Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 vs 465: Which One is Better?

If you’re in the market for a compact and lightweight kayak, it’s likely that the Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 and 465 have entered your radar.

But with two options available, you might be wondering which one is right for you. Both these kayaks are pretty awesome but one has a slight edge. In this article, I will be comparing both Sea Eagle models and discussing each one’s nuisance. Here we go.

What are Sea Eagle FastTrack Kayaks Designed For?

Carrying a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak

Sea Eagle FastTrack kayaks are a line of kayks designed for adventure seekers who value portability and performance. The FastTrack models are ideal for a range of water conditions, including calm lakes, meandering rivers, and even choppy seas, thanks to their robust construction and streamlined design.

The FastTrack series particularly stands out for its excellent stability and easy maneuverability, making it an excellent choice for both novices and experienced paddlers.

Whether you’re planning a leisurely paddle, an exciting whitewater adventure, or a multi-day expedition, Sea Eagle FastTrack Kayaks are built to handle it. And that’s what so damn impressive about them!

FastTrack 385 vs 465: Which One is the Better Kayak?

Now that we know why they’re called FastTrack, let’s get into the nitty gritty details:

#1. Size and Weight

#1 Winner!
SE FastTrack 385

Editor's choice for #1 Sea Eagle FastTrack kayak. It's super easy to navigate, tracks well, has comfortable seating, and can seat three people.

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The Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 measures 12′ 6″ and weighs 35 pounds while the Sea Eagle FastTrack 465 measures 15′ and weighs 44 pounds. This means that the 465 is longer and heavier than the 385.

If portability and storage space are a concern, the 385 will be easier to handle.

However, if you’re looking for more space to store your gear or want to bring a friend or pet along for the ride, the 465 might be a better fit.

#2. Capacity

When it comes to capacity, the Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 can hold up to 3 adults or 635 pounds (which is amazing in itself!) while the Sea Eagle FastTrack 465 can hold up to 4 adults or 795 pounds.

This means that the 465 has a higher weight capacity and can accommodate more people. However, keep in mind that the added weight and size can make it more difficult to paddle solo so entertain the 465 if you’ll be paddling with other folks.

#3. Performance

Both the Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 and 465 have similar features when it comes to performance such as a sleek design, reinforced air chambers, and a high-pressure drop stitch floor.

However, the longer length of the 465 may make it more stable in choppy waters and give it a slight advantage in speed. That being said, the 385 is still a fast and nimble kayak.

When it comes to the 385, I find it easy to paddle with 1-3 people but the 465 was hard to paddle with two people or less, unfortunately, but again, it’s designed for multiple people to paddle together.

#4. Price

The Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 has a price tag of around $999 while the Sea Eagle FastTrack 465 is priced around $1,249.

While the 465 offers more space and capacity, it’s also considerably more expensive. If you’re on a budget, the 385 might be a better option.

Summary of Main Differences Between the 385 vs the 465

#2 Pick!
Sea Eagle 465FT Fasttrack
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The main differences between the Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 vs 465 are size, weight, capacity, and price. The 385 is smaller and lighter, making it more portable and easier to store. It also has a lower capacity (635 pounds) than the 465 (795 pounds).

On the other hand, the 465 has a longer length which gives it an advantage when it comes to stability and speed.

However, this kayak is also more expensive than the 385 and can be difficult to paddle solo due to its extra weight.

Which One Is Better for Overnight Camping on the River Bank?

If you’re planning to go camping on the river bank, the Sea Eagle FastTrack 465 might be a better choice. Its longer length and higher capacity make it well suited for multi-day expeditions. It also offers more room to store your gear and can accommodate up to four people.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for portability and easy storage, the 385 might be a more suitable option. Thanks to its smaller size and lower weight, it’s easier to transport and doesn’t take up as much space when deflated.

With the FastTrack 465, you have more room to pack supplies for multiple days or bring a few friends along and God knows that can a huge plus on those types of trips. I hardly do these types of trips but when I do, the FastTrack comes in super handy for this purpose.

Its longer design makes it more stable in choppy waters and slightly faster than the 385, but keep in mind that this kayak is heavier and can be difficult to paddle solo.

Which One Has the Better Seating for Hours of Kayaking?

