Seaward Single Mantra Kayak – Solid Compact Performance Kayak?

If you are okay with paddling alone most of the time, then a single kayak is the right choice. Single kayaks have the distinct advantage of being more maneuverable than tandem models. If you have decided to choose a single model, then the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak is a great choice to take a look at! This compact model is a well designed, performance kayak that has been built for maximum flexibility and comfort by Seaward Kayaks.

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Seaward Single Mantra Kayak

Seaward Kayaks, the manufacturer behind the design and construction of the Mantra, is a reputable brand name on the kayak market. The Single Mantra kayak is one of their most versatile and affordable models.  To learn more about whether this kayak fits your needs, please read our Seaward Single Mantra Kayak review.


Seaward Single Mantra Kayak Frame & Body Details

The long waterline of the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak, combined with solid chines, make this model suitable as a do-it-all craft. You can use it for long distances with grace and comfort, carving skillful turns, and/or for easy shore-line paddling. The solid, yet light hull of the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak gives paddlers the confidence to extend their abilities to maximum performance.



The Seaward Single Mantra Kayak weighs only 51 pounds and comes with a 24.5″ wide beam and is 13.5 feet in length. This craft is responsive, quick, and very stable, due to its well designed frame. The single Mantra Seaward kayak is available in two versions: the low volume and a high volume.


Mantra in the water

Seaward Mantra Kayak’s low volume version has a weight capacity of up to 170 pounds and has a lower deck at 13 inches. It’s a much better fit for the smaller, less heavier paddler. The high volume model has a weight capacity of up to 260 lbs, and can accommodate a paddler up to 6 feet 4 inches tall.

Both models feature solid chines and a long water line that makes the boat able to do it all. Seaward Mantra Kayak’s compact design provides performance and flexibility, allowing paddlers to carve skillful turns. With the Seaward Mantra Kayak, you can paddle long distance with confidence, style and comfort.

The single Mantra Kevlar kayak comes with interior and exterior seams made of fiberglass. In order to ensure that the hull and deck remain bonded, the outside seams come with 2 extra layers of a gel coat. The Seaward Mantra Kayak’s deck height of 14 inches and the large cockpit (36 inches x 18 inches) are designed to allow paddlers to enter and exit with ease. The paddler enjoys great comfort on the padded molded seat and backrest.

In order to secure the rudder during transport in the up position, the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak comes with a Rudder Stay-With-Tie-Down and a Smart Rudder System. For effective bracing without any compromise to the rudder’s effectiveness, foot pegs pivot on an axle. The boat comes with dual watertight hatches that feature rubber cover seals, and a day hatch.


Exciting info for the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak

The Mantra Kevlar’s day hatch is there to keep your sunscreen, cell phone and snacks handy. Between the hatches and the cockpit are fiberglass bulk heads for a watertight seal.

This single kayak model from Seaward Kayaks comes with an included cockpit cover designed to keep your cockpit free of water, debris, bugs or leaves when not in use.

Two webbing pieces behind the Mantra Kevlar Kayak’s cockpit, that are part of the Self Rescue System, are designed to make re-entry easier. Once you are back in the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak and ready for paddling, you can retrieve your paddle with the help of a quick release buckle.

Storage Space in the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak…

The Seaward Mantra Kayak has a maximum weight capacity of 260 lbs (high volume version) and comes with a cockpit dimension of 36” length × 18″ width. This model offers a stern hatch, day hatch, and bow hatch storage.



  • The Seaward Single Mantra Kayak model comes with a large cockpit, designed to allow paddlers to enter and exit easily
  • Has a comfortable padded molded seat and backrest
  • For a watertight seal, the Mantra comes with fiberglass bulk heads between the hatches and the cockpit
  • The Seaward Mantra Kayak comes with a day hatch, stern hatch, and bow hatch storage
  • The included cockpit cover keeps the cockpit free of debris, water, leaves and bugs when the boat is not in use
  • The interior and exterior seams are made of fiberglass
  • The Seaward Single Mantra Kayak boat comes with a Self Rescue System
  • The long water line of the Seaward Mantra Kayak makes it able to do almost anything
  • It features a compact design that provides flexibility and high performance
  • The Seaward Single Mantra Kayak is a versatile kayak that can be used for long distance trips as well as easy shore-line paddling
  • Affordable price



  • The Mantra Kevlar kayak is not as stable as a tandem kayak model
  • It doesn’t fit as much gear as a tandem would


Seaward Mantra Kevlar Kayak Review Summary

The Seaward Single Mantra Kayak is designed to be able to accommodate taller people, and has a large cockpit for heavier paddlers who want to get in shape or just be able to be in a kayak, period. The fiberglass frame is very sturdy, it’s a comfortable ride, and the day hatch puts you in close proximity to your immediate supplies.

