion. There are several variants of jet skis such as the classic Kawasaki, Sea Doos and the Yamaha Wave Runners.

Water Skiing Big Bear

Consistent winds from the mountain provide enough power on the lake for vessels like sailboats, windsurfers, and Hobie Cats. These are for people who prefer a more relaxed speed.

Another exciting activity to consider is taking a parasail high above the lake. You can rent parasailing charters that will take you over 500 feet into the air, providing you with a spectacular view of the lake and the San Bernardino National Forest. To go above the water, Big Bear Lake also offers another activity known as flyboarding, where you are propelled into the air by pressurized water under the board that your feet are strapped onto.


Get Your Grub On, Big Bear Style!

No worries! Big bear restaurants bring all the savoury and delicious cuisine right to you. After a whole day of activities, you can select any of these restaurants and be in for a night full of great cuisine:

1. Evergreen Restaurant


Evergreen Restaurant, Big Bear

This is the place to go to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Big Bear lake while you eat a delicious meal. This establishment is known for its steak and seafood, providing breathtaking views and well-prepared meals, together with a wide and unique wine list. They also host weddings, up to 150 guests, and they take care of everything for you.


2. Nottingham’s Restaurant

This restaurant provides a formal environment that includes a dining room with a fireplace, a pub for those who want to have a few drinks, and a patio for outdoor dining (which is pet friendly). It’s perfect for romantic dining, with cuisine such as steaks, pasta, seafood and much more to enjoy. It has wines from Napa Valley and Sonoma to compliment these dishes. They also host social events that can accommodate 100 guests.


3. Knickerbocker Mansion & Bistro


Knickerbocker Bistro, Big Bear

Step into this Bistro (where you can also stay in the mansion and carriage house) to be pleasantly surprised with a New Orleans style Creole menu; New Orleans in Big Bear? Heck yeah!

They serve breakfast, lunch and brunch, can host private parties and corporate meetings, and the guests of the mansion get a special discount with their stay. They also host weddings that can accomodate 40 guests inside and 75 outside. Their menu changes depending on the season.


4. Himalayan Restaurant

Who loves Indian food? If that’s you, then this is your place, a mix of Nepalese and Indian cuisines. They have dishes like chicken dishes like chicken tikka masala, lamb dishes, vegetarian options, seafood, and desserts. Indian ice cream, called Kulfi, is a very creamy ice cream that puts all other to shame. Do yourself a favor and give it a try, if you haven’t already.

Other restaurants providing cuisines from other cultures are the Sweet Basil Bistro, which is known for Italian food, and Dynasty Restaurant with its Chinese dishes.


5. Noble Romans Pizza


Noble Roman's Pizza in Big Bear

If a fancy meal is not wanted, pizza always hits the spot! This restaurant uses all natural, local ingredients, with no fillers. The pizzas are made with a mix of mozzarella and muenster cheeses and the crust is made with a high protein flour. They have specialty pizzas or you can create your own, wings, pasta, biscuits and gravy, a breakfast burrito, and more.

For sandwiches, there’s Grizzly’s Bear Belly Deli or Amangela’s, which also provides free WiFi to customers. If you prefer to eat in privacy at your cabin, you can hire a Gourmet Personal Chef who will come with the necessary ingredients to make you a delicious dish.


Big Bear Guide Summary!

There are so many fun, exciting things to do, and eat in Big Bear, and these are just a few of them. If you love water activities, you can head out to the Big Bear lake for the day. If you want to go skiing, snowboarding, or sledding, you can head up to the snow resorts.

If you want to just get away from it all and breathe in some nice woodsy air, you can rent a cabin and relax on the patio with a beautiful view. There is something for everyone in Big Bear which makes it the perfect vacation destination!

Riot Kayaks Astro 58 – Everything You Should Know About This PlayBoat!

The Riot Kayaks Astro 58 is a play boat kayak, which means it’s meant to be fast and perform tricks in whitewater rapids and on ocean waves. The innovative and ingenious design provides it with an adequate buoyant force that lets you fly along the surface of the water like you’re floating on air.


The edges of the Riot Kayaks Astro 58 are designed for precision to help you make even the most difficult of cuts and turns in the water, giving you perfect control over your kayak and a chance to show off some of those wild skills. Needless to say, it’s meant for advanced paddlers who have a lot of experience with whitewater kayaking. And you can see why in our Riot Kayaks Astro 58 review below.

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Riot Kayaks Astro 58


The Riot Kayaks Astro 58’s frame is made with polyethylene and weighs almost 40 pounds, which is quite efficient for its shape and size. The Unity seating system is made with foam, with a floating backrest, which makes for a very comfortable ride, and also keeps you in control with thigh braces as well.

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The vessel itself is 6.3 feet long, 26 inches wide, and comes only in red. There is no real room for storage, which could be a problem to some, but not for those who want a quick ride on the rapids.

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Riot Kayaks Astro 58 Features

The Riot Kayaks Astro 58 consists of a single seating system, fit for only one person. A proper backrest is present on the immediate end of the seat so your back does not feel uncomfortable against the hard interior. Also, there’s less risk of an injury during hard jumps and lags while paddling your way through water.


Precise suregrip thigh braces are present that fit nicely to knee length for secure and proper protection of your legs and thighs while you are kayaking.

Two rubber grab loops and two rubber handles are fitted for easy access and transport of the Riot Kayaks Astro 58, making it easy to pick up and handle. An aluminum security bar is also installed on the kayak. They are strong and sturdy, used for pulling and grabbing in case of rescue situations.

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Water can easily get inside your kayak, so it is very crucial for you to let it out. For that purpose, a strongly bolted drain plug is present, which shifts the water from inside the boat to the outside. Before jumping in, make sure the drain plug is tightly corked in first.

