Pelican Kayak vs Hobie Kayak: Which One Produces the Best Kayak?

Are you looking for a new kayak but don’t know which one to choose? The market is flooded with brands and models, making it difficult to choose the one that suits your needs.

Two popular options (and rightly so!) are Pelican and Hobie brands of kayaks. I’ve owned Hobie kayaks as well as a couple Pelican ones so in this article, I’ll compare these two brands and some of their top models to help you determine which one is the right choice for you.

Pelican vs Hobie Kayaks: The Differences

I’m comparing the comfort level for both kayaks as well as maneuverability, weight and portability and much more:

#1. Comfort

Comfort is another important factor when choosing a kayak. Pelican kayaks are engineered for optimal comfort and support, with adjustable seats and footrests that accommodate any size. The Argo models have some awesome cushioned seats which I do love!

Meanwhile, Hobie kayaks offer luxurious, high-quality seating and adjustable lumbar support, ensuring you feel comfortable all day long. These are truly luxury kayaks!

#2. Maneuverability

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Maneuverability in the water is crucial when selecting a kayak. Pelican kayaks feature a lightweight design, making them ideal for maneuverability. They are easy for beginners to handle and perfect for kayaking in shallow water.

However, Hobie kayaks are much larger and more stable, making them better for longer kayaking excursions and rougher waters.

#3. Fishing Features

Fishing enthusiasts will be happy to know that both Pelican kayaks and Hobie kayaks are excellent for fishing!

Pelican kayaks come with compartments and mounts for fishing rods and tackle boxes. Meanwhile, Hobie kayaks come with pedal systems, allowing you to navigate the water hands-free while fishing.

I prefer the pedal system which means my hands can now fully focus on holding my fishing rod and my favorite drink instead of worrying about paddling!

#4. Weight and Portability

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Pelican kayaks are designed with portability in mind, making them easy to move around and transport. They come in lightweight designs that are easy to carry over long distances.

As far as Hobie kayaks go, they are much heavier due to their larger size and features, making them difficult to transport.

If you hate carrying heavy items or have arthritis and your arms can’t carry much, then you’ll want to consider Pelican kayaks heavily.

#5. Price

Pelican kayaks are known for their affordability. They are a great option for beginners or anyone on a tight budget.

Hobie kayaks are expensive but well worth it if you have the budget. They are high-end kayaks that come with a lot of features, making them the perfect option for professional kayakers who want a top-of-the-line product.

#6. Versatility

Lastly, versatility is an essential factor when selecting a kayak.

Pelican kayaks are excellent all-around kayaks and are versatile enough for different types of kayaking. They are perfect for recreational activities like exploring calm waters, fishing, or even kayaking in the ocean.

Hobie kayaks are also versatile; however, they are primarily designed for longer kayaking trips, fishing, and even racing. If you want adventure and long term comfort, opt for a Hobie!

Top 5 Recommended Pelican and Hobie Kayaks

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To help you choose the perfect kayak, here are my top 5 tested (for over 25 hours) and recommended models from each brand:

#1. Hobie Mirage Passport

A lightweight, pedal-driven kayak perfect for recreational use and fishing. It’s perfect for anglers who want a paddle free experience and need their hands for fishing and comes with fishing rod holders and a livewell.

#2. Hobie Mirage Compass Tandem

This pedal-driven kayak is great for couples who want to explore together. It has a dual steering system and features two adjustable seats, as well as plenty of room for gear and supplies. It also includes two cup holders and a storage compartment.

#3. Pelican Argo 100XR

The 100xr is perfect for recreational use. It’s lightweight and easy to carry and features adjustable footrests and an ergonomic seat with adjustable lumbar support (that seat is one of the most comfortable kayaking seats I’ve sat on!)

It also comes with a storage hatch and bungee tie-down straps to secure your gear.

#4. Pelican Argo 100X

This fishing-specific kayak is perfect for novice anglers. It has adjustable footrests and an ergonomic seat for comfort, as well as several storage compartments for tackle and gear. It also includes two rod holders, a paddle holder, and four cup holders.

