How Much Does an Oru Kayak Weigh?

Oru kayaks are some of the best portable and durable kayaks out there and for over 10 years! Perhaps you’re considering buying one but you’re wondering how much an Oru Kayak weighs?

Since I own my own Oru kayak, I thought I would shed some light into the various models of Orus and how much each one weighs. Let’s get started.

How Much Does the Oru Beach LT Kayak Weigh?

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Firstly, let’s start with the Oru Beach LT Kayak, their lightest model.

The Oru Beach LT weighs in at only 26 pounds, making it incredibly easy to transport and handle. This weight is incredibly light when compared to traditional kayaks, which can weigh upwards of 50 or 60 pounds.

Because the Oru Beach LT is so lightweight, it’s ideal for paddlers who need to hike into a remote location as well as those who have limited space in their vehicles and apartments.

How Much Does the Oru Bay ST Kayak Weigh?

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The Oru Bay ST Kayak is the company’s most popular model, and it weighs a little more than the Beach LT model. The Oru Bay ST Kayak weighs in at 28 pounds which is only 2 pounds heavier than the Beach LT.

Despite its slightly heavier weight, the Oru Bay ST is still relatively lightweight and easy to handle. The Oru Bay ST kayak is an excellent choice for individuals who plan on kayaking in more challenging waters.

How Much Does the Oru Coast XT Kayak Weigh?

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If you’re looking for a kayak with more storage and weight capacity, the Oru Coast XT Kayak may be for you. The Oru Coast XT weighs in at 36 pounds which is still lightweight but significantly heavier than their other models.

The added weight is due to its larger size and increased storage capacity. The Oru Coast XT is perfect for longer kayaking trips or for paddlers who want to carry extra gear.

How Much Does the Oru Inlet Kayak Weigh?

Finally, let’s explore the ORU Inlet Kayak. The Oru Inlet is the company‚Äôs most compact and lightweight kayak model. It weighs only 22 pounds, making it incredibly easy to transport and maneuver.

The Oru Inlet is ideal for paddlers who want a small, lightweight kayak that can easily be transported in a car or even carried on public transportation or while walking to a nearby destination!

How Much Do They Weigh When Folded?

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Well, when folded, the size of the Oru Kayak will inevitably affect its weight. Models such as the Beach LT and Bay ST which have a smaller foldable design, weigh less than the larger Oru Coast XT.

What Makes the Oru Kayaks So Lightweight?

The secret to Oru Kayaks’ lightweight design lies in their patented origami folding system.

By using a series of highly durable plastic and aluminum panels, the kayak can be folded into a manageable size that is easy to carry and transport.

Additionally, the Oru Beach LT model also features an extra-lightweight material called “Kevlar” that helps make it even lighter than the other models. Kevlar is also known for its strength and durability and is used in bulletproof vests and other protective gear.

How Much Do Hard Shell Kayaks Weigh?

Hard shell kayaks are the traditional style of kayak and can weigh up to 50 or 60 pounds. This makes them difficult to transport and handle, especially for one person.

In comparison, Oru Kayaks weigh almost half as much as hard shell kayaks, making them much easier to bring along on your outdoor adventures.

Can You Transport an Oru on a Plane?

Yes! As mentioned earlier, the Oru Kayaks weigh only 26-36 pounds, which is much lighter than traditional kayaks. This makes them perfect for those who want to take a kayaking trip abroad and don’t want the hassle of having to transport a large hard shell kayak.

Imagine that: taking your durable, high performing kayak with you on a plane trip across the world!

Can an Oru Sink?

No, an Oru Kayak cannot sink. This is thanks to their watertight seals that prevent any water from entering the boat.

Additionally, the Oru Kayaks are made with a highly durable plastic and aluminum panels that makes them incredibly strong and resistant to wear-and-tear.


In conclusion, the weight of an Oru Kayak varies by model, from the lightweight Beach LT at 26 pounds to the heavier-but-spacious Coast XT at 36 pounds. The weight of an Oru Kayak ultimately depends on its size and weight capacity, as well as any additional features such as extra storage.

Now that you know how much an Oru Kayak weighs, you can choose the perfect Oru Kayak model for your next kayaking adventure!

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