Astro 58 Red Kayak


Riot Kayaks Astro 58 Storage

The Riot Kayaks Astro 58 is stable enough to be stored on a universal storage stand made of aluminum. You can even store it inside your garage with a tilted wall mount so it can hang freely and can be easy to take off and hang back on. It is efficient as it helps to save space.

There is hardly no room for storage while in the water, as this play boat is meant for doing tricks and having a short, but fun time. This way, nothing falls out when you need to flip the kayak, it’s just you and your speedy vessel.

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  • Great for tricks, fast spins and jumping
  • Security bar, thigh pads for extra control and comfort
  • Powerseat compatible
  • Extra handles for ease of transport
  • Small size makes it easy to store




  • A little expensive for its size, but it performs quite well
  • Only has space for one person
  • Lack of storage


Riot Kayaks Astro 58 Review Conclusion

As you’ve read in this Riot Kayaks Astro 58 review, this kayak is safe and amazingly fun to use for a hobby or a special sporting event. The advanced features like the security bar, safety belts and handles make it a perfect watercraft for you to practice on and show your skills to the world.

Check out the Riot Kayaks Astro 58 on Amazon!

This is a very fun little kayak to get your hands on if you’re just looking for a quick thrilling ride and you don’t need storage on board.

Dagger Katana 9.7 – Style Points or Hollow Points For This Whitewater Kayak?

More often than not, you can tell a lot about a product by looking at its name alone. While this may not always be the case for some of the kayaks out there, you will find that the Dagger Katana 9.7 kayak is one craft that truly lives up to its name. That’s because it is quick and sleek, slicing through the water like a hot knife slices through butter. It’s quite an impressive watercraft.


As a crossover boat, the Dagger Katana 9.7 can be used in numerous water conditions. Stable and sturdy, it is a choice that many beginners and intermediate paddlers would actually appreciate. Providing a smooth and balanced gait when on the water, it is easy to see how its design and build truly excels.

Many paddlers have noted that it easily inspires confidence, even for those that may not have a well of paddling experience under their belts. This Dagger Katana 9.7 review will reveal these attributes and more below.

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Dagger Katana 9.7 Frame

Dagger Katana 9.7 kayak

One of the very first things about the Dagger Katana 9.7 kayak to take note of is the fact that it is quite ergonomic in build and style. It is designed to showcase a balanced profile, which ensures that the craft keeps its speed when used on flat water. This also allows it to successfully retain its maneuverability when used on rapids.

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Primary stability for the Dagger Katana 9.7 is reinforced by its precise hull design. It is constructed with flared and beveled sidewalls, all of which are aimed toward providing it with some necessary secondary stability. Paddlers will also appreciate the rounded shape of the stern deck. This allows for easy water shedding.

This is indeed one very forgiving craft when used in moving water. Precision is very evident in how the whole craft is designed. The makers have clearly envisioned the Dagger Katana 9.7 kayak as one that will do excellent in flat-water, but will also live up to the more challenging rides in rapids.

Nimble, light and stable, paddlers will love how the Katana offers a good amount of space for movement in the cockpit. While it looks a little small and short at first glance, it is quite surprising to find that it has a considerable amount of legroom inside.

Dagger Katana

Paddlers will also appreciate the ergo seating system implemented in the cockpit area. This is equipped with a leg lifter, padding on the seats and back, as well as pads for the hips.

If there was anything that the makers of the Dagger Katana 9.7 may have had in mind when they were drafting out its design, it was probably comfort. This is certainly not what many kayaks out there can say for themselves, as there are many brands that are way too focused on style instead of comfort.

The craft’s frame is made from polyethylene, lending considerable sturdiness and overall strength to the kayak. The material does not require constant care and maintenance, which further reinforces the idea that this would be the go-to craft for busy paddlers who may not always have time to spare.


Features of the Dagger Katana 9.7

The cross-over boat design allows paddlers who want to experience both flat water and whitewater to have a reliable craft they can use. The Dagger Katana 9.7 is the perfect match for adventurers who want to enjoy water trips that are multi-expedition in nature. Paddlers that don’t want to have to limit their paddling adventures to just whitewater alone will really love the hybrid nature of this kayak.

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The ConTour Ergo seats are also worth noting. With paddlers who love longer and multiple trips, the manufacturers have made it a point to implement a seat system that is appropriate for longer trips. The seats are also outfitted with thigh and knee pads to ensure optimum comfort, as well as safety, when sitting in the cockpit for an extended length of time.

Dagger Katana 9.7

The Dagger Katana 9.7’s balanced rocker profile provides great stability, which is really huge when it comes to the design of this craft. It ensures that this is one kayak that will stay steady in most conditions when on the water.

For the inexperienced paddler, this is a huge plus, as this ensures that they will not have a hard time keeping their balance while trying to learn the basics of maneuvering the craft. There is also the TruTrak skeg system, which can be adjusted to keep you in line during windy weather or rough water conditions.

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The Dagger Katana 9.7 is also fitted with carrying handles, which are located along the stern and the bow. Comfortable and easy to hold, this ensures that it will be easy enough to transport the craft and carry it around.

The spacious cockpit is great for people who prefer a lot of legroom. Some paddlers have had the misfortune of getting stuck in rather narrow and cramped cockpits, which is obviously very uncomfortable. This cockpit has a 20 inch width and is 35.5 inches long, which is pretty roomy.


The Dagger Katana 9.7 is designed to offer considerable storage for the paddler. It is equipped with reinforced hatches, along with removable bulkheads. As a result, what the paddler gets is not just excellent legroom in the cockpit, but some spacious storage areas for gear and other items that might be needed for extended trips. There is also bungee cords on the deck for additional storage.


