Kayaking and Camping In The Ozarks

Kayaking and Camping adventure in the Ozarks

Have you ever dreamed about floating down through a river in a boat, covered by mountain rocks and trees, the silent waters showing their true colors and fulfilling your inner desires, the soothing voices of the birds humming in a symphony with nature? Beautiful, isn’t it?

In case you want to stop dreaming about it and experience all the magic in real life, the Ozarks Mountains are waiting for you to come and experience the ultimate kayaking and camping.

Located among the Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas states of the US, Ozarks plateau is the perfect place to be for adventure seekers. The major rivers passing through the region as well as the lakes, landscape and the vegetation makes the Ozark a perfect place for fans of kayaking and camping.

While boarding for the Ozarks, it is necessary to pack all the things that you might need during this adventure. As already mentioned, you will be able to experience kayaking like never before. Hop-on to the kayak and let your thrill-filled soul chase the floating water miles down the river.

But first, you will have to choose the type of kayak you want to paddle.  If you are hitting the rapids you will want a white-water model.  For those who plan to paddle and relax then a sit on top kayak will do just fine.

Also, do not forget your personal floating device.  Everyone on the water should have their own PFD.   Safety is the most important component when starting an adventure on the water.  I would recommend getting a dry bag to keep all of your important papers and electronics in case of the kayak flipping over.

The camping in the Ozarks are a must.  There is so much fresh air and beautiful nature to explore.  This is a great place to visit to detach from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Experience the camping you always dreamed about by inhaling everything that nature has to offer. While you are at it, try to listen to the history that some of the oldest rocks have to tell as you sing along with the birds and watch the stars in the night from one of the best camping spots.

What Ozarks Has To Offer You

The water way will provide endless hours of enjoyment.  Whether going for an easy paddle or charging the rapids there will be memories made to last a lifetime.

Research the type of water you would like to navigate before heading to the Ozarks.  There are several areas to chose from.  You don’t want to get stuck near rapids if your plan was to be lazy on the river.

There are several nice camping areas to chose from.  Again, research beforehand so you can get the best out of your trip.  Once you set up a camp, wait for the night and watch the stars in the light of the campfire.  Or better, you can sit with nature and do some yoga in the morning.

Hook yourself tight to the zip line, and feel like flying across the sky, watching down on the trees, rocks, rivers, and some of the most breath-taking scenery.

There are many other activities to choose from.  Feel free to make a plan to go fishing even if you are bad at it, as we are sure that the Ozark rivers and the lakes will offer you something.

If you want to take a peaceful ride through the mountains the Ozarks provide just that.  The beautiful scenery goes on for miles and miles.

Hiking is also a great past time and the Ozarks provide plenty of places to explore.  The routes can range from easy to difficult so make sure you have plenty of water and a compass.

The Best Time To Visit The Ozarks

The Ozarks have something to offer you all year round. If you wish to wake up in a warm morning in Ozarks, visit during the months of July and August. In case you wish to visit the Ozarks and remain dry, you might want to come here in the months of January and February.

If you are a snow-loving person, the month of October may be just perfect for you. Rain can be found most of the time in the Ozarks, so you do not need to worry about that.   Do your research, pack for the occasion and enjoy what the Ozarks have to offer.

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