Sea Eagle Razorlite on the water

When it comes to comfort for long hours of kayaking, both the Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 and 465 offer adjustable, high-back seats that provide excellent support but there is a slight difference in the seating experience between the two models.

The 385, being a bit smaller, has a more intimate seating arrangement which might be preferable for solo paddlers or couples who don’t mind being in close proximity.

The 465, on the other hand, offers a more spacious seating configuration that can be beneficial for those who prefer more personal space or are planning to kayak with a larger group.

It’s worth noting that both Sea Eagle models allow for the seats to be repositioned according to your preference, offering flexibility regardless of the model you choose.

I have to say that if you’ll be paddling with three people consistently, then the seating of the 465 will serve you a whole lot better. I have a bad back and I love the seating in the 465.

Which One Is the Better Kayak? Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 vs 465

When it comes to choosing between the Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 and 465, I find that the 385 tracks amazingly well while allowing me a comfortable seat along with paddling with a few friends.

#1 Winner!
SE FastTrack 385

Editor's choice for #1 Sea Eagle FastTrack kayak. It's super easy to navigate, tracks well, has comfortable seating, and can seat three people.

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The only reason I’d consider investing in a 465 is if you love paddling with another person and your pet or 3-4 people. Then, it’s definitely worth the extra investment.

The Sea Eagle 385 takes the trophy.

If you are considering other models, you may want to check out our beastly coverage of the Sea Eagle 380x vs the 420x here.

MyCanoe vs Oru Kayak – Which One Is the Best?

Singlehandedly, kayaking changed me in my late teens when I was headed towards a path of destruction: it’s an amazing experience to paddle through tranquil waters, surrounded by stunning landscapes. However, to experience this, you need to be in the right kayak for you!

folding kayak on the water

Foldable kayaks and canoes are near and dear to my heart because I’ve lived in an apartment most of my life and now a small home, so space has always been an issue.

I’ve owned all the Oru models for years now and have spent untrackable amount of time in each one of them and I bought my first MyCanoe a few months ago. Hey, testing kayaks and canoes is my favourite job and that’s why you’re here: to see which one is better.

MyCanoe vs Oru Kayak: Main Differences

These two brands are known for their high-quality, durable, and portable kayaks. But which one is the best bang for the buck? In today’s blog post, I’ll explore the differences between MyCanoe and Oru Kayak to help you make a well-informed decision before your next kayaking adventure.

Please keep in mind I’ve used the MyCanoe for around 25 hours over the last few months and the Oru for a countless number of hours over the last decade. Here we go:

#1. Portability

Best Folding Kayak
Oru Kayak BayST Folding Kayak - White
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When it comes to portability, Oru Kayaks are pretty hard to beat. They’ve taken years to design these for portability and I’ve gotta say, these just might be the lightest kayaks I’ve ever carried.

These kayaks are designed to be folded up and carried around as easily as a backpack. They are perfect for people who want to take their kayak with them on hiking trips or those living in apartments with limited storage space, like I mentioned earlier.

In my experience, when carrying the MyCanoe, it feels a little heavier, bulkier, and awkward. It is still a portable option but it weighs about 10 pounds more than Oru Kayak.

I’m all about convenience so the Oru Kayak nails it for me in this department.

#2. Carrying Weight

When considering the weight of these kayaks, Oru Kayaks are incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. Most models weigh around 25 to 34 pounds, making them an excellent choice for solo paddlers and those who may need to carry their kayak a fair distance to the water.

MyCanoe, on the other hand, weighs around 52 pounds.

There is an obvious weight difference and to be fair, it’s because the MyCanoe is designed to be a canoe so a bit of heaviness is expected.

With that said, I’m a man of convenience and I also have a shoulder injury so the Oru comes in super handy on those days where I can’t carry heavy things.

#3. Weight Capacity

2nd Best
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As for the weight capacity, MyCanoe excels. It can comfortably hold up to 440 pounds, making it suitable for two adults and some gear. This makes MyCanoe a better option for long kayaking trips where you need to carry a lot of equipment.

Oru Kayaks can hold between 250 to 400 pounds. This makes it ideal for solo trips or light paddling with a partner and minimal gear.

This is predictable as the MyCanoe is a canoe, weighs heavier, and can hold a lot more.