  • Versatile hybrid craft for flat water and whitewater use
  • ConTour Ergo seats are perfect for extended trips
  • Spacious cockpit for ease of movement while paddling
  • Balanced profile ensures maneuverability and speed, regardless of water conditions
  • Plenty of storage space for gear and other supplies
  • TruTrak adjustable skeg for additional control in extreme conditions



  • The Dagger Katana 9.7’s cockpit may be too small for those with longer legs
  • Entire length may be too short for those who need more storage and room
  • Only has a 210 pound weight capacity, not yet mentioned in this Dagger Katana 9.7 review


Dagger Katana 9.7 Review Conclusion

Overall, buyers will find that the Dagger Katana 9.7 kayak is a very good choice for a hybrid kayak. For those of you who want to have a craft that you can use for both flat and white waters, this is definitely the kayak for you.

Check out the Dagger Katana 9.7 Kayak on Amazon!

While there are many instances of products ending up being less impressive than their monikers that inspired them, the Dagger Katana 9.7 does not. If anything, it is one kayak that truly lives up to the reputation of the sword that it is named after.

Versatile, balanced, fast, maneuverable, and definitely comfortable, it is not a surprise how there are so many paddlers out there that have opted for the Dagger Katana 9.7 as their kayak of choice.

Boreal Design Esperanto Review – A Viable Tandem Sea Kayak?

As one of the more versatile kayaks out there, the Boreal Design Esperanto PE Rudder Tandem Sea Kayak is also one of the fastest, most comfortable, stable, and easiest to paddle of the tandem models. The sophisticated methods used in the creation of the Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak means that it is one of the best models today, especially when it comes to accuracy, speed, wind resistance, and overall craft stability.

Significantly longer and heavier than other crafts made of the same materials that belong to the same category, the Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak is stable as it is durable.

Designed to withstand long hours on the water, this is a kayak that every enthusiastic aspiring paddler would certainly want to experience firsthand. So let’s dive into this Boreal Design Esperanto review and see what it’s all about.

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Boreal Design Esperanto Sea Kayak

Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak Frame

Made from molded polyethylene and weighing 96 pounds, the Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak was developed with the use of CAD technology. The computer assisted-design ensures that the resulting kayak is one that is effectively shaped and designed from high quality molded plastic, to showcase a build that is not only sturdy, but stable too.

So much care and attention was spent on the design to make sure that it was properly calibrated to take into consideration such factors as the stability of the craft and its overall speed. In fact, at 15 feet long, it is one of the fastest of the many tandem kayaks that are on the market today.

Aside from a steady frame, the Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak is also built with a large rudder, soft chine, and the rocker is moderately sized. All in all, these elements help in making it easier and more efficient for the craft to perform turns when in the water. It is specially designed so that the cruising needs of the paddlers will be easily fulfilled.

Thanks to its molded plastic material, along with mold-in graphics, the Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak is not only expected to be maintenance-free, but one that is also expected to remain in top shape for a very long time.


The Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak has a rigid and hard outer shell, made with molded polyethylene, and is designed to truly stand the test of time. No matter how many times a week you will decide to drag it out to the water, it is going to easily withstand any bumps along the way. The best thing about it is that it is maintenance-free.

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The fact that this kayak is equipped with a rudder is good news for those paddlers who want more control in turning the kayak without having to work as hard at it. Many new paddlers love the configuration of a tandem kayak because it allows them to learn how to paddle with a more experienced kayaker. Others love that they can work together as a team to get where they’re going, especially if it’s a longer trip.

For people that are still in the process of learning the ins and outs of paddling, the Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak is a great craft to hop on to help them learn the basics from someone who is very experienced and well-versed. This is a great opportunity for parent and child paddling interactions also.

One of the hassles of sitting, while paddling for a long time, is that it can get cramped and uncomfortable. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the seats on the Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak, paddlers will be assured comfort, even when paddling for extended periods of time. The cockpits are properly spaced out so that both paddlers won’t hit each other’s paddles while moving forward.

With the Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak, you can tell that there was a lot of thought that went on how it should be designed. It is crafted with much emphasis on giving ample space between the cockpits to ensure that paddlers will have the necessary freedom to move about when without having to constantly fear that they might end up hitting each other.

Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak Storage


Boreal Design Esperanto

This Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak has 3 storage compartments, one on each end and one in the middle. The bow compartment measures 10″ x 10″ and can hold about 15 gallons of supplies/gear. The middle storage compartment measures 18″ x 14.5″, and the stern area measures 14.5″ x 12.5″, so that’s a pretty decent amount of storage to take all the gear you need with you for the day.

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There is also the option of installing a child’s seat in the middle if you wanted to take a family trip. There are straps throughout on the Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak that will hold down extra gear as well.


  • The Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak is high quality with an excellent build
  • It’s heavy weight makes it more stable when on the water
  • Good amount of storage areas
  • Maintenance-free, which means less hassle for the owner
  • Easy to turn around corners and very easy to maneuver
  • The Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak is one of the fastest tandem kayaks
  • Center compartment can serve as a child seat
  • Ample space between cockpits to avoid collisions




  • Has a recommended weight capacity of 260 pounds, less than other kayaks
  • The Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak’s heavy weight might be a a challenge to carry around and transport

Boreal Design Esperanto Review Conclusion

All in all, the Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak is a reliable and stable touring vessel for those who want to experience the joys of tandem paddling. This makes the perfect buy for parents that want to introduce the wonders of paddling to their kids early on. Add to that the fact that it is made from sturdy materials, so you know that you are getting the best out of the money you will be spending.

