Seaward Single Mantra Kayak – Solid Compact Performance Kayak?

If you are okay with paddling alone most of the time, then a single kayak is the right choice. Single kayaks have the distinct