#5. Pelican Sentinel 100X

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The Sentinel 100x is great for both recreational use and fishing. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and features adjustable footrests and an adjustable seat with ergonomic support. It also comes with several storage compartments for gear and supplies, as well as two rod holders and a paddle holder.

Does Hobie Still Make and Sell Kayaks?

Yes, Hobie still makes and sells kayaks. They are renowned for their high-end designs and features, making them the perfect choice for professional kayakers who want a top-of-the-line product.

Are Pelican Kayaks Better Than Hobie Kayaks When It Comes to Materials?

The materials used in both Pelican and Hobie kayaks are of high quality.

However, the materials used in Hobie kayaks tend to be more durable and long-lasting than those used in Pelican kayaks. This means that a Hobie kayak is likely to last longer and perform better over time and for that reason, are higher priced as well and understandably so.

What Countries Are Pelican and Hobie Kayaks Manufactured In?

Pelican kayaks are manufactured in the US, Canada, and Europe where as Hobie kayaks are primarily designed and produced in the US. Both brands also have manufacturing facilities in China to meet international demand.

Which One is Easier for Portage?

Pelican kayaks are generally lighter and more compact, making them easier to transport and portage.

They also come with a carry handle at the stern for easy carrying. On the other hand, Hobie kayaks tend to be heavier and larger due to their features so they may not be as easy to carry around.

Sea Eagle vs Hobie: Which One is Better?

Both Pelican kayaks and Hobie kayaks are excellent kayaks.

It really will come down to your preferences, budget, and intended use.

Personally, I love Pelican kayaks because my dad owned them when I was growing up and I’ve made a lot of memories in them.

However, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the Hobie Mirage as well as the Island and they are some of the awesomest kayaks around, though not easily found.

With that said, if budget is no restriction and have you patience, then check out the Hobies. If you want a cheap but reliable kayak, then Pelicans are the shiznit!

Hobie Pro Angler 17 T – Hit Fishing Kayak With An Edge?

The Hobie Pro Angler 17 T is a superb-looking sit-on-top, angling, solo/tandem kayak. With changeable stance seats and a bi-pedal paddling system, it is your ideal weekend fishing kayak.

This vessel is able to combine comfort, efficiency, space, and multiple functionalities to give the paddler an unforgettable experience. The Hobie Pro Angler 17 T is one of the best angling boats you can use to enrich your family’s fishing experience. Get your child, place them on the extra seat and show them how to fish for the first time.

Check out the Hobie Pro Angler 17T on Amazon!

angling kayak

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Frame of the Hobie Pro Angler 17 T

The hull of the Hobie Pro Angler 17 is made of rotomolded polyethylene, which gives it a lightweight, but sturdy frame. The material prevents the kayak from cracks if it hits rocks and pebbles, and it is also UV-resistant.

Measuring 17′, the kayak’s length creates enough space for an expansive cockpit, as well as sufficient storage spaces. The Hobie Pro Angler 17 T has a width of 43.5” provides it with enough buoyancy to withstand the windy conditions you are likely to encounter during a fishing expedition.

Furthermore, with such stability, you are safe while in a standing position to reel in that struggling catch, without unnecessarily rocking the vessel.


fishing on a Hobie


A standard, fully fitted hull will have the Hobie Pro Angler 17 weighing 206.5 lbs. Adding a few features, such as the seats, will increase its weight to 244 lbs. The boat is able to comfortably accommodate a maximum weight of 900 lbs. This weight capacity makes it easy to carry two above-average weight adults, as well as whatever gear you will be taking.

Check out the Hobie Pro Angler 17T on Amazon!

Moving the Hobie Pro Angler 17T on and off water is not expected to be a problem. Welded on the farthest end of the bow and the stern are two handles, both grasp-enhanced to reduce injury and strain as you carry the kayak.


Any Special Features That Come With the Hobie Pro Angler 17T?

The Hobie Pro Angler 17 T comes equipped with Hobie’s signature MirageDrive 180 pedals, that are not only easy to use, but also efficient in providing speed control. The fact that there are two pedals means that in tandem mode, you can enjoy a fast kayaking experience.