Check out the Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak on Amazon!

With people these days leading busy lives, most would not really have the time to spare to get their kayaks cleaned up and maintained the moment they get home from their paddling trips. It is reassuring that what you are getting with the Boreal Design Esperanto Kayak is a craft that is designed to stand the test of time without needing a lot of attention from you.

As we mentioned earlier in this Boreal Design Esperanto review, it’s fast and easy to maneuver, and is undoubtedly one of the best tandem kayaks out there today.

Top 5 Kayak Paddles – Best Bang For Your Buck Edition!

As almost everyone knows, some kayaks come with paddles and some do not, so you have to purchase them separately. That’s when you have to do your research into a paddle that will be suitable for the type of kayaking you will be doing.

There are many paddles to look at, with different price variations, depending on ease of use, material, weight, and more, but which one is the best kayak paddle? We will keep expanding on this guide, but for now, take a look at these best kayak paddle options to see if they would be a nice fit for your particular activity.

Best Kayak Paddles On The Market:


1. Carlisle Magic Plus – Polypro Blades/Fiberglass Shaft


Carlisle Magic Plus kayak paddle

If you are looking for a paddle that is light and durable at the same time, you cannot go wrong here. Made from glass-filled polypropylene, you can expect a high impact paddle that will have an impressively long lifespan. The Carlisle Magic Plus has a weight of 35.6 oz, is 220 centimeters (a little more than 7 feet) long, and comes in 3 colors, Cloud, Sunrise, and Dark Cherry.


It is also available in lengths of 230 centimeters and 240 centimeters. The paddle is designed to perform powerful and smooth strokes, all thanks to its symmetrical shape and the slightly spooned shape of its blade.

The shaft is made from flexible fiberglass, which provides the holder with a sturdy paddle stroke, along with a slight flex that is necessary to significantly reduce stress along the joints. The blades are filled with fiberglass too, which means that it is not only durable, but it is significantly lightweight too. If you are looking for a paddle that is designed to take a beating, this one certainly takes the cake.

Some people might find it a little bit of an inconvenience that there are only very small movements that are allowed between the two pieces, due to its stiffness. However, adjusting the configurations of the paddle is quite easy to do. It is convenient that it can be broken down during transport too.

At the price that it is offered, it is certainly one reliable paddle. No wonder this one made it as our #1 best kayak paddle selection.

Check out the Carlisle Magic Plus on Amazon!


2. SeaSense X-1 Kayak Paddle


SeaSense X-1 kayak paddle

Probably one of the best-priced paddles on the market today, the SeaSense X-1’s lightweight blades will be a huge plus for users that don’t want to end up straining their arms too much when using this paddle. The paddle is made up of two pieces of blades that are made from black molded plastics. The shaft is a two-piece construction fashioned from aluminum.


For buyers that are looking for both comfort and value, this is one good purchase that will certainly deliver. While there are users that may find the overall length of the paddle, at 84 inches, to be a tad bit short, this makes for a really excellent spare.

The SeaSense X-1 is designed to float in the water, and it is equipped with paddles that have adaptable angles. The blades can be turned to three different positions, depending on your preference. While the paddle does feel lightweight, it does not feel flimsy at all, which ensures that it can carry out some really vigorous strokes when in use. The cushioned grips attached on the shaft makes for some comfortable paddling.

Check out the SeaSense X-1 kayak paddle on Amazon!


3. Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Posi-Lok


Aqua-Bound Sting Ray kayak paddle

For people who are looking for a well-constructed paddle that is lightweight and sturdy, this is one excellent buy. Considering the price, the high standards in which this product is created is certainly notable. The light weight of the blade means that it is able to easily slice through the water in a smooth fashion.


The strong build of this Aqua-Bound paddle allows it to be used to improve one’s overall performance. The quality carbon used to construct the shaft lends a larger circumference to the handle, but it is also responsible for giving it a sturdier feel. The paddle is designed to be detached and adjusted, and there is a two-button release on the shaft to perform this feature.

The excellent material with which the product is made ensures that it is able to resist corrosion. There is a slight flex on the shaft, along with a low weight on the swing, as a result of the carbon construction of the shaft. The strength and stiffness of this best kayak paddle option are further enhanced by its carbon fiber blades. Overall, this is one sturdy paddle.

Check out the Aqua Bound Stingray Kayak Paddles on Amazon!

4. Werner Camano 2 Pc Straight


Werner Camano 2 Pc Straight

This Werner Camano paddle boasts of the ideal balance between durability and weight, thanks to its careful handcrafting using pressure molding. It is sturdy and lightweight, thanks to its carbon and top-quality fiberglass blend design. For the kayak users that really value a well-balanced paddle, this one will certainly live up to expectations.


The paddle’s 2-piece design means that it can easily be broken down. This ensures easier transport, as well as storage when not in use. The paddle also features an adjustable Ferrule System, which ensures that the feather can be easily adjusted to different angles.

When on the water, it can be noticed how the kayak paddle creates minimal flutter, which makes it possible to create forward strokes that are exceptionally flawless and smooth. Drag is also reduced thanks to the asymmetrical shape of the blades. This selection for our best kayak paddle list is able to easily and smoothly pull through the water. It does not require a tight grip, so it greatly reduces stress on the wrist and arms.

These blades are beautifully crafted. Since they are designed to glow while in the water, it helps lend more visibility as you paddle. These mid-sized blades are also designed to keep the user’s lap dry, thanks to its drip rings. It’s meant to be used with a touring kayak.

Check out the Werner Camano 2 on Amazon!