The Seaward Single Mantra Kayak might not be as stable as a tandem, but once you know how to use it, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. You might not be able to take luggage or fishing equipment with you, but if you’re just going out for the day, the Mantra is a great, quality kayak to be out on the water with.

PS. Hopefully, by now you’ve made up your mind regarding this kayak by reading our Seaward Mantra review! However, just in case, if you want more options, check out our best kayaks guide here, our inflatable kayaks guide here!

Seaward Tyee XLC Kevlar Kayak – Elegant, Responsive, & Fun?

The Seaward Tyee XLC Kevlar Kayak (Seaward Tyee XLC for short!) is a well engineered watercraft designed for both the novice and pro. Built for performance and beauty, the Tyee is quick in the water, seaworthy, and stable. For such a long boat, it turns easily and its beauty turns a few heads when you go to launch it.


The Seaward Tyee XLC Kayak is an extremely versatile kayak; it is a great watercraft to use if you like fishing, overnight touring, photography, duck hunting, or just plain getting out on the water. Once you’re out there, you’ll appreciate the high standards that Seaward Kayaks built into this piece of performing art. Rugged elegance would be a great description for the Seaward Tyee kayak.

Seaward Tyee XLC kevlar kayak

Frame of the Seaward Tyee XLC Kevlar Kayak

The Seaward Tyee XLC’s frame has a long 17 foot long waterline, combined with a generous 2 foot beam, making the Tyee XLC kayak a stable one that is quick and responsive for a long cruise. Its Greenland up-swept bow will slice through rougher water with ease. Altogether, its dimensions are 17 feet long, 24 inches wide, and 14.5 inches deep, providing a great platform for water fun.

The Kevlar hull makes the Seaward Tyee XLC kayak almost bombproof, bouncing off rocks and trees with very little damage. You will find that it easily handles choppy water. That up-swept bow pushes through the waves better when it has a little load in the front, so go ahead and pack a good picnic.

The cockpit is very generous, and if you have bad memories of doing a wet exit, you’ll appreciate how much extra room it has. You won’t get your legs stuck when extricating yourself from an overturned kayak. The Seaward Tyee XLC seating is easy to fine tune to your body type. The seat back can be adjusted forward and back by using the pre-formed holes, and it can be tilted to a right angle using a strap. The seat bottom is padded with mini-cell foam. You won’t feel the cold coming through the seat like you do with cheap molded plastic seats.


Any Special Features With The Seaward Kayaks’ Tyee XLC Kevlar Kayak Offering?

At 51 pounds, this Seaward Tyee XLC Kevlar model is slightly lighter than the fiberglass model. It has some heft to it but that only confirms how rugged and seaworthy they build it. The molded padded seat and backrest make for a comfortable ride. They are easily adjusted and keep you protected from the jolts that choppy water can give to your back.

The Sea-Dog foot pedals take a little getting used to, but along with the rudder, they are easy to operate. The Seaward Tyee XLC boat tracks well so it doesn’t take much to keep it going in a straight line. It is very responsive and only takes a little flinch of your foot to adjust the course. The smart rudder system will keep you steady.

When you order, you should have a choice of some great colors that add to the beauty of the watercraft. Pick black or white, teal or red, ivory or burgundy. You can even go with funky colors like signal yellow, mandarin or fuschia.

You don’t want to spill, but if you are in over your head, the Safe Hatch system will keep your gear from getting away from you. It will also keep it from getting soaked in the surf, so you can look forward to dry clothes after a long day on the water.

The Safe Rescue System makes it easier to re-enter the Seaward Tyee XLC Kevlar kayak in case of an adventurous spill. The kayak itself is pretty stable, so that also helps. When practicing deep water re-entries, you’ll see that there is more than enough leverage to pull yourself back into the Seaward Tyee XLC kayak beauty!


Is There Enough Storage Space?

According to Seaward Kayaks, the Seaward Tyee XLC kayak has 415 liters of storage space. To put that in perspective, it is more space than you would get if you crammed all your food and gear into 20 5-gallon buckets from the home improvement store. In other words, with careful planning, you can fit everything you need for a week-long trip.