#4. Material

Oru Kayaks are made of durable corrugated polypropylene material that is lightweight yet strong. These kayaks are built to withstand extreme conditions but are also delicate and need some maintenance after each use.

Whereas the MyCanoe is made of high-quality puncture-resistant PVC material that doesn’t need as much maintenance as Oru Kayak. MyCanoe can be used in any condition without worrying much about damages.

My experience is that both are really well made. In fact, the first Oru I ever bought is still in pretty decent condition!

#5. Assembly Time

If you’re planning to go kayaking frequently, the time factor might be an important consideration.

While Oru Kayak takes about 10-15 minutes to assemble or disassemble, MyCanoe can be assembled in only 10 minutes or less, making it perfect for those who want to maximize their time on the water.

I would say that the MyCanoe is more straightforward to assemble than the Oru Kayak but it only took me assembling and deassembling the Oru 2-3 times before I got the hang of it and now, it’s pretty easy peasy!

#6. Design and Comfort

2nd Best
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Oru Kayaks are known for their unique and innovative designs. Their hulls are reinforced, making them rigid and safe to paddle. However, due to their design, they might not be the most comfortable option for extended periods of time.

MyCanoe is designed to be spacious and comfortable, so you can enjoy your kayaking experience for longer and with more room to move around.

#7. Price

When it comes to price, MyCanoe is on the more affordable side. For instance, MyCanoe Plus 16′ ft frame series costs around $1,500 while the Oru Coast XT Kayak is priced around $2,800. However, the Oru Lake is priced around $1,500 and offers a lighter and more portable design than MyCanoe.

Oru Kayak has a higher price mainly due to its innovative design, which makes it a great option for those who are willing to pay extra for premium quality and advanced design. Every time I’ve purchased an Oru, I knew I was getting quality and performance.

Is the Oru Kayak More or Less Stable than the MyCanoe?

When it comes to stability, both MyCanoe and Oru Kayak perform well, but they cater to slightly different needs. Oru Kayaks are designed for a smooth, swift ride, making them more agile but also slightly less stable than MyCanoe. You will need to consider which Oru Kayak model fits your needs depending on what type of water you’ll be paddling in.

On the other hand, MyCanoe boasts remarkable stability, which can be attributed to its wider design. Its excellent balance makes it a suitable option for beginners or for those who plan to kayak in rough waters or windy conditions.

So, if stability is your top priority, MyCanoe may be the better option for you. However, if you value agility, speed, and lightness, an Oru Kayak would likely serve you better.

Which One of these Two Options is More Durable?

In terms of durability, both MyCanoe and Oru Kayak have their merits.

Oru Kayaks are designed using a custom polypropylene blend with a 10-year UV treatment, which enhances their durability and longevity. They are rated to withstand 20,000 fold cycles, so you can rest assured of their lasting performance despite regular folding and unfolding. However, the material, while sturdy, is somewhat delicate and requires careful handling and maintenance.

On the other hand, MyCanoe is constructed from a custom-made double-layer marine grade polypropylene material, making it robust and long-lasting. It can withstand the rigors of most water conditions. Its design, while bulkier, is straightforward and potentially less prone to wear and tear from assembling and disassembling.

If I’m being honest, both options are extremely durable so I wouldn’t base a decision on this solely. My MyCanoe is in great condition and my Oru kayaks have lasted years without any serious wear and tear.

Which One is For You: MyCanoe or Oru Kayak?

Hands down, the Oru Kayak is the winner here.

Best Folding Kayak
Oru Kayak BayST Folding Kayak - White
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I love the performance of the Oru kayaks, how quick I can assemble and disassemble them, their sleek design, how well they track, and durability has been awesome. It’s absolutely one of my favourite kayaks!

In fact, with barely a $200 price difference, getting an Oru Kayak just makes sense.

With that said, if you’ve bought either kayak and want to share how your experience has been, please comment below 🙂

Tucktec vs Oru: Which Folding Kayak is the Best One?

Kayaking is one of the most thrilling activities to be a part of but if you plan on owning a kayak and want something hassle-free and easy to store in a small space, then you’ll want to invest in a folding kayak (also known as origami kayaks). But which foldable kayak is the best one?

folding kayak on the water

There are two names in the market, Tucktec and the infamous Oru. If you’re trying to decide between these two folding kayaks, then this article is for you.