5. Bending Branches Angler Classic Kayak Paddle


Bending Branches Angler Classic

If you are looking for a kayak paddle with features that are angler-friendly, then this classic offering from Bending Branches would be ideal for you. This is certainly the paddle of choice for those that love fishing excursions. It is designed with a built-in retriever for hooks, which is quite useful if you need to rescue lures, free snags on the lines, as well as on those occasions where you need to land a rather massive fish.


Its Angler Classic’s fiberglass shaft lends a lot to its overall durability. It is also fashioned with a measurement system, which makes it easier for the avid fishing enthusiast to get a good recording of the measurements of his catch, both in centimeters and inches.

The length of the paddle allows the user to have it raised high up in the air, which lends to a more minimized splashing the moment that it touches back down in the water. This helps if you are using it to fish, so as not to scare a potential catch away. It is designed to have a lower angle for paddling, which results in less water that drips toward the boat.

The paddle is impressively sturdy, and for people that are looking for quality at a good price, this one is a clear winner. The fact that it offers some really interesting features, on top of being your usual kayak paddle, makes this a really fun piece to have around.

Check out the Bending Branches kayak paddles on Amazon!

This best kayak paddle option also comes with a snap button ferrule, which ensures easier storage and transport. If you love some extra features on your paddle, this would be quite an interesting purchase.

Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem Kayak Detailed Review

The Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem Kayak is a medium length watercraft that comes with some distinctive features. It’s a strong, quality vessel for people who like to go kayaking with a companion.

This particular model is yellow and it is one of the few on the market that is designed to offer great performance and convenience for the money. The careful balance of features and functionality is evidently the standout aspect of the watercraft and any buyer will need to analyze them carefully.


Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem

The unique design of the Polarity clearly establishes the boat as a product from Riot Kayaks, a well-established company. The design of the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 is not the only thing that stands out with this watercraft, however. There are other features, like storage and the frame, that gives it a unique identity.

A key issue that any buyer seeks to find out is whether a product will perform as expected and give them value for their money. By looking at the various aspects of this tandem kayak, we will be able to establish the real value of the boat in this Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 review.

Check out the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem Kayak on Amazon!



The entire frame of the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 is made of strong polyethylene, with only the seats and peripheral parts being made of other materials. As the frame is the most vital part of any boat, it is great to see such a strong material being used for its construction. Most durable and lightweight kayaks are made from polyethylene and as such, durability and portability can be expected with this product as well.

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Looking at the bare specifications, the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 weighs almost 90 pounds and the maximum weight that it can support is well over 500 pounds. That could hold two average sized adults and a considerable amount of gear.

In terms of size, the watercraft’s length measures about 16.6 feet, despite its description, and it is 25.6 inches wide. With such dimensions, most kayaks would not have enough space left for much else. This is not the case with the Polarity 16.5 Tandem, however, as the frame is designed optimally in such a way that no space will go to waste.

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The hull of the Riot Kayaks Polarity is constructed in the unique catamaran design to improve stability and speed. Great performance is expected with this kayak, as it is compact in all aspects. The exterior of the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 is also streamlined in an almost perfect symmetry where each side of the boat is a mirror of the other. Seats, storage compartments, foot braces and all other important aspects blend in quite well with the frame design.

The overall construction of the frame is commendable, especially since it contributes to its enhanced performance.

Check out the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem Kayak on Amazon!

Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Features

The Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 does not fall short of features. One particular feature that gives this boat an edge is the Contour-Fit seating system. This system is great for allowing quick adjustments on the seats and deck for both users.

Such adjustments allow people of different statures to use the kayak comfortably. The quick-lock foot braces are also adjustable and offer maximum support for efficient paddling, and there is a pilot rudder system included to ensure easy steering. In terms of handling, rubber handles are included at both the front and rear ends of the boat for easy transportation.


Riot Polarity Tandem Kayak

The cockpit space is also quite sufficient for allowing users to enjoy uninhibited movement when paddling, measuring 32″ x 19″, which provides plenty of space for average adults. Another important feature is the tunnel hull, which makes for easier tracking, stability and speed.

With an elevated mid-section, much of the weight is distributed evenly and users of any level will not find it hard to use this boat. Overall, the features that the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 comes with works well for both experienced users and beginners.


Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Storage Space: Is There Enough?

There are many storage options that come with the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5. To start with, there are compartments at both the front and rear ends of the kayak. These compartments are covered with Thermolite hatch covers for maximum protection.

The compartments are able to hold a huge amount of gear and the shock cord storage included is also great for securing any extra gear that might be needed in an excursion. The straps between the cockpits are also great for keeping any items that do not need protection from water.

Check out the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem Kayak on Amazon!

Overall, there are ample storage options with the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5. Considering that the design is optimized for performance, there is no cause for concern even when all the compartments and storage units are fully loaded. This kayak is fast and agile, good for long trips and that’s what most people will use it for, so storage will most likely be full.

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The Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 might be compact, as we’ve discussed in this Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 review, but it is still a long kayak, so finding a place to store it when it is not being used might pose a problem. Also, transporting it requires extra equipment and/or a truck, so if you have a small car, you might be better off looking at a smaller kayak.


Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Pros

  • The pilot rudder system is great for tracking
  • The Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 has a great design that allows for great performance
  • The hull design is great for stability and speed in the water
  • Storage compartments are able to handle a lot of gear
  • Features a minimalist, but effective design

Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Cons

  • The Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5’s weight can be bothersome when transporting it over long distances
  • The seats might be too close for people of a bigger stature

Check out the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem Kayak on Amazon!

Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Review Conclusion

The Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem is a great watercraft for those who are looking for a quality tandem kayak. It is made by a reputable company that has produced remarkable products in the past. With a great design and various comfort and performance features, the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 holds its own on the market.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a good tandem kayak, but the most important of all is value. The performance, durability and functionality aspects of the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 are the standout features, which make it a formidable option.

