Kayaking Class IV Rapids Down The Sun Kosi River

Kayaking Class IV Rapids down the Sun Kosi River

The Sun Kosi River is regarded as one of the best rivers in the world for Kayaking. The Sun Kosi is located deep within the heart of Nepal just below the Himalayan mountains.

You can choose to kayak on the river during the months of March to May. This is the summer season in Nepal. The weather is usually conducive and the water level is at its lowest. This is the best time to kayak if you have little kayaking experience.

The other best time to kayak is during the months of October and November. During this time, the rains have died down and the weather is warm. The river carries more water during this period. A trip down the Sun Kosi river takes anywhere between 7 days and 2 weeks.

The River’s Course

The Sun Kosi River has been described as one of the best rivers for kayaking in the world. There are many rapids on the river with varying difficulties. Most of them range from class II to class IV difficulty.

The river increases in volume as you kayak downstream. This is because most of the rivers from the Himalayan mountains drain into the Sun Kosi River. The class II rapids are mainly found on the upper parts of the river where the river has little volume.

You will also find class II rapids as the river enters the flat areas of Nepal. These areas are the best areas to have some family fun since most people can safely negotiate class II rapids.

The middle section of the rapids is littered with class III and class IV rapids. These rapids can prove to be a bit difficult to tackle especially if you have little experience.

You can try your luck with class III rapids but leave the class IV rapids to the professionals. However, you can still enjoy the class IV rapids with the help of a professional on a 2-seater kayak.

The Best Kayak To Use On The Sun Kosi

The Sun Kosi has rapids with varying degrees of difficulty. It has between class II and class IV difficulty rapids. You can tackle these rapids comfortably with a small agile kayak.

A small agile kayak might not be ideal on class IV rapids but it will work really well on class II and III rapids. A long and fast kayak will do well on class IV rapids but it is not as fun to use on class II and class III rapids.

If you have little experience with kayaking you can opt for a two-seater kayak. This will allow you to have an instructor with you as you tackle the rapids. In addition, you can also choose to carry an inflatable kayak which is really stable and easy to carry around.

What Will You See?

There is a lot of wildlife for you to see as you kayak along the Sun Kosi. You will get a chance to see deer, monkeys, and a wide variety of birds. The scenery along the river is also awe-inspiring.

The Himalayan mountains form a beautiful backdrop for you to see as you paddle along. There are also beautiful beaches and waterfalls that run along the Sun Kosi River.

Possible Dangers Of Kayaking On The Sun Kosi

Most rapids on the Sun Kosi are easy to navigate. However, there are some difficult rapids that can be dangerous if you do not have enough experience. Make sure you bring the proper gear, such as a helmet, life jacket and water to drink.

You should always make sure you make smart decisions.  Make sure that you keep your distance if you come across any animals as you kayak. Some animals might see you as a threat and they might attack.  Wild animals are unpredictable so admire them from a safe distance.

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