The pedal also allows the kayakers to engage their hands on rudder control and fishing, instead of actively trying to paddle. Should you get tired of pedaling, you can choose the traditional method of paddling to get around. The Hobie Pro Angler 17 is equipped with two vertical paddles and a T-handle that can be affixed to the paddle for easy handling.

The Hobie Pro Angler 17T has a commendable three-way seating formula. In tandem position, both kayakers can seat facing forward (in-line) or facing each other (social position). Solo position entails the seat being placed at the hull’s center.

To make the various seating arrangements possible, the kayak is equipped with three pedal slots; one in front, one in the middle and one at the stern cockpit area. For the Hobie Pro Angler 17 T solo arrangement, the kayaker uses the middle slot. While in-line, the front kayaker’s seat covers the middle slot with the paddler using the front and back pedal slots. As for the social seating arrangement, the kayakers utilize the middle and stern slots.

Check out the Hobie Pro Angler 17T on Amazon!

Pro Angler 17T


The Vantage XT seats are standardized for both positions on the Hobie Pro Angler 17T. Made of meshed fabric, reinforced on an aluminum frame, the seat has a 4-way adjustability feature. This allows for crouching, full seating and full standing positions. This is especially important for the provision of anchorage for anglers during fishing. The detachable seats are also suitable for use on the beach or camping sites.

The Hobie Pro Angler 17T comes equipped with a rudder to assist in maneuver control. Both kayakers have rudder controllers on their left-hand side (in-line seating arrangement). The rudder control levers are easy to use and have a rubber grip to enhance grasp. This model of kayaks introduces the H-rails, which are meant to be used for various purposes, including attaching your rod holders. You can also hold on to the rails for extra anchorage while fishing. These are easily removable, for transportation purposes.

The hull of the Hobie Pro Angler 17 T comes ready with a set of H-Rail mounting plates, allowing the rails to be installed without drilling more holes in the hull. For anchorage when standing, the floor of the kayak has grip pads, both at the front and back.

The boat is also trolling-motor ready, with a battery storage area, located at the stern. To avoid water logging and listing, the Hobie Pro Angler 17 T is fitted with air draining grommets.

Check out the Hobie Pro Angler 17 T on Amazon!


As an angling vessel, the Hobie Pro Angler 17T has lots of storage space, maybe even more than enough for your fishing expeditions. As a precursor, this vessel is fitted with 10 horizontal rod holders and 2 molded-in vertical holders. The H Rails also have 2 racks meant for rod storage.

Hobie in action

The cockpit floor is fitted with three large rectangular twist hatches. These hatches allow for the quick retrieval of certain items you may need. The upper bow area is fitted with a large front hatch fitted with a liner, which makes it ideal for the storage of ice and fish. The liner can also be removed if you should need to clean the hatch.

With an additional two under seat tackle storage areas, you are assured of more storage than you can ask for. For your personal, small item needs such as cell phones, you get two meshed stowage pockets next to each seat. Additionally, the Hobie Pro Angler 17 T comes retrofitted with two molded-in cup holders.

With so much information discussed regarding the Hobie Pro Angler 17 kayak, we went ahead and made a succinct list of its pros & cons:


  • The Hobie Pro Angler 17 contains comfortable three mode seating capability
  • Good pairing vessel for teaching new kayakers and anglers
  • Efficient control system, in the form of pedaling/paddling capability and rudder control
  • Very light, which allows for respectable speed levels
  • Able to add a small trolling motor, ideal for tracking
  • Already mentioned in this Hobie Pro Angler 17 review, there is lots of storage space

Check out the Hobie Pro Angler 17 T on Amazon!


  • Pricing for the Hobie Pro Angler 17 is a little bit on the higher end
  • Open cockpit may be prone to cockpit splashes in unsettled waters
  • Controlling the Hobie Pro Angler 17 can be a challenge, especially in solo mode, due to the multiple controls
  • Vantage XT seat can get quite stiff when one sits down for long period of time


Hobie Pro Angler 17T Review Conclusion


pedaling on a Pro Angler 17T

Serious angling is never an easy task. However, with the Hobie Pro Angler 17 T, that load is reduced considerably. The boat is suitable for all skill levels of anglers. Nevertheless, the controls can be tricky for kayaking beginners. Despite this, the Hobie Pro Angler 17 kayak is great to practice with, once you start getting acquainted with the controls.