As I said before, the Seaward Tyee XLC kayak actually rides better with some extra weight in the front. In fact, that extra volume allows for a dry ride even if you are heavily loaded for your overnight adventure. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself with extra food or gear. With all that space, you should be able to handle another 70 pounds or more of supplies on the water.

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  • Kevlar reinforced hull is very rugged, so you don’t have to worry about hitting rocks or trees
  • Cockpit is very generous, easy to get in or out if you are a big person
  • The Seaward Tyee XLC seat is adjustable so you can paddle comfortably
  • Rudder system allows you to track straight in the water, so there is less effort
  • Greenland up-swept bow slices through the waves so you can rocket across the water
  • 17 foot boat tracks well and wants to go in a straight line
  • Extra large storage capacity for versatility of use, from picnicking to cruising
  • Well engineered design is stable, fast and seaworthy
  • Seaward Tyee XLC Kevlar comes in great colors of your choice, mixing functionality with beauty
  • Built specifically to adapt to the needs of the newbie kayaker and the pro


  • The Seaward Tyee XLC contains a large cockpit without thigh braces
  • The padding for the knees is slippery so you don’t always get the leverage you need; a rougher pad would help
  •  It would be easier to get into the Seaward Tyee XLC (after a deep water spill) if the deck lines extended to behind the cockpit
  •  Some people have a tough time doing a self rescue in the Seaward Tyee kayak, but a two person rescue is very doable
  • The price is high for some people, so this is a long term investment


Seaward Tyee XLC Kevlar Kayak Review Summary

Altogether, the Seaward Kayaks’ Tyee XLC Kevlar Kayak is an amazing piece of equipment that you can use on slow rivers, Great Lake surges or ocean surf. It is easy to get into and out of because the cockpit is very generous. The kayak is stable and edges very well, yet is quick and responsive in the water, even with a full load.

This is Seaward’s most stable kayak. It handles choppy water comfortably and pushes back the wave very well if it has a light load. No wonder this offering, the Seaward Tyee XLC Kayak is a favorite with many tour operators.

Nigel Foster Kayaks Presents Shadow Kevlar Kayaks: Luxury Or Performance?

[table id=Nigel-Foster-Kayaks-Shadow-Kevlar /]

Seaward Kayaks is a company that has established itself as a namesake in the kayaking industry for a reason. The company produces high-quality, durable kayaks, and Nigel Foster’s Shadow Kevlar kayak is no exception. In the world of kayaks, you really do get what you pay for.  Nigel Foster Kayaks are some of the finest kayaks available on the market!

Though the price tag of this Shadow Kevlar kayak, AKA one of the most beautiful Nigel Foster kayaks, may seem a little steep for some, it is a product that is built to last and capable of enduring both lengthy and difficult voyages in virtually all types of water.

This review will examine this particular Shadow Kevlar kayak, designed by Nigel Foster kayaks, in an effort to help you decide if this kayak is the right one for you.

Nigel Foster Kayaks - Seward kayak

Frame of the Nigel Foster Kayaks


nigel foster kayaks

The length of this kayak is 17’10”, with a 22″ beam and 13″ depth. The dimensions of the cockpit are 31″ by 16.5″, which are pretty standard for a kayak of this variety. The frame is made of high quality kevlar, which is a particular type of fiber used to make fiberglass.

The benefit of using kevlar as a fiber is that it is incredibly durable, highly resistant to cracks and leakage, and can be relatively easy to repair when necessary. Furthermore, as with all Seaward Kevlar kayaks, with these Nigel Foster kayaks, there are 19 brilliant colors to choose from (for the deck, hull, seam, and hatches).

Any Cool Features of the Nigel Foster Kayaks?

The Shadow Kevlar kayak has an ample number of features that make it particularly attractive for those who are seeking to go on longer adventures.

Features such as padded thigh braces, knee brace pads, and foot rests allow you to paddle more comfortably and for longer periods of time. Other standard features include the skeg (essential for any sort of white water), recessed fittings, fiberglass outside seams, and fiberglass bulk heads.


nigel foster shadow kevlar kayak

In addition to these standard features, there are a number of optional features available. These features include a cockpit cover, a guzzler foot pump, quick release rescue straps, and an easy to read built-in compass. The optional features you should get depend on the the types of adventures you plan to use your Nigel Foster kayak for!