I actually ended up ordering the Tucktec and I already own all the models of Oru and have paddled in them for years. I also paddled the Tucktec 10 hours to give it a fair shot.

Tucktec vs Oru: The Breakdown

Keep in mind that some comparison reviews can be subjective. Where it’s subjective, I mention it’s my personal preference (like design!) Anyways, here is my in-depth analysis of Oru vs Tucktec foldable kayaks:

#1. Design Comparison

Both Tucktec and Oru have super interesting designs so let’s get into it.

If you’re looking for a kayak with an effortless setup or maybe one that will attract eyes on the water, then the Oru kayak would be your match. It has a well thought out origami-like design that can be folded and unfolded in mere seconds.

On the other hand, Tucktec boasts of a foldable molded shell design consisting of ten parts that you buckle together. It is rigid, sturdy, and has a cockpit wide enough to accommodate an adult’s size.

It’s worth noting that Oru’s design is lighter compared to Tucktec’s, but the Tucktec provides a more stable and secure paddling experience.

Personally, I love the design of the Oru as it truly is like an origami and light like a feather. I especially love the black edition of the Oru, truly a beauty on the water and a lot of people ask me about it when I take it out. Here, Oru is a win!

#2. Construction Comparison

Best Origami Kayak!
Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak
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When it comes to folding kayaks, the building material is essential.

Oru’s kayak is crafted from a single sheet of double-layered Polypropylene material, making it durable, lightweight, and tough enough to withstand chippings. Tucktec, on the other hand, uses High-density Polyethylene (HDPE), a modern concept, ideal for folding kayaks for superior tensile strength, durability, and resistance to friction.

Both have unique materials, but Tucktec is more rigid and solid compared to Oru, making it withstand tough waters.

#3. Performance Comparison

Let’s talk about performance when it comes to the Tucktec in comparison to the Oru.

The Tucktec kayak has a really cool elliptical design that enhances its speed and maneuverability, which is suitable for paddling in rough water conditions.

Compared to the Oru kayak is the Tucktec is slightly more stable, making it easy to maneuver, paddles well, tracks great, and glides through the water with ease.

On the other hand, the Oru kayak is lightweight yet rigid enough to take on tough water conditions. It also has great maneuverability and tracking making it the perfect choice for beginner and intermediate paddlers.

When it comes to performance, I do think the Oru kayaks are easy to handle while being light weight: the Oru is a clear win.

#4. Price and Value Comparison

This is by far the trickiest part of the process because for some of you, it will all come down to your budget.

It’s no surprise that the Oru kayaks are pretty expensive but also extremely durable and perform well while the Tucktec is a sturdy kayak that is durable but doesn’t perform as amazingly well as the Oru.

The Oru Lake+ is their most affordable option coming in a bit less than a thousand dollars while the Tucktec comes in at around five hundred dollars.

While the Oru kayaks are hands down more expensive, I do think they perform a lot better than the Tucktec. However, if you’re a beginner and you want a foldable kayak that you can relax in, then the Tucktec may be for you.

Does the Tucktech Have a Skeg?

Yes, the Tucktec has a removable skeg and also comes with an optional “rudder” assembly for better tracking which is pretty awesome.

Does the Oru Have a Skeg?

Best Folding Kayak
Oru Kayak BayST Folding Kayak - White
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Yes, the Oru kayaks have a removable skeg to help you track straight in windy conditions.

How Much Do Tucktec Kayaks Weigh?

The Tucktec kayak is pretty lightweight, weighing in at only 19 pounds (8.5 kg) which is pretty phenomenal!

How Much Do Oru Kayaks Weigh?

The Oru kayaks are also pretty lightweight, weighing around 26 pounds (11.8 kg) which is still fairly light for a foldable kayak.

While they’re a bit heavier than the Tucktec kayaks, they are still pretty light when compared to hard-shelled kayaks.

Will a Tucktec Kayak Sink?

No, the Tucktec material is so dense and rigid that it won’t sink even if filled with water. However, it’s best to avoid filling the kayak with too much water as it will make it difficult to paddle.

Will an Oru Kayak Sink?

