Kayaking and Camping Adventure In The Greek Sporades

Camping and Kayaking the Greek Sporades

Greece has in excess of 2,000 islands and only about 170 of these islands are inhabited. The country of Greece is majorly bordered by seas including the Mediterranean Sea (to the south) and the Aegean Sea (to the east).

It is because of the presence of huge amount of islands the reason why many people visit the country for kayaking, camping, site seeing, and many more activities.

Greek Sporades Islands

The Sporades, meaning scattered islands, refers to a collection of islands totaling to about 24 islands located in the northwest of the Aegean Sea. The inhabited Greek Sporades islands are Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skyros.

Skiathos island is often affectionately referred to as the Sporades queen. Its unmatched natural picturesque beauty is guaranteed to astonish you and its clearest seashores water will definitely seduce you.

The Skopelos is considered as the greenest island in Greece and it will intoxicate you with its lush sceneries. For Alonissos, it enriches this tiny and exceptional paradise by adding some freshness and brightness courtesy of its beautiful pine forest.

The Alonissosalso happens to be home of the biggest Marine Park in the whole of Europe. Skyros Island is the biggest island among the other Greek Sporades islands. It offers different natural sceneries to its visitors.

Kayaking and Camping

It is important that before you go kayaking that you have with you an experienced guide to chart a course for you to kayak through the Greek Sporades Island. When kayaking, you will see secluded beaches, quaint villages, craggy coastlines, and marine wildlife. You will also experience an exciting sea crossing.

Also, you should note that to undertake any kayaking trip in this area, it is best if you have experienced some previous kayaking in the sea. An opportunity will also be presented for you to learn more sea kayaking skills.

As well, it is important also that you have a reasonable fitness level since you may kayak for long distances like 12 km when there is no available landing opportunity.  You should have at least level 3 kayaking skill.

Camping on the beach at night and under the stars will enable you to experience the beauty of falling asleep to the lapping waves sound.

The Weather of Greek Sporades Island

Compared with other Greek islands, Sporades Island experiences a slightly cooler climate.  For that reason, the Sporades Island is suitable as a good destination in the summer.

The summer season is from June to September. The season is generally warm and dry. The daily temperatures average around 80F.
The months of spring and autumn are slightly cooler. The daily temperatures average around 65F and the rain per month is between 30-70mm.

Winters are mild with a 50F temperature but sometimes the season can be blustery and wet.

In conclusion, Greek Sporades Island gives you the opportunity to experience unsullied traditional Greek life away from the modern world. Whether you have gone there for sightseeing, hiking, snorkeling, swimming, sea kayaking or camping, you are guaranteed to experience the authentic and natural beauty of nature.

That is made possible because, just like in other parts of the country, the inhabitants of the Greek Sporades Island are friendly and welcoming to visitors.

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