Is There Enough Storage In The Shadow Kevlar Kayak?

When compared to other kayaks of similar dimensions, the Nigel Kevlar kayaks exhibit an impressive amount of storage space. Nigel Foster himself has had several experiences with longer journeys, and because of this, he made sure to incorporate plenty of space to store various supplies.

The total amount of storage space in the Nigel Foster kayak is 202 liters, which is divided into 78 liters in the bow, 42 liters in the day, and 82 liters in the stern. 202 liters is ample space for storing dry-sealed bags of food and supplies, tents for camping, and most other small goods you might hope to venture with (though you should still pack lightly of course).


nigel foster kayak alongside a big boat!


  • This beautifully crafted watercraft is a model that is able to last over a decade, even with daily use
  • The Nigel Foster Kayaks aka Shadow Kevlar kayak is so popular because it provides the highest quality materials and details possible
  • This kayak is durable, well-equipped, and relatively high-performing in nearly all varieties of kayaking
  • It is especially good for lengthy, multi-day adventures such as the ones frequently enjoyed by Nigel Foster himself
  • Can withstand the tests of even the harshest varieties of white water
  • This brand has earned its stellar reputation and praise for its ability to perform and function
  • It’s made with kevlar, an exceptionally high quality fiberglass


  • The Shadow is an expensive kayak, but it is well worth it
  • Not suited for beginner or casual kayakers, who won’t be able to utilize the features that are so costly
  • The Nigel Foster kayaks are a bit longer than others, so you would have to measure a place to store yours before purchasing

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Nigel Foster Kayaks Review Summary

Nigel Foster is a well respected designer, and his line of Nigel Foster kayaks that he creates are priced with a premium. If you buy anything designed by Nigel Foster or produced by Seaward Kayaks, you know you are getting a product designed to meet your needs.

Seaward Passat G3 Kevlar Kayak – Comfortable & High Performing?


Overview of the Seaward Passat G3 Kevlar Kayak

[table id=Seaward-Passat-G3-Kevlar-Kayak /]

Seaward Kayaks’ Passat G3 Kevlar (also for short, known as the Seaward Kevlar Kayak) has set an industry standard for a sleek, fast touring tandem kayak. It is a touring kayak with a V-shape hull, padded seating, and a 2 person seating capacity. As a touring kayak, it is designed to travel long distances in open (and potentially rough) water. It offers an excellent compromise for paddlers seeking a light and high-performing kayak.

A “Greenland” style bow, 26-inch beam, and over 348 liters of interior storage add up to a combination of speed, comfort and load capacity that is unmatched in a touring tandem. Not sure if you should purchase a Seaward Kevlar Kayak?  No problem! We go through the nitty gritty details, right here, in our Seaward Kevlar review! Paddle along…

Our other Seaward reviews include Seaward Single Mantra review, Seaward Tyee XLC review, and Nigel Foster Shadow Kevlar review.


Seaward Passat G3 Kevlar Kayak



What is Unique About Seaward Passat G3 Kevlar’s Construction?

The design and function of the Seaward Passat G3 kayak was remarkably well envisioned and executed. The Seaward Kevlar Kayak is a beauty, and its Kevlar construction gives you the perfect middle ground between performance and low weight. It is based on the original Passat hull, which is widely acclaimed by adventure racers the world over (dual-first place in the Yukon River Quest). A slightly increased overall depth and custom curved bulkheads create a true 3-hatch (3 cockpits with optional seating) racing and expedition tandem.

The Seaward Passat G3 Kevlar is lighter than fiberglass, but stronger than carbon. The Seaward Kevlar kayak offers a very good compromise for paddlers in quest of lightness and function. Even though it is costlier than fiberglass, the advantages are apparent, making it well worth the investment.

This kayak measures 22 feet long, 26 inches wide, is 15.5 inches deep, and weighs 81 pounds. The Seaward Passat G3 cockpit dimensions are 32.25″L x 16″W x 13.5″D and the total storage is 348 liters.


What Makes The Seaward Kevlar Kayak Special?


Seaward Passat G3 Kevlar anatomically molded and padded seat has an adjustable backrest. A large screw knob on the rear end of the backrest will raise and lower the seat back. There are webbing straps which can be tightened or loosened to adjust the forward and backward angle of your seat.

UHMW Keel Guard

The UHMW keel guard comes in handy for lifting a loaded or partially loaded boat at the bow and then pivoting or dragging it (gently!) on the stern on smooth, soft surfaces (for example, to wiggle it off a sandy beach and into the water).