Check out the Hobie Pro Angler 17 T on Amazon!

If you are looking for a fun way to go angling, without reducing the effectiveness required for an abundant catch, the Hobie Pro Angler 17 is the kayak to choose.

Hobie Tandem Island Sail – Well Performing Sailing Kayak Or Failure?

The Hobie Tandem Island Sail is a unique kayak designed and manufactured by Hobie, a renowned kayak brand that offers you exemplary kayaks. The Tandem incorporates an exceptional design, new technology, and premium features that make it perfect for kayakers, sailing enthusiasts, and fishing fanatics.

The new design transforms this sailing kayak into a high performance, unique sailing machine that does not disappoint, regardless of any situation. You can exercise by pedaling or paddling, go fishing, or raise the sail and let the wind do all the work while you sit back and enjoy nature. Let’s have a look in this Hobie Tandem Island review at the features and performance of this incredible piece of work.


hobie tandem sailing kayakCheck out the Hobie Tandem Island Sail on Amazon!

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How Does the Build of the Hobie Tandem Island Sail Hold?

As a part of the redesign, this kayak features a sturdy frame made with rotomolded polyethylene, which ensures a strong, fully adjustable, and customizable frame. It has a length of 18’6″ and a width of 30″, while the hull weighs 130 pounds with basics and 240 pounds when fully loaded with accessories. This kayak not exactly lightweight, so you might need a hand carrying it to the water and bringing it ashore.

Thanks to its quality constructed frame, the Hobie Tandem Island Sail will not only accommodate up to 600 pounds, but it will also ensure great stability while sailing in tough conditions, such as strong water currents or winds. The amas are large enough to offer great stability and can tuck in against the hull for easy and hassle-free docking, or they can be removed completely. The sails can be detached and stored in a carrying bag.

The cockpit can be easily transformed into a peddling platform when the weather conditions are not favorable for sailing.


hobie tandem pedal sail kayak

This kayak features 2-piece carbon-composite masts, whose main function is to reduce weight while maximizing performance. The sail’s larger masts and sail area help provide smoother and faster rides, making your trip more fun and hassle-free. The kayak also boasts of a Lowrance Ready system that features a built-in Transducer Mount that will also greatly enhance your fishing experience.

Check out the Hobie Tandem Island Sail on Amazon!

It comes with Vantage CT seats that feature a 3-level height adjustment and can be reclined to a preferred angle for all day comfort. The kayak seating features lumbar support that provides superior comfort and support regardless of your sailing angle. That means you can stay out all day and remain comfortable all throughout. These seats are also quick-drying and can be substituted as beach chairs.


Features of the Hobie Tandem Island

This so-called kayak comes with a ton of premium features that offer great convenience and versatility. You will absolutely have a whole lot of fun on your water adventure because of this sailing kayak. It features two MirageDrives, one in the front and one in the back, which allows for increased speed and ease of use.

The Mirage Drive technology gives you the option of pedaling the Hobie Tandem Island Sail kayak when the sail is up and furled, once again enhancing your kayaking experience.

sail kayak - yellow

That’s not the complete package; it also comes with two sets of paddles for quick steering situations, which can be stored on the akas when they’re not being used. You also have the option of using the rudder steering controls in the front and rear cockpits.

The Hobie Tandem Island Sail is an incredibly designed kayak that allows you to paddle, sail, fish, and pedal with great ease and with maximum speed. Its pedal power makes it much faster when compared to most tandem kayaks on the market. With its 3 superior forms of propulsion, you don’t have to panic when the wind stops blowing.

Check this kayak on Amazon!

Also offering exceptional performance are the roller-furling systems and vertical battens, which provide a boomless surface sail and better lift. The retractable centerboards are expertly designed to reduce lateral slip, also ensuring a smooth ride. These centerboards basically fold up against the side of the Hobie Tandem Island Sail to ensure easy docking and transport, as well as maneuverability.




overview of the Hobie Sail kayak


The Hobie Tandem Island comes with sufficient storage hatches, including four mesh-covered storage pockets, two molded-in rod holders, and 4 cup holders. There are bungee cords in the rear for extra storage that needs to be secured in place. One of the seats can also be removed, thus creating more room if you are going solo.