Check out the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem Kayak on Amazon!

It is best for day or overnight trips, but not a good candidate in the way of convenience, when a short trip is planned, like fishing. If you’re an angler, be sure to also check out our Riot Escape 12 review.

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Dagger Axis 12 – Sharp Handling Kayaking Experience?

Acquiring a reliable kayak is every water lover’s dream. As such, experienced kayakers will always run for functionality rather than brand. And that is where the Dagger Axis 12.0 kayak comes in. Its manufacturer, Confluence Outdoors, has specialized in the production of polyethylene kayak models.

Like most other handy kayaks, the Axis has very little to offer in the way of aesthetics. Yet beyond aesthetics, it carries a punch and is able to handle various weight types quite well. This is what makes it a kayak worth taking a look at, which we will do in this Dagger Axis 12 review.

Check out the Dagger Axis 12 kayak on Amazon!

How Strong is the Frame of the Dagger Axis 12?


Dagger Axis 12.0 Kayak

The Dagger Axis 12 is made of rotomolded polyethylene, which makes it very light to carry and easy to maneuver in calm waters. In rough waters, it requires a steady pair of hands. The sit-in kayak measures 12 feet in length and has a width of 27.5 inches, which compliments its length to provide the vessel with more stability. The round hard-shelled hull is sturdily built and interspersed with the cockpit’s coaming, hatches and handle joints.

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The kayak’s formulation is meant to provide it with water cutting abilities. It has a prominent front overhang, and the bow area is more raised than the stern area. On flat ground, the Dagger Axis 12 might seem more horizontally shaped, but once in the water, the sheer lines become more raised on the bow.

Fully rigged, the kayak weighs only 55 pounds, and this solo vessel can carry up to 350 pounds, which is way above the weight of the average kayaker, plus some essential gear.

The Dagger Axis 12 has a considerably wider cockpit than other kayaks, which allows for ease of entry and relaxed maneuverability. The cockpit area alone makes it a kayak worth considering for new, as well as experienced paddlers.

The inner cockpit area is also quite roomy, with a length of 38 inches, catering for most kayakers with their legs fully outstretched. If you are one who doesn’t experience the joy of getting sprayed with water, the coaming on the Dagger Axis 12 is capable of accommodating spray skirts quite well.


Dagger Axis 12 Kayak Features

In the way of comfort, you will get a ConTour CFS-R Seating System, which will supplement your paddling needs quite well. The system is composed of a foam padded base seat and backrest. The adjustable backrest on the Dagger Axis 12 allows for optimal spinal support and comfortable seating positions.

Check out the Dagger Axis 12 kayak on Amazon!

Additionally, the seat comes with a leg lifter to ensure maximum support to the legs, whether slightly arched or fully stretched. Needless to say, the seating is specially formulated for both recreational and sporting activities.


Dagger Axis 12

While we’re still taking about comfort, the Dagger Axis 12 comes equipped with ConTour knee pads in place to protect your knees from injury during rough water maneuvers. The knee pads can be readjusted to work as thigh pads too. Should you need more, you can also get an additional pair of thigh braces to create more stability during paddling.

Carrying your kayak to and from the water is easy. There are two soft touch handles that are easy to grasp, and they are located on both ends of the boat. With its low weight and the easy to grip handles, you will not feel the Dagger Axis 12 drag as you carry it.

The TruTrak Adjustable Skeg System is on hand to aid in the way of stability and tracking. The retractable skeg can be pulled up whenever one does not wish to use it. To control it, you would use the adjustable slide lock XL foot braces that are provided on the kayak.


Storage Space!

If you fear water leaks, you needn’t worry about any water getting into the Dagger Axis 12’s cockpit. Separating the hull and the cockpit from the stern hatch is a stern bulkhead. The stern bulkhead ensures that water does not seep into the cockpit area via the hatch or the molded-in storage area.

The Dagger Axis 12.0 kayak has only one hatch, and that is the stern hatch. It is conveniently located close to the paddler’s seat. This enhances easy retrieval and storage of items placed inside the hatch. Close to the stern deck is a molded-in storage area. The area can hold small items that you might need right away, and it is secured by bungee cords.

Check out the Dagger Axis 12 kayak on Amazon!

The bow section also has another molded-in storage portion. The mesh deck covered storage point is a vantage storage area for things that one might not require immediately. Here you can store supplies and emergency equipment, and it too is secured by bungee stretch cords.

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An extra paddle would help, should you lose your primary paddle in rough waters. For that reason, the Dagger Axis 12 has a paddle park where you can place an extra set of paddles. You should always be prepared for the fact that you might lose your grip on the paddle you are using, especially in rapids.





  • The Dagger Axis 12 has little to offer in the way of storage space
  • Like most other PVC vessels, it requires lots of storage care
  • Might not be as robust, as its manufacturers claim, due to the material
  • The inability to accommodate motors slackens its speed
  • Lack of fishing rod holders makes it more of a recreational kayak


Dagger Axis 12 Review Conclusion

At the core, kayaking is about fun, but serious kayakers require more functional kayaks, like the Dagger Mamba Creeker. The Dagger Axis 12.0 is not the most functional vessel one would expect to find on the market. Nonetheless, at its price, it is still a good bargain.

Check out the Dagger Axis 12 kayak on Amazon!

If you are searching for a serious kayaking experience, this is a kayak you might want to pass over. If you are going for a more recreational kayak with a touch of functionality, and maybe using it for family trips, then the Dagger Axis 12 will definitely serve the purpose.

All in all, it is a reliable kayak with minor shortcomings that can be overlooked, especially if you are just starting out.