No, just like the Tucktec kayaks, the Oru foldable kayaks are designed to remain buoyant and do not sink even if filled with water.

You don’t need to worry about either of these kayaks sinking.

Which Kayak is For You: Tucktec vs Oru?

For me personally, the winner is the Oru for its beautiful design, top-notch construction, and superior performance. I’ve been a fan of Oru since they launched years ago and when it comes to folding kayaks, they truly have designed a kayak that is not only beautiful to look at with its orgami design, but also performs well.

With that said, the Tucktec is a decent investment for a novice kayaker and for the price point it comes in at but do not expect superb performance from it.

Whatever you choose, make sure it aligns with your needs and budget!

Pelican Kayak vs Hobie Kayak: Which One Produces the Best Kayak?

Are you looking for a new kayak but don’t know which one to choose? The market is flooded with brands and models, making it difficult to choose the one that suits your needs.

Two popular options (and rightly so!) are Pelican and Hobie brands of kayaks. I’ve owned Hobie kayaks as well as a couple Pelican ones so in this article, I’ll compare these two brands and some of their top models to help you determine which one is the right choice for you.

Pelican vs Hobie Kayaks: The Differences

I’m comparing the comfort level for both kayaks as well as maneuverability, weight and portability and much more:

#1. Comfort

Comfort is another important factor when choosing a kayak. Pelican kayaks are engineered for optimal comfort and support, with adjustable seats and footrests that accommodate any size. The Argo models have some awesome cushioned seats which I do love!

Meanwhile, Hobie kayaks offer luxurious, high-quality seating and adjustable lumbar support, ensuring you feel comfortable all day long. These are truly luxury kayaks!

#2. Maneuverability

Second Pick!
Pelican Maxim 100X
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05/18/2024 06:10 am GMT

Maneuverability in the water is crucial when selecting a kayak. Pelican kayaks feature a lightweight design, making them ideal for maneuverability. They are easy for beginners to handle and perfect for kayaking in shallow water.

However, Hobie kayaks are much larger and more stable, making them better for longer kayaking excursions and rougher waters.

#3. Fishing Features

Fishing enthusiasts will be happy to know that both Pelican kayaks and Hobie kayaks are excellent for fishing!

Pelican kayaks come with compartments and mounts for fishing rods and tackle boxes. Meanwhile, Hobie kayaks come with pedal systems, allowing you to navigate the water hands-free while fishing.

I prefer the pedal system which means my hands can now fully focus on holding my fishing rod and my favorite drink instead of worrying about paddling!

#4. Weight and Portability

Awesome Kayak + Paddleboard Combo!
Hobie Mirage Itrek
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Pelican kayaks are designed with portability in mind, making them easy to move around and transport. They come in lightweight designs that are easy to carry over long distances.

As far as Hobie kayaks go, they are much heavier due to their larger size and features, making them difficult to transport.

If you hate carrying heavy items or have arthritis and your arms can’t carry much, then you’ll want to consider Pelican kayaks heavily.

#5. Price

Pelican kayaks are known for their affordability. They are a great option for beginners or anyone on a tight budget.

Hobie kayaks are expensive but well worth it if you have the budget. They are high-end kayaks that come with a lot of features, making them the perfect option for professional kayakers who want a top-of-the-line product.

#6. Versatility

Lastly, versatility is an essential factor when selecting a kayak.

Pelican kayaks are excellent all-around kayaks and are versatile enough for different types of kayaking. They are perfect for recreational activities like exploring calm waters, fishing, or even kayaking in the ocean.

Hobie kayaks are also versatile; however, they are primarily designed for longer kayaking trips, fishing, and even racing. If you want adventure and long term comfort, opt for a Hobie!

Top 5 Recommended Pelican and Hobie Kayaks

Lasso Brag

To help you choose the perfect kayak, here are my top 5 tested (for over 25 hours) and recommended models from each brand:

#1. Hobie Mirage Passport

A lightweight, pedal-driven kayak perfect for recreational use and fishing. It’s perfect for anglers who want a paddle free experience and need their hands for fishing and comes with fishing rod holders and a livewell.

#2. Hobie Mirage Compass Tandem

This pedal-driven kayak is great for couples who want to explore together. It has a dual steering system and features two adjustable seats, as well as plenty of room for gear and supplies. It also includes two cup holders and a storage compartment.