There are three twist and seal hatches, all three measuring 8″, as well as a very roomy bow hatch. You can purchase trampolines for the Hobie Tandem Island Sail for extra storage, and they can also be used to lay on, prevent water from spraying into the cockpits, or to invite kids or dogs along! They are made of a strong vinyl mesh that can be firmly tied to the kayak for reliable security.

Truly, this sailing kayak lives up to its name: a kayak that you can sail in & even use a trampoline!


  • Two MirageDrives and rudder controls in the front and rear for dual steering
  • Multiple storage options with the option to add more
  • It is sturdy, durable frame construction for long lasting use
  • Excellent performance, versatility, and stability, which is made apparent in this Hobie Tandem Island review
  • Hobie Tandem Island kayak is faster than most kayaks, easily maneuverable
  • Vantage CT seats with lumbar support that are easily adjustable
  • Optional 8-gallon live-bait tank for fishing and trampolines for extra storage space
  • Available in 3 different colors

Check out the Hobie Tandem Island Sail on Amazon!



  • It will be too expensive for many people
  • Too heavy for people to use if they are heading out alone

Check out the Hobie Tandem Island Sail on Amazon!

Hobie Tandem Island Review Conclusion


The Hobie Tandem Island Sail is, without a doubt, a great sailing machine that will transform the way you paddle, fish, or cruise on the water in luxury. It is sturdy, durable, comfortable, easy to use, and very versatile. Its premium features, whether they are already included or added later, can make this the greatest kayak you will ever buy.

You can fish with a live-bait tank, pedal and paddle when you want exercise, or sail when you want to just relax out on the water.


hobie tandem island kayak

If you are a beginner, there is nothing to worry about, as the Hobie Tandem Island Sail is perfectly designed for beginners as well as professionals. If you have never sailed before, this is the perfect way to practice the techniques that make sailing much easier and more enjoyable.

So if you are a fishing or water sports fanatic, you will certainly want to try this state-of-the art piece of work, expertly designed just for you.

Check it out on Amazon!

PS. Again, tons of information in this Hobie Tandem Island review. For that reason, we have included a video down below so you can see it in motion! Here is a neat video showing it off:

Hobie Adventure Island Sail – Yes! A Kayak That Maneuvers & Sails Well?!

The Hobie Adventure Island Sail is a neat, light multi-hull kayak with a gentle maneuvering capability. This sit-on-top vessel is made with efficiency in mind. The optional addition of a sail makes it is not only capable of sailing, but also fishing and tracking. The kayak introduces personalized handling factors that make it very easy it to operate.

The sailing system of the Hobie Adventure Island Kayak is something that most kayakers would enjoy using. To its credit, the kayak also comes equipped with a transducer for fishing. You can forget about buying transducer lines and going through the hassle of manual fixes. Truly, you will find the Hobie Adventure Island Kayak to be one of a kind “kayak”!

Check out the Hobie Adventure Island kayak on Amazon!

Let’s further explore these features in this Hobie Adventure Island review:


Hobie Adventure Island Sail


The Hobie Adventure Island Sail’s Frame

The Hobie Adventure Island kayak has a build that is is quite different, both in form and size. The kayak’s main hull measures 16’7” in length. The outrigger hulls (the Amas), are of relatively the same length as the main hull.

One good thing about the Hobie Adventure Island Kayak is the ease with which you can detach the amas, in case you don’t want the additional support, and for transporting the kayak.


The Hobie Adventure Island Sailing Kayak’s body is made of remolded polyethylene, which gives it a rigid build. The upper bow hull area has a strong pocket to hold the sail’s mast.

On the floor of the Hobie Adventure Island kayak, just below the mast hole, there is a brace that holds the base of the mast in place. This ensures that you can control the sails without the fear of the mast slanting out of place.

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Hobie's sail kayak - adventure

The Hobie Adventure Island is only meant for one person. It provides an elevated seating position that helps to create a good opportunity to paddle. The paddles, based on Hobie’s patented MirageDrive 180 technology, allows for efficient movement in the water. At the same time, it is much easier to paddle than most bicycles, due to its power gearing system.