Riot Escape 12 Angler Review – Faster Option Than Any Other Angler?

The Riot Escape 12 Angler sit on top kayak is best designed for determined fishermen and experienced anglers. This kayak is known for its craftsmanship and excellent features. Since it’s made especially for fishers, it’s a perfect blend of stability and performance, with lots of storage space to store your fishing equipment, bait and fish.

The design implementation of this kayak lets you relax and takes care of everything for you, so you can easily enjoy your time on the water, stress free. Let’s take a look at all the features in this Riot Escape 12 Angler review.


Riot Escape 12 Angler Kayak

Check out the Riot Escape 12 Fishing Kayak on Amazon!

Frame of the Riot Escape 12 Angler

The sleek polyethylene interior and exterior allows the Riot Escape 12 Angler to maneuver effortlessly in any kind of water. Weighing a little over 68 pounds, the kayak’s weight is equally balanced throughout the body, which means it can withstand sudden movements and not topple over.

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The length measures up to approximately 12 feet and the width measures is 30.7 inches or 2.55 feet. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, which is very sturdy for a kayak.

Although it’s sturdy and can accept a nice amount of weight, the Riot Escape 12 Angler is not made for standing. There’s a good chance that you might be going for a swim if you were to try it. If you want to stand while you fish, a good choice would be the Fissot kayak or the Hobie Pro Angler 17.

Also, the seat is comfortable for a little while, but if you are going on a day trip, we advise that you get a better seat or more padding. The Riot Escape 12 Angler does not come with a paddle, so that needs to be purchased separately as well.

The Riot Escape 12 Anger is, in our opinions, a decent fishing kayak with the basics, but not the best one in its category. There are some things to be added to it, so it is far from perfect. But for a short, flatwater fishing trip, it will certainly do the job and you will be more than happy. Let’s take a look at some of the features below.


Riot Escape 12 Angler Features

The Riot Escape 12 Angler kayak features a vast set of functions and equipment. To start off, it has a safe sit on top feature with 4 attached points and adjustable straps that allow the rider to adjust them according to his or her needs, providing the utmost comfort.

The seat stays in the exact same position in which it’s adjusted in and does not budge in the slightest of ways, not even in rough waters, promising you excellent security. The seat has a higher back for support, but those who have back issues will want to add more padding, both on the bottom and in the back.


Riot Escape 12 Fishing Kayak

Check out the Riot Escape 12 Angler on Amazon!

One of the most important features of the Riot Escape 12 Angler is the pilot rudder system. Because you want a safe and smooth ride, it’s essential that the maneuvering is done right, otherwise it would not bode well. The pilot rudder is constructed out of plastic, reinforced with glass, which makes it strong, yet lightweight, allowing you to easily operate it.

The Riot Escape 12 Angler also includes a low windage open work design, which reduces a considerable amount of friction caused by the wind. Also, the rubberized V block absorbs vibrations, which enables the kayak to sail more smoothly and is greatly appreciated by customers.

There are 5 rod holders, with 4 rod holders being stationary and one is a swivel, movable according to the rider’s preference. The mounted adjustable rod holder is another feature of the Riot Escape 12 Angler, which was retained and allows the user to rotate a full 360 degree turn.

You can adjust it vertically or horizontally, with easy and accurate placement. The rod holder also has an attached rear saddle, which can accept any kind of rod combinations. A large swivel locking ring prevents rod loss and the vertical swivel movement allows for easy rod placement.


Riot Escape 12 Angler Storage


Riot Escape 12


As mentioned above, the Riot Escape 12 Angler can carry up to 300 pounds, which is pretty decent for any kayak. Most of the storage is present in the rear deck, with strong straps overlapping it so that any equipment or storage material doesn’t move or fall off. You could hold down a cooler in the back for either drinks or fish.

The front hatch mostly takes care of smaller equipment, and there is a cup holder right in the middle of the cockpit, as well as a covered storage area. The Riot Escape 12 Angler’s design and shape allows the weight to be equally distributed throughout, which makes it exceptionally stable, even when all the equipment is loaded.



  • Equipped with great features and easily accessible storage
  • Exceptionally stable due to the length and width ratio
  • 5 rod holders, one of which is adjustable
  • Anglers love the sit on top design
  • Nice storage capacity, at both the front and rear
  • Comes with a pilot rudder, installed anchoring system, drain plug and scupper plugs




  • Does not track very well, according to some buyers, so the rudder should be down at all times
  • Although the kayak is stable, the bottom part of it is quite uneven, which might make paddling more challenging
  • The seat is not designed for long trips, can cause soreness and/or back pain
  • Storage compartments are not completely waterproof


Riot Escape 12 Angler Review Conclusion

Even with its flaws, the Riot Escape 12 Angler is a popular kayak and is highly rated and recommended, as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It consists of more features than an average kayak with the same amount of money, making it budget friendly.

Overall, the kayak is easy to use, with lots of storage space and the most important thing is that it does not compromise on safety and quality. Because of its installed features, it promises a fun and smooth ride.



This kayak is mostly designed for flatwater use, like on a lake. That is most likely due to its lack of tracking and speed, and that it doesn’t have a motor to make up for it. However, there are some people who have modified this kayak to add a trolling motor, lights, cameras, and more.

Check out the Riot Escape 12 Angler Kayak on Amazon!

If you do decide to modify it, it has to be carefully done and you need to know exactly how to do it. But without any modifications, if you’re looking for a stress free day out on the lake all by yourself, then the Riot Escape 12 Angler is definitely for you.

You won’t be facing any kind of trouble throughout the whole trip. Happy fishing!

