Kayaking Through The Ocala National Forest

Kayaking through the Ocala National Forest

The Ocala National Forest can be found north of Orlando in the state of Florida. It’s the southernmost forest in the US and is home to the bordering Sand Pine Scrub Forest that which the government protects.

Housing over various six hundred lakes, several rivers and even springs, that including certain springs where guests are welcomed in—apart from kayaking— swimming, snorkeling, and diving in almost lucent waters throughout the entire year.

The best season to go kayaking in Ocala National Forest would be any season.  Kayaking can be an activity that is doable all year long.  The waterways in Ocala are calm and do not have any rapids so the skill level can be beginners to novice.

Depending upon which river you’re taking, you’re most likely going to be met with blissfulness of serenity as you go kayaking. You would hear the tweeting of birds and if you are lucky, you may even spot monkeys.

You are also going to be meeting other wildlife like the white-tailed deer,
armadillos, the red fox and alligators but do not fret as they are rarely spotted swimming beneath clear waters unless you decided to kayak in murky waters.

As it is a forest that protects a great diversity of wildlife, fire ants and mosquitoes are very much common within the abode of Ocala.   Mosquitos are very common in the rainy season.  One should come prepared if venturing out on a kayak during that season.

The less common creatures you are likely to meet are bees and ticks. As prevention is better than cure, one should always have insect repellent as ready.

To keep away from the stinging bites of fire ants, avoid touching random branches without glancing at it first.  There are several types of spiders that make webs on the branches that hang over the rivers.   If you are the first ones down the river in the early morning you will surely be the one who sees these beautiful webs that were spun overnight.

As mentioned before, the only danger can be encountering an alligator. They do not discriminate what they want to eat.  There has been recorded attacks with these creatures but they usually happen during mating season.  Gators become more aggressive and venture out of their normal areas.

Do not try to approach one if you see them while kayaking.  The safest move you should make is to paddle right on by.   All they want to do is bask in the sun and be left alone.

There are three popular spots in the Ocala Nat’l Forest.   They are Juniper Run, Lake Dorr, and Clearwater Lake. Juniper Run is one of the top 25 kayaking places in the US  according to ReserveAmerica and every year thousands and thousands of tourists and locals alike come to visit and go kayaking.

Clearwater Lake has a nature walkaway throughout the border of shrubbery and forests around Clearwater Lake with a shaded camping ground for those who wish to picnic in the day.

The recreation space may be a quiet getaway on the southeastern fringe of the Ocala National Forest, simply at the outskirts of Paisley.

Lake Dorr’s recreational area is found on the northwest shore and they offer RV camping for RV-camper users. They have a beautiful area for picnics and a boat ramp that any visitor would be in awe as they overlook the view of Lake Dorr’s vastness.

Whether you’re visiting the Forest for a day or camping for a few days, you will surely leave there feeling like you had an amazing time.    Happy paddling!

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