Check out the Hobie Adventure Island Kayak on Amazon!

Should you need to port the kayak while on shore or generally out of the water, the Hobie Adventure Island kayak has comfy handles for that purpose. There are two handles, one in the front and another at the furthest end of the of the upper stern area.


Features Of The Hobie Adventure Island Kayak

A good kayak has to offer comfort in addition to performance. The Mirage Hobie Adventure Island Sail designers seem to have this in mind all throughout.

To begin with, the Hobie Adventure Island is retrofitted with a comfortable Vantage C seat, which is easily adjustable. It is easy to disengage from the kayak to use somewhere else. Just below the seat, the kayak is built with a Venturi self-draining system that allows excess water in the cockpit to run off into the sea or the lake. Apart from providing you with comfort, this helps to keep the cockpit manageably clean.


The Hobie Adventure Island Sailing kayak also comes fixed with an easy-to-control rudder system. The rudder steering control is close to the kayaker’s seat, and located on the other side is a toggle used for lifting and lowering the rudder into the water.

With two rod holders just behind the kayaker’s seat, the Hobie Adventure Island Sail just became more fun to use. These molded-in holders can be used to hold your fishing rods and nets in place. You can also attach your fishing gaffs (a pole with a hook to help pull in big fish) here and continue with your sail as you await a catch.

Check out the Hobie Adventure Island Sailing Kayak on Amazon!

sailing kayak

With a retractable mast, you can be sure that transportation and storage of the kayak will not be a problem. Additionally, the furling–mast main sail system allows for maximum control of the Hobie Adventure Island Sail. All you need to know is when to fold and open the sail and you are good to go, as far as speed is concerned. Meanwhile, knowing how to turn the sail with and then against the wind will help you in navigation.

Check out the Hobie Adventure Island Sail on Amazon!

Is There Sufficient Storage in the Hobie Adventure Island Kayak?

The Hobie Adventure Island Sail has a nice amount of storage areas. First of all, it has the main 8” screw top hatches, one of them being conveniently situated close to the seat. Its position makes it ideal for items that need to be accessed quickly, like raincoats, angler knives, first aid kits, snacks, etc.


The Hobie Adventure Island Sail’s stern hatch is a little bit further from the seat, which might make it hard to access, especially during windy conditions or in unsettled waters. Nevertheless, if you feel safe enough, you can still get to it, even under such conditions.

This particular hatch contains a gear drum which is suitable for stuff that you don’t want to get wet, like items with batteries, cell phones, clothes, shoes, etc. Plastic bag them before you drop them in there, just to be sure.

Check out the Hobie Adventure Island Sail on Amazon!

Just before you get to the stern hatch, there is an open molded-in cargo area. This area can be used to stores things like bags and hold unused nets in place. To ensure that your items are intact, the cargo of the Hobie Adventure Island Sail is fitted with elastic nylon and fabric straps that are attached to either side of the kayak. On the front side of the kayaker’s seat are two cup holders, one on both sides.


hobie sailing kayak

In the cockpit area, there are two meshed stowage pockets on either side of the seat. These are used to hold items that a kayaker might need to use a lot during the sails. These pockets are spacious enough to hold your sunscreen, some binoculars, your cell phone, and other items.

An extra large tank hatch is situated at the extreme end of the Hobie Adventure Island Sail’s bow. This hatch is the best place to store those huge items that are not widely in use, like camping gear. This section’s lid is tightly held in place using the same straps as those used in the cargo area.

Check out the Hobie Adventure Island Kayak on Amazon!

Should you need more space in this beastly boat, you can add an Aka trampoline on either side of the hull to hold your extra items. This is also a good way to increase the Hobie Adventure Island Sail’s buoyancy, if the trampolines are balanced in weight on either side of the vessel.


