A Summer Adventure Kayaking The Cape Cod National Seashore

A Summer Adventure Kayaking the Cape Cod National Seashore

The beauty of the Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS) was explored during the journey on the kayak. The seashore which is located in Massachusetts has various ponds, woods, marshes, tidal flats, and a beachfront. In the national shore, there’s a Marconi station.

On the Macaroni Beach, you can feel the sea breeze ruffle your hair while getting a nice view of the Nauset Light. While kayaking on the shore, you can spot some trees in the forest while trying to breathe in their amazing scent. The weather around the shore is very cool and damp, making kayaking an enjoyable experience.

Kayaking across CCNS is not only an amazing experience but also an unforgettable one. Unlike sitting in a normal boat, the sitting position in a kayak is more comfortable and you have more control of the vessel.

The kayak’s paddle has two blades and is used to move smoothly over the water surface. You will need to alternate each side of the paddle to get going forward.   Kayaks are very easy to access on the shore and everywhere else which makes it a flourishing recreational activity.

It is usually carried out alongside other sporting activities such as hunting, fishing, and camping.  There are several places on the Cape Cod that serve as great Kayaking spots and the prefect place for a two person kayak.

The Pleasant Bay is along the CCNS. It shares a shoreline with Orleans, Brewster, and Harwich. It has a very large area of salt water (close to 8,000 acres) which gives paddlers enough of room to perform several recreational activities. This bay also possesses a variety of coastal wildlife such as migrating birds which you can spot while kayaking.

The Bass River is best if you’re looking for a kayak adventure on still waters, with very little or no disturbance. The river is five miles long and provides a quiet and beautiful ride where you can admire waterfront homes.

The Swan River and Nauset marsh are also great places for kayaking. The Nauset Marsh is a highly productive habitat which has several channels that are best navigated by kayaks. The waters are very calm and beautiful. From the marsh, you can find your way into the Atlantic Ocean to ride along the waves.

From the Cape Cod kayaking spots, it is easy to find kayak tour guides who would take you on trips to Provincetown at cheap rates to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Before kayaking, ensure you get all the necessary lessons. You can try all the different types of kayaking if you’re a beginner and make sure your life jacket is always on you. Kayaks come in a one seater or 2 seater option.  Both are very fun experiences.

The best types of kayaks you choose depend on what area of water you want to paddle, the weight and size of the Kayak, and the budget you’ve allocated to getting one for your adventure. There are sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks. The sit on top kayaks are very comfortable in a warm climate and it is easy getting into them.

The sit-in kayaks are preferable when the air is cool. It is more useful in rough waters because your position in the kayak will provide more stability and allow you to move swiftly across the water.

Although you may need a bilge pump in case you get fully swamped and must know how to do a wet exit, the sit-in kayaks are more efficient to paddle.

You can choose recreational kayaks if you are paddling in the calmer waters around Cape Cod.  Touring kayaks are only for those who have been kayaking for a long time or those venturing out in the rougher waters.

If you’re planning an adventure for the Summer keep Cape Cod in mind.  Paddling around this beautiful part of the world will give you memories that will last a lifetime.

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