On top of that, the UHMW Keel Guard offers these advantages:

  • Sliding over obstacles (gravel) with ease
  • High tensile strength disperses sudden impact
  • Reduces wear of your keel and protects your investment
  • Won’t create pitting of your expensive keel like a steel QT plate will. NO RUST!
  • UHMW is lightweight and abrasion resistant, far outlasting steel in commercial applications
  • Can be replaced and repaired with greater ease than other keel protection methods


Seaward Passat G3 on a trip!

Seaward Passat G3 Kevlar’s Exclusive SafeHATCH System

The Seaward Passat G3 safeHATCH system incorporates many features to guarantee your safety. First is the tethered hard fiber glass outer hatch, and right under this is a tethered neoprene hatch. They are both locked in place by means of 2 separate shock cords that have easy release tabs. And in the unlikely occasion that you lose or damage these hatch covers, a shock cord used to hold these hatches down can be rerouted around the fibre glass coaming. This way it securely holds down any water proof material like the cockpit cover that comes standard on the Seaward Kevlar kayak.


An Innovative Rudder System

The introduction of rudder systems brought in a whole new level of maneuvarability and safety to padding. Up until now, these advances brought about issues with solid knee bracing, but not any longer. The smartRUDDER system in the Seaward Passat G3 allows all paddlers, no matter the skill level, to brace firmly while keeping complete rudder control.


Tough Kayak For Rough Waters

The Seaward Passat G3 Kevlar kayak tracks amazingly well with or without the rudder. It edges easily and effortlessly and tours at 5+ knots. The Seaward Kevlar kayak is safe, strong and seaworthy in challenging waters. The Seaward experienced kayakers will find this kayak easier to track in a straight line, more maneuverable and faster.


Is there Ample Storage in the Seaward Passat G3 Kevlar Kayak?

Seaward tricked out the Seaward Passat G3 with a bit more volume and a center hatch/cockpit, providing room for dogs, children, or easily accessible waterproof storage. The extra large opening is perfect for packing awkward items and seals like any ordinary storage hatch, completely waterproof with a neoprene inner and fiberglass cover.

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With the center hatch, the Seaward Passat G3 has 348 liters of dry storage in total, offering more storage space than the average kayak, even enough for overnight outings.


passat kevlar kayak in use


  • Impeccable detail in boat form and function, without being overdone
  • The Seaward Kevlar is a prime example of master craftsmanship
  • Rudder works great and stores well
  • The specially engineered hull of the Seaward Passat G3 features a unique “lifting chine” that aids buoyancy and provides for a dryer ride
  • Lots of room for big adventures
  • Secure nylon straps steadily hold the paddle during paddle-float self rescues, and quick-release tabs free the paddle rapidly after re-entry
  • All the hatches on the Seaward Passat G3 are neoprene covered with a hard shell fiberglass top, so water will never get in, and hatches are easy to use
  • Cockpit covers will keep rain out
  • Center compartment is completely bulk headed from the bow and stern cockpit, and can accomodate a child in the optional center seat


  • The only problem is with the cabling for the rudder placement in and out of the water, requiring manual work and to be checked before putting the Seaward Passat G3 kayak in the water


storage space for the Seaward Passat G3 Kevlar


About the Seaward Kevlar Kayak

Whether you’re a new paddler, enthusiast or experienced guide, Seaward has a kayak to suit your needs. By constantly researching the most effective and highest quality materials available, Seaward remains committed to being an industry leader. They have earned their reputation for innovation and quality. Many industry standards were initiated by Seaward, including the self-rescue system SRS, safeHatch and smart rudder system.

seward kayaks logo


To learn more about Seaward Kayaks, check out their philosophy video:

Seaward Passat G3 Kevlar Kayak Conclusion

To sum this Seaward Kevlar review up, the Seaward Passat G3 is one of the best tandem kayaks on the market. The stability, quality accessories like rudder pedals, seat and adjustment options, cowling covers and rigging features allow this kayak to offer an incredible paddling experience. Additionally, the staff is readily available to provide assistance for parts and suggestions to repair any damage that occasionally occurs on trips.

Once you get over the initial price, the craftsmanship, quality materials and overall finish are worth it. The Seaward Kevlar kayak aka the Seaward Passat G3 is the best blend of comfort and performance you can buy.