9 Lakes To Go Kayaking In Mammoth Lakes, CA

Are you a kayak or paddle board enthusiast? Have you been on the lookout for a suitable location to carry out these two activities? Well, you have landed on just the right page. We are here to gladly introduce you to Mammoth Lakes, California.

Mammoth Lakes is a town that borders Nevada State. It is surrounded by picturesque and breathtaking terrains, and pristine ecosystems. We have identified the key areas within the town’s vicinity that are great for kayaking and paddle boarding.

1. Lake Mary

This lake is situated at an elevation of 8,900 feet above sea level. The lake is equipped with two marinas, which also lease paddle boards and kayaks, among other water sporting equipment. The water is generally still, pristine, devoid of strong waves, and very cool.

It is thus very suitable for paddle boarding and kayaking. Moreover, the lake accords spectacular views of the adjacent white mountain peaks, so it is also great for photography.

2. Lake Mamie

Nestled between lakes Horseshoe and Mary, this is a small, yet very popular lake. It is wholly set aside and sealed for fishing, lounging, boating, and a host of other water sporting activities. These restrictions make the entire lake ecosystem well suited for kayaking and paddle boarding.

Being remote and cut off from the “rest of the world”, the area is also a great breakaway for picnics and other outdoor activities.

3. Lake George

Located at a whopping 9,000 feet above sea level, Lake George is great for those outdoor enthusiasts who fancy higher elevations. At the shores of this wonderful lake are a host of boat rental companies and several docks.

You only have to part with a little amount of money to be able to obtain the right equipment to kayak or paddle board. What’s more? The breathtaking look of the lake makes it all the more suited for photography.

4. Horseshoe Lake

On the whole, Horseshoe Lake is a 1.9-mile loop of water that is moderately trafficked. It is close to Mammoth Lakes and is generally great for all skill levels. This is because its waters are tranquil, as they are rarely stirred up by strong winds.

There are no rental facilities nearby; which means you will have to carry along your own kayak or paddle board. Its peaceful ambiance confers great opportunities to relax as well.

5. June Lake

Shaped in the form of a loop, June Lake is a very pristine location. It is situated about a 20 minute drive away from Mammoth Lakes. The lake is the best place to enjoy the beach while you are away from a shore.

With its calm and safe nature, the lake is indeed great for paddle boarding and kayaking. This is the place to practice these two activities, since it is the most ideal locations for both.

6. Grant Lake

Unlike all the other lakes under consideration, Grant Lake, strictly speaking, is not a lake. Instead, it is a giant reservoir. This notwithstanding, it is still deep, large, and calm enough for kayaking.

This lake does not have trees, but that doesn’t stop visitors from using it. It has some of the biggest rainbows in the area, which will make it even more beautiful without trees in the way. Also, you can see Mount Wood better, which has a height of 12,000 feet.

7. Twin Lakes

As the name suggests, this is not just one lake. Instead, it is a series of interconnected lakes that are set at the base of the southeastern slope of the Mammoth Mountain.

This setting shields the waters from harsh external environmental conditions. This is what makes the area well suited for kayaking and paddle boarding.

8. Crowley Lake

Crowley Lake is a large freshwater lake within the Mammoth Lakes region. The fact that it’s large, calm, and deep makes it especially great for kayaking and paddle boarding.

Moreover, it has several rental facilities in its complex, and guided tours are provided as well. This is the place to be if you ever hope to enjoy your time outdoors to the fullest possible extent.

9. Mono Lake

Mono Lake differs from the rest of the lakes in the Mammoth Lakes area, in that it is large, yet saline. It is mainly great for paddle boarding. Guided tours are available to any visitor. The adjacent areas are rich in flora and fauna.


We have given you just a glimpse of what Mammoth Lakes has to offer. It is not enough just to know the best places to kayak and paddle board, but you will definitely want to make the effort to visit any of these locations we have identified and explained above. If you’re interested in kayaking Big Sur, you’ll find this article helpful as well. If you’re looking for a durable and space saving kayak, then the Oru kayak should be a solid option.

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