Day Trip To Prince William Sound, Alaska

Located in Alaska, Prince William Sound is an excellent spot for outdoor activities. It contains an assortment of small islands and waterways that challenge both the body and spirit.

Visitors come in many various avenues, including through kayaks, cruise ships, ferries, small boats, and float planes. Featuring an exceptional 3,800 miles of coastline, the sound provides the perfect place to get a respite from modern life. Whether you want to rough it up in a kayak, ride a boat, or watch with amazement as your cruise ship moves through the land, you are guaranteed to enjoy one of life`s best experiences.

Activities To Enjoy At Prince William Sound

Four communities play an essential role in the exploration of the sound. For instance, Whittier lies an hour`s drive from Anchorage, and you can pass through the notable Whittier Tunnel. Also, you can consider using ferries, boats, or kayak outfitters who work out of Whittier.

Aside from that, you can also enjoy the amazing scenery through Cordova or Valdez. Here, you can meet with people from all over the world, who come to enjoy the ambiance and appeal of the sound.

You can also enjoy watching the view from your cabin, as the fishermen release their nets. Other excellent leisure time activities include berry picking, spying deer with binoculars, or even spending time with people at your camp.

Kayaking At Prince William Sound

The sound provides some of the best opportunities for back country adventures, scenic viewing, solitude, and more. Plus, with more tidewater glaciers than any other place in the region, it provides some of the best waterways in the world. It is also partially covered by the 6.9 million acre Chugach Forest.

Large ice fields also surround the inland waterway to produce an exceptional tidewater glacier that tumbles into the sea. Icebergs and post-glacial terrains are major aspects of the landscape, providing a unique perspective of reforestation and geology.

There are various locations where one can enjoy kayaking on or very close to the sound, and here is a list of them:

Alaganik Slough – There are 4 picnic sites, and this is a great spot for salmon fishing.

Quartz Creek Camp – This has 46 campsites, and a boat ramp to launch your kayak, and you can reach Kenai Lake and River for fishing and wildlife viewing.

Six Mile Creek – A great place for whitewater rafting/kayaking, with class IV and V rapids. There are 3 canyons, with the third being class V, and you can opt for guides to go with you if you’re not familiar with the area.

Harrison Lagoon Cabin – Open year-round, this location is more for nature lovers, but you can still go kayaking here. You can also view whales at Port Wells, bear hunting is allowed with a permit, and the area makes for great hiking.

Black Bear Camp – There are 12 camp sites here, with some of the most beautiful views of glaciers in the state. You can take your family kayaking here, at Portage Lake or Creek (if you’re experienced), through class II conditions, at the strongest.

Primrose Camp – This camp has 8 sites with no hook-ups, but has your basic amenities and a boat launch. It’s open year-round, and is great for hiking along Primrose Creek. It’s in Anchorage, which is close to Prince William Sound.

Home to some of the best kayaking locations in the world, Prince William Sound and its surrounding islands/waterways attract thousands of outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. In fact, a kayaking experience at the sound will completely take our minds off of our day to day stresses.

There are various kayaking outfitters and camps, where you can gain access to the various accessories required to have a great time. If you’re looking for a solid starter kayak, check out our review of the Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS.


In summary, the Prince William Sound is one of the best outdoor locations in the world. Whether it’s scenic viewing, nature walks, whale watching, sharing a hot cup of coffee, or even spending time with other outdoor enthusiasts at the camp, you are bound to have a memorable experience.

Best of all, the sound provides access to some of the best kayaking locations in the world. The exceptional waterways provide the diversity that is required to challenge and lift your spirits. Happy kayaking, fishing, whale watching, glacier watching, nature viewing, etc.!

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