  • Able to achieve high levels of speed due to its sail
  • The Hobie Adventure Island Kayak Ama, with elongated Akas, give it extra buoyancy
  • The Hobie Adventure Island kayak MirageDrive 180 system grants easy paddling, unlike the traditional paddling system
  • A relatively efficient rudder system which is easy to use
  • The Hobie Adventure Island Sail has multiple storage points, making the Hobie Adventure Island Sail suitable for long trips
  • The addition of the transducing lines
  • Comes in 3 colors




  • As compared to a number of other kayaks, the Vantage CT seat might be rigid for some
  • The Hobie Adventure Island Kayak price tag is a little bit on the higher end
  • Not suited for normal paddling, even when your legs get tired of pedaling, while the sail and hulls are attached
  • The Hobie Adventure Island Sail has a cockpit that might present quite a challenge to certain users

Check out the Hobie Adventure Island Sail on Amazon!


Hobie Adventure Island Review Conclusion


yellow sail kayak

Check out the Hobie Adventure Island Sailing Kayak on Amazon!

The Hobie Adventure Island Kayak is a serious and fun loving kayaker’s must-get item. It’s comfortable, spacious and has the speed to top other kayaks. However, it does not seem appropriate for just any kayaker, depending on what you want to use a kayak for.

Additionally, the lack of a second space to accommodate a child or pet makes it more of a ‘loner’s choice’. The price tag of the kayak is high, as already mentioned in this Hobie Adventure Island review, but it’s still not the most expensive kayak. And besides, it’s well worth the price, as you can use it for any purpose, whether it’s for fishing, exercise (both pedaling AND paddling), or to just sail along on a lazy peaceful day!

Check out the Hobie Adventure Island Kayak on Amazon!

Hobie Pro Angler 14 VS Hobie’s Angler 12 Option?

It’s easy to see why kayak fishing is a fast growing sport. It’s the perfect way to unwind and spend a lazy Sunday on the water with friends and family. It’s also exciting because you get to cruise around in your own little boat and there’s always the chance you’ll get to wrestle with a monster catch. If you are having a hard time selecting a fishing kayak, we have great news for you…

Hobie Pro Angler 14

In this article, our Hobie Pro Angler 14 review, goes in-depth to see if it is the best fishing kayak on the market and for all the reasons we discuss below! (PS to check out this particular kayak on Amazon, you may click the ad below for more details, plus pricing):

Hobie Pro Angler 14 Overview

The new Hobie Pro Angler 14 is the lightest, most efficient, feature-filled boat on the market today. It’s a revolutionary design breakthrough with extraordinary stability. It has everything you need to maximize your angling experience without sacrificing comfort, functionality or storage capabilities.

Whether you are drift casting, dry flying, or just exploring new salt water haunts, the boat’s super stable, standing-friendly, rotomolded polyethylene hull encourages all styles of fishing. The new Vantage seating system with Boa Lumbar support is the most comfortable seating platform on any kayak. And with fully adjustable back, bottom, height and lumbar support, you’ll find the perfect position in the Hobie Pro Angler 14 kayak.


The seats on a Hobie Pro Angler 14 kayak


Its huge bow and stern lockers and on deck storage provide an impressive 272 kg payload. The Hobie Pro Angler 14 fishing kayak comes with the H-Rail cup holder and a horizontal rod rack. Other features include a tracing keel, a retractable skeg that improves tracking over long distances, XL padeyes, and the Lowrance-ready transducer mount.


Construction Of The Hobie Pro Angler 14 Fishing Kayak

Clearly the design and implementation came from people actually using fishing kayaks and adjusting the Hobie Pro Angler 14 kayak accordingly. Everything is where it should be: every option makes sense, from the multiple lash points for tools, to the side soft pockets, and the tackle tray storage in the center hatch.

Measuring 14 feet in length, the beefy Hobie Pro Angler 14 kayak will be ready to haul big fish. Given its huge size, you will confidently drag big fish to the deck without sacrificing stability.


Hobie 14 fishing kayak

You should not have to drill any holes in the Hobie Pro Angler 14 kayak. But just in case you need to, there are “boards” on each side where you can drill to insert any piece of gear. If the day comes when you don’t like your setup, just order new boards. It even is set up for a sail kit and livewell tank. There are waterproof connectors for your fish finder and a drop down transducer mount too.


