Why Should You Visit Lake Chelan State Park?

It is fall, the leaves are turning and the clouds have gone. Where do you go for your vacation? Lake Chelan offers the perfect opportunity to unwind from the stresses of city life.

Most visitors describe the lake and its environs as an oasis of sunshine, due to the clear blue skies, green fields, and crystal clear water. These natural features have made Lake Chelan the destination of choice among local tourists.


#1. Fishing

With some of the most accessible platforms, fishing on Lake Chelan offers an unrivaled experience for people from all walks of life. Spanning 50 miles, vacationers have the opportunity to fish a variety of species such as Chinook, trout, and kokanee salmon.

Fishing guides are also on hand to ensure a fun, safe, and comfortable fishing session. They will also help you prepare your catch upon request.

#2. Kayaking

If you are looking for an awe-inspiring adventure through the lake, or an extended excursion of discovery, kayaking is arguably the best way to experience the beauty Lake Chelan has to offer.

The best part is that adventurers can bring their own kayaks, which they can carry to Stehekin via the Lady of the Lake ferry at an additional fee. Imagine enjoying your Oru kayak out here, in such a beautiful setting.

The calm waters give kayakers an opportunity to slow down and take in the surrounding beauty. For rapid whitewater kayaking, the Wenatchee River offers one of the best kayaking trips in the state. Furthermore, it is easily accessible.

#3. Hiking

Lake Chelan has hundreds of miles of hiking trails for hikers of varying capabilities. The hikes are categorized as easy, moderate, and strenuous, depending on length and the nature of the trail.

If you are new to hiking, you may want to try out one of the easy trails, such as Agnes Gorge (4.4 miles) or Buckner Orchard Walk (1.6 miles round trip). Irrespective of your hiking experience, hikers are advised to observe safety tips at all times.

#4. Cycling

Whether you are a casual or serious biker, Lake Chelan has numerous routes you can choose from. Visitors can bring their own bikes, or rent one from the park, and enjoy scenic rides through orchards and the mountainous terrain of Lake Chelan Valley.

For mountain biking enthusiasts, Lake Chelan Valley is an epic landscape paradise. With numerous single track trails, the valley is a challenge that riders with experience wouldn’t want to pass on. Echo Ridge Summer Trails and Devil’s Backbone are just two such mountain biking routes.

#5. Wildlife Viewing

If you are hiking, kayaking, or even cycling, you will have the opportunity to watch the vast array of wildlife around Lake Chelan. From the bald eagle to the shy mountain goats, wildlife viewing in the park offers a chance to interact closely with nature.

There are also viewing platforms that make it possible to watch birds, without causing interruptions. Carrying a pair of binoculars or a camera to these platforms would be wise.


Note that these aren’t the only activities available to the visitors of Lake Chelan. The park is a haven of uniqueness, and has an endless list of other enjoyable activities.

These include, but are not limited to, paddle boarding, water skiing, camping, and canoeing. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Lake Chelan State Park has your interests covered.

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