Origami Kayaks – Expensive Trend Or Durable Foldable Kayaks?

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It seems like in one swift move, origami kayaks (also known as folding kayaks or origami folding kayaks) took over the kayaking world like a trend… only this trend has never left.

The revolutionary idea began with the Oru Bay kayak in 2012 when Oru Kayaks company started as a 3 person company looking for funding, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign.  Soon after, the Oru Bay kayak made an appearance on the Shark Tank.  But before we get into all of that… let’s delve into:

What Is An Origami Kayak?

Think about what an origami is: it is the Japanese art of folding paper into art or decorative pieces.  How neat do those designs look?  Well, take that and apply that concept to a kayak.  As unbelievable as it might sound, an origami kayak aka a folding kayak is a kayak that can be folded or unfolding as needed and within minutes.

In case you have it in your mind that these could possibly not be durable, I would encourage you to check out this video as a starter reference:

Types of Origami Kayaks On The Market

#1. Oru Bay Kayak

The Oru Bay Kayak, the original origami kayak, is at the leading forefront of this category.  We did an in-depth article on it which you can read by clicking on the link above; included are pictures and videos so you get a great idea of what the Oru Bay is all about.

#2. MYCANOE Origami Kayak

The MYCANOE Origami Kayak located in Knoxville, TX, is a patented, award winning canoe that takes 15 minutes to assemble.  How cool is that? Obviously not a lot of contenders in this category, but these origami kayaks are super sturdy and durable.  Learn more about the MyCanoe Origami Kayak option!

#3. Onak Origami Kayak

Onak, the latest entry into the origami folding kayak category, reached this goal of raising money on Kick Starter.  For updates, check out their Kickstart Page here: Onak Origami Kayak Kickstarter.

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