Historic Dugout Canoe Used Unveiled By Hurricane Irma

Apart from the havoc Hurricane Irma caused, it might have brought with it the gift of a possible archaeological discovery: a historic Indian dugout canoe. The canoe discovery has been doing rounds in the news and social media and officials say it could be either decades old or hundreds of years old. It may have belonged to the natives of Florida around the Indian River at the time.

A local photographer, Randy Lathrop, during his morning bike ride in the aftermath of the hurricane, instantly knew what he was looking at. Anyone else might have thought it was just a big piece of wood that washed up:

Historic Canoe From Hurricane Irma

The old boat is said to have belonged to the natives of Florida, who used it for fishing and travel. Initial observations indicate it is approximately 15′ long and weighs between 700 to 1000 pounds according to the transporters. The canoe appeared to be carved out of a log, which experts later identified as a cypress.

The canoe was found in a place that was historically inhabited by the Native Americans known as the Ais. They were known as the “Indians of the coast” and lived along the Indian River. They were chiefly hunters and fishermen, and Hurricane Irma primarily affected their former territory.

Perhaps this explains why the canoe was found in the area. However, experts from the University of Florida explained that while the boat was used by more than one Indian tribe, it was also popular among the Seminole Indians who occupied most parts of the west coast of Florida.

Dugout Canoe Discovered In FloridaThe wooden canoe was identified north of Cocoa and a few kilometers from the Kennedy space center. This area, and Florida in general, has had the highest concentration of dugout canoes found, which is mainly attributed to the climate. A humid environment is conducive to the preservation of wooden artifacts.

The artifact was preserved in a water bath, pending carbon dating, which will establish how old the canoe really is. However, some of its features, according to a historian, are unique. It had a square form, a feature that was common from the 1500’s to about 50 years ago.

Surprisingly, it also had cut nails, which historians date back to the 19th century. Available features show an interesting mix, so it will be exciting to wait for the dating results and precisely relate it to our historical records.

Old Canoe Discovery
Randy’s Post

A source from the Florida Department of Historical Resources acknowledged that the artifact was unique and if it indeed proves to be historical, it will be preserved and find its place in a museum. However, first, it has to be stabilized to avoid further degradation.

Basic White Water Kayak Moves You Should Learn In Class!

Kayaking is fairly easy to learn, but whitewater kayaking is definitely a more challenging activity. Paddling a kayak on a whitewater river can be dangerous, and occasionally deadly, which is why it’s important to be prepared and have the appropriate training.

Even fairly experienced kayakers should consider taking a class or lessons before heading out on the water. A good class or training program will teach you some of the basic moves, like the ones below.

White Water Kayaking Moves You Should Learn Before Heading Out On The Water:


1. Paddle Strokes


High Brace Paddling Stroke

Learning how to maneuver a kayak through the water is incredibly important. There are a variety of strokes to master and these will be taught in a white water rafting class. The primary stroke is, of course, the forward stroke. This is the basic stroke that propels the kayak forward through the water.

White water kayaking involves specific strokes, which include low and high brace. The low brace is a slight variation of the typical ready position in kayaking and helps to prevent it from flipping in whitewaters. The high brace is used when a paddler is about to flip over so they can help to right the kayak.

The forward and back sweeps are also important kayaking paddle strokes. The forward streak is a paddle stroke that will allow the kayaker to turn the boat rapidly. Mastering this move is important, as maneuvering rapidly will keep the kayak from being flipped or caught in a hole. Similarly, the back sweet is the reverse of this move and also used to turn the boat.


2. Rolling Prevention And Aftermath

Any class in whitewater kayaking will cover rolling, which is an essential skill. The class will teach a person who has flipped the kayak to regain the upright position. There are a variety of styles for rolling, and an instructor will cover which one works best for each scenario. A class on whitewater kayaking may even allow you to practice rolls in still water, like a swimming pool.


Finally, a kayaker who is unable to roll the boat successfully will have to exit the kayak and swim. While this is not ideal, a class will help by teaching you when it would be a good idea to continue with the roll, and when to exit the kayak.

While white water kayaking can be a safe and enjoyable hobby, it is dangerous for untrained individuals. This part of the instruction is incredibly important to know before setting out.


3. Boofing

Kayak Boofing

This unusual word is unique to whitewater kayaking. It refers to raising the front or bow of the kayak during a freefall. This can happen when going down a waterfall or ducking behind a boulder.

The technique is used to prevent the front of the kayak from being submerged in the water and instead, making it land flat when reaching the bottom of the waterfall. Instruction on this technique may also cover a rock boof, which is a move that uses an impact with a rock at the top of a ledge to create a firm landing and prevent a head-first fall.


4. Additional Instructions

The type and length of the class may change how much detail is provided, although basic information should always be a part of the class. The information above should be included in a beginning whitewater kayaking class.

Instructors will also usually discuss the types of white water kayaks available and which ones are best for beginning and experienced kayakers.


Kayaking safety equipment

The class will also cover the equipment needed. Of course, the kayak and paddles are the essentials. Paddles for whitewater kayaking vary and a class will teach the differences in paddle types and may provide the opportunity to try out a few paddle options.

Other equipment covered will include a life jacket, helmet, and spray deck or sprayskirt.There may be additional equipment recommended, but these are the basics needed to start whitewater kayaking. In a class, an instructor will cover why these items are important, as well as their use.


White Water Kayaking Basic Moves Conclusion

Whitewater kayaking is a fun and enjoyable activity, but it’s incredibly important to be prepared before setting out alone. A short class is a good idea and will provide some of the basic skills needed for kayak safely. Classes vary from a few hours to a few days. Choose one that covers these topics and make sure to learn the basics with confidence.

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