Kayaking and Camping Adventure at Folsom State Recreation Area

kayaking and camping adventure at folsom state recreation area

The stunning Folsom city is located in the county of Sacramento,California.
Folsom city offers its inhabitants and visitors an array of fascinating places
to visit and experience activities that are one-of-a-kind.

The city, commonly  known for Folsom Prison, is positioned on the Sierra Nevada foothills.  Sierra Nevada is a mountain range found in the western U.S. with the greater part of it found in California.

The area generally experiences cool, rainy winters and long, hot, and dry summers. This indeed represents perfect weather suitable for adventure. Around Folsom, there is about 152.8 km of trails providing you with an outstanding view of the rivers and lakes found in the area.

When you visit the city, there are various activities that you can enjoy including horseback riding, hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, and much more.  Folsom has a little something for everyone and is the best place for a 2 person kayak.

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

This is one of the major attractions in Folsom and it is located at the Sierra foothills base. The Folsom Lake recreation area offers its visitors opportunities for water-skiing, boating, camping, picnicking, hiking, and kayaking.

The area offers some of the best possible kayaking experiences throughout its shoreline of 75 miles. The lake is walled by panoramic views of the impressive rolling hills with wildflowers.

When you are kayaking in Folsom Lake, you will see that the shoreline is covered reasonably with sandy beaches and the water is crystal clear so that it is possible to see the bottom.

The water is generally calm and there are no known major navigation issues experienced by kayakers. You can kayak  during the warmer months, even if you have basic knowledge of kayaking.

Camping In the Area

If you want to go camping in the area, especially during peak season such as on a holiday or on a weekend, it is required that you make camping reservations in advance. Walk-ins are not accepted.

Prepare to encounter and experience crowded camping and picnic area and dodging powerboats and jet skis during the peak time.

Inside the park, there are no hotel lodging or motel facilities available. However, accommodations are easy to acquire since the park is within close proximity to Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, and other surrounding towns.

Local restaurants are found within a short driving distance from most of the
entrances of the park.  Summer food concessions can be sourced from Beal’s
Point, Brown’s Ravine Marina Store, and Granite Bay.

Other Attractions

A good and large variety of fish population is housed by the lake. You may see kokanee salmon, catfish, perch, rainbow and brown trout, crappie, sturgeon, large and small mouth bass, and bluegill.

There are several types of fish to be caught.  Make sure you bring the appropriate equipment so that your fishing experience will be a successful one.

In the park, you may also spot raccoons, coyotes, wild turkeys, golden eagles, and other different varieties and species of local wildlife.  Hiking around the shore can turn out to be a nice adventure.   Be safe and make sure to stay clear of the wild life.  Do not feed them even if they approach you.

You can also visit the Folsom Powerhouse if you are interested in a little bit of history. From 1895 to 1952, this used to be one of the most impressive and powerful plants for transmitting long-distance
hydroelectric power in America.

In conclusion, if you are camping in the area, then you will have enough to see and do during your entire weekend or even longer. If you just want to spend a short time here, you can at least stretch your time to last until the afternoon so that you can do more kayaking.  This recreation area is family-friendly and it is opened daily for visitors.

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