#3. Pelican Argo 100XR

The 100xr is perfect for recreational use. It’s lightweight and easy to carry and features adjustable footrests and an ergonomic seat with adjustable lumbar support (that seat is one of the most comfortable kayaking seats I’ve sat on!)

It also comes with a storage hatch and bungee tie-down straps to secure your gear.

#4. Pelican Argo 100X

This fishing-specific kayak is perfect for novice anglers. It has adjustable footrests and an ergonomic seat for comfort, as well as several storage compartments for tackle and gear. It also includes two rod holders, a paddle holder, and four cup holders.

#5. Pelican Sentinel 100X

Editor's Pick!
Pelican Argo 100XR
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The Sentinel 100x is great for both recreational use and fishing. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and features adjustable footrests and an adjustable seat with ergonomic support. It also comes with several storage compartments for gear and supplies, as well as two rod holders and a paddle holder.

Does Hobie Still Make and Sell Kayaks?

Yes, Hobie still makes and sells kayaks. They are renowned for their high-end designs and features, making them the perfect choice for professional kayakers who want a top-of-the-line product.

Are Pelican Kayaks Better Than Hobie Kayaks When It Comes to Materials?

The materials used in both Pelican and Hobie kayaks are of high quality.

However, the materials used in Hobie kayaks tend to be more durable and long-lasting than those used in Pelican kayaks. This means that a Hobie kayak is likely to last longer and perform better over time and for that reason, are higher priced as well and understandably so.

What Countries Are Pelican and Hobie Kayaks Manufactured In?

Pelican kayaks are manufactured in the US, Canada, and Europe where as Hobie kayaks are primarily designed and produced in the US. Both brands also have manufacturing facilities in China to meet international demand.

Which One is Easier for Portage?

Pelican kayaks are generally lighter and more compact, making them easier to transport and portage.

They also come with a carry handle at the stern for easy carrying. On the other hand, Hobie kayaks tend to be heavier and larger due to their features so they may not be as easy to carry around.

Sea Eagle vs Hobie: Which One is Better?

Both Pelican kayaks and Hobie kayaks are excellent kayaks.

It really will come down to your preferences, budget, and intended use.

Personally, I love Pelican kayaks because my dad owned them when I was growing up and I’ve made a lot of memories in them.

However, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the Hobie Mirage as well as the Island and they are some of the awesomest kayaks around, though not easily found.

With that said, if budget is no restriction and have you patience, then check out the Hobies. If you want a cheap but reliable kayak, then Pelicans are the shiznit!

Pelican Argo 100X vs Mustang: Which One is the Superior Model?

Choosing the right kayak can be a daunting task, especially for newcomers to the sport. Two popular options in the market are the Pelican Argo 100X and the Pelican Mustang and boy, let me tell you: Pelican has some really cool offerings on the market and it can often be hard to decide between the two.

But you’re in luck: I have taken both on extensive trips and I’m going to talk about the best and worst of both kayaks and help you decide which one is the one for you.

Pelican Argo 100X vs Mustang: Which One is the Better Kayak?

While both kayaks have their unique features and strengths, I firmly believe that the Argo is a better choice. I’ve kayaked in both and stand behind this decision. In this article, I’ll explore the reasons why kayakers should opt for the Argo 100X over its counterpart in greater detail.

#1. Built for Comfort

Pelican Argo 100X
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One of the key factors to consider while kayaking is comfort and nothing beats the Pelican Argo 100X in this regard. It comes with an adjustable padded backrest, padded seat cushion, and footrests that can be adjusted to fit your leg length. Trust me, one hour into paddling, you want your butt to be embraced by comfort!

Additionally, it has an ergonomic cockpit design that provides ample space to move around, making it more comfortable than the Mustang.

The Mustang, in comparison, doesn’t offer as much comfort – it has a low backrest and no adjustable footrests at all, making it less comfortable for long rides. For an hour or two long trips, it’s okay. But since I have a bad back, I try to paddle on kayaks that are more comfortable so the Argo wins here.

#2. Stable Design

The Argo 100X is designed with stability in mind. The wide 24″ beam gives the kayak great balance and reduces your chances of flipping over – which can be dangerous. The kayak also has twin tracking channels that help with stability as well, making it a safe option for those who are just starting out on their kayaking journey.