What Makes The Hobie Pro Angler 14 Special & Better?


For most fishermen, stability over speed is a sacrifice they’re willing to make. Considering that much of the time spent in a fishing kayak is spent fishing rather than racing around, stability is often one of the most important features to consider.


The Hobie Pro Angler 14 offers a level of stability and utility that surpasses everything else on the market, featuring a seat design closer to what one would expect to see on a boat. The wide hull of the Hobie Pro Angler 14 provides a stable platform for standing, which allows for great sight fishing.


Designed For The Fisherman

The Hobie Pro Angler 14 is designed with the fisherman in mind. It’s already equipped with numerous features to help fishermen out, such as the rod holder and storage spot for their paddle and other things.


Hobie Pro Angler 14 storage

Perfect For All Fishing Environments

The Hobie Pro Angler 14 is the perfect fishing boat for all environments. From lakes to rivers to the open ocean, this boat knows no boundaries. You can stand and fish with incredible stability, securely store six rods horizontally and two vertically, and access your tackle with ease.


Rudder Tension Adjustment System

This allows for simple fine tuning of the rudder lines with the twist of a knob. There is a larger rudder available as an extra option, which provides tighter turning and improved tracking.



As if the MirageDrive and H-Rail didn’t already make this kayak a top winner, the seating really takes the Hobie Pro Angler 14 to the next level. The Vantage seat has a fully adjustable seat back with lumbar support, and the whole thing collapses, making more room to do stand-up kayaking. This seat is more comfortable and more adjustable than your office and beach chairs. Maybe it’s time to move the office onto the lake!


Hand Free Propulsion

This model features the MirageDrive, a hands-free propulsion system that enables the use of your legs when propelling so that your hands are free to complete other tasks.

Pedaling, rather than paddling, makes sense because leg muscles are naturally larger than arm muscles, so they won’t be as tired when you’re boating over long distances. If you are normally happy using a paddle for propelling, then feel free to do that, but this system will make it a whole lot easier.


pedaling the Hobie Pro Angler 14 kayak


The pedals are connected to turbo fins, which means you can move fairly quickly and easily, even over choppy water. Primary and secondary steering handles allow the boat to be steered from either the port or starboard sides of the boat.


The deck area incorporates every feature you will ever need on your fishing trip, like retractable rudder controls, storage spaces, a work area and drink holders, which are all at your fingertips.

Well Organized Cockpit

There is plenty of standing room in front of the seat with no annoying protrusions to get in the way. The rectangular hatch, tackle management system, H-Rail mounting system, replaceable mounting boards, and horizontal rod holder all serve to keep your cockpit well organized.


Hobie H-Rail

The Hobie H-Rail system has an all new aluminum dodecagon rail that offers a strong, corrosion resistant mounting platform to mount more gear in more places.



You do not need to carry anything like a crate or cooler with you, because there is ample storage space for everything that you need while fishing or simply kayaking in the Hobie Pro Angler 14. For dry storage, there is a huge bow hatch for storing bulky items and an 8 inch round hatch located in the stern tank well. It’s perfect for carrying a cooler or a live bait well.


livewell tank



  • The Hobie Pro Angler 14 kayak is extremely stable and almost hands free
  • Many built in features
  • The MirageDrive is fast, compared to paddling
  • Hobie Pro Angler 14 has 2 hidden flip-up Plano tackle boxes built in
  • The rudder steering can be done with your left or right hand


  • Its sheer size can be problematic for people trying to move around in small, cluttered bodies of water. Make sure that the massive Hobie Pro Angler 14 kayak will fit in your fishing spot before purchasing it.

Check out the Hobie Pro 14 Fishing Kayak here!


Hobie Pro Angler 14 Review Final Verdict

The Hobie Pro Angler 14 is the ultimate fishing kayak in the Hobie range of boats. In this Hobie Pro Angler 14 review, we have covered a lot of details.

Many of their kayaks have features for fishing, but the Mirage Pro Angler 14 is the only one designed with the angler exclusively in mind. Looking for an affordable, durable, lightweight, ultra-stable, built-for-anglers personal watercraft? The Hobie Pro Angler 14 is top of the line.

Enjoy the ride!