The Mustang, on the other hand, isn’t quite as stable or forgiving for beginners; it’s more suitable for advanced paddlers. Its design offers less stability than the Argo 100X which makes it easier to flip over if you don’t have the appropriate skill level or feel a bit of challenge in the water.

#3. Lightweight and Maneuverable

Pelican Argo 100X
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The Pelican Argo 100X is 37lbs which makes it one of the lightest kayaks in the market. This lightweight feature makes it much more manageable on land, especially when loading and unloading.

Additionally, the Argo’s compact size makes it easy to maneuver and navigate through tight spots.

Compared to the Mustang, which is much more cumbersome and weighs almost 10 lbs more, it comes in at 47 lbs! It’s definitely heavier to carry and the Argo is definitely the better option if you need a kayak that’s light and easy to manage.

The lighter the kayak, the better for me so I definitely love the Argo for being on the lighter end.

#4. Durable and High-Quality Material

A kayak is an investment and understandably you want it to last for many years. Some of my kayaks, including the Argo have lasted me over 8 years now.

The Pelican Argo 100X is made from the highest quality materials including their patented Ram-X polyethylene material, which makes it ultraviolet, impact-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. This combination ensures that the kayak is long-lasting and durable, making it an excellent investment for both seasoned and novice kayakers.

When it comes to the Mustang, while it’s also made from high-quality materials, it lacks the multi-layered construction and ultraviolet inhibitors in the Argo, making it slightly less durable in harsh conditions.

#5. Affordability

Price is always a factor when choosing a kayak and the Pelican Argo 100X is a winner when it comes to affordability. It’s one of the cheapest hardshell kayak options in the market, making it an excellent choice for novice kayakers who don’t wish to spend a fortune.

The Mustang, on the other hand, comes with a higher price tag, making it less appealing if you’re shopping on a budget. The Argo gives you value for your money without compromising on quality.

Can I Use Either Model For Fishing?

Yes, both models are definitely suitable for fishing. The Mustang offers more stability in choppy conditions and is also a better option for long-distance trips due to its longer length. The Argo is ideal for smaller bodies of water and is easier to maneuver than the Mustang.

Both kayaks come equipped with rod holders, making them great options for fishermen. However, the Argo has adjustable rod holders that make it an ideal choice for anglers.

I fish in calm waters and so I prefer the Argo 100X to relax and fish from!

Which Model Can I Use for Whitewater Kayaking?

kayak flipping over

I would not recommend either model for whitewater kayaking. The Argo is designed with stability in mind, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking to tackle rapids and the like. You’ll need a sturdier, more robust model that is designed for super rough and wavy whitewater conditions if you want to go whitewater kayaking.

What is the Cockpit Size of Both of these Kayaks?

The Pelican Argo 100X has a cockpit size of 89″ x 27″, while the Mustang has a slightly larger cockpit at 90″ x 28″. The Argo’s shorter length makes it easier to store and transport, making it the better choice if you’re tight on space.

Which one will feel better to sit in, that is subjective. If you’re under six feet tall, you might be happy in the Argo.

Which One Has Better Seating?

The Pelican Argo 100X has better seating in my opinion. It comes with an adjustable padded backrest, a padded seat cushion, and adjustable footrests that provide great comfort for long hours of paddling. It has a special seating called the ErgoForm seat which is designed to reduce fatigue and improve posture.

It’s definitely one of the best seats I’ve sat on in an inexpensive kayak!

Which Kayak is More Suitable for a Tall Person?

The Mustang is the better option for taller people due to its larger cockpit size and slightly longer length. The Argo 100X would be too small for a tall person, making them uncomfortable during long paddling trips.

Which One Should You Choose: the Pelican Argo 100X or the Mustang?

While both the Pelican Argo 100X and the Mustang are great kayaks, for my needs and its great tracking ability, the Argo has proven to be the better choice. It’s built for comfort, lightweight and maneuverable, made from high-quality materials, and affordable.

Pelican Argo 100X
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What works for me may not work as well for you but the Pelican Argo 100X is a fantastic kayak that should serve you really well. All these features make it ideal for novice and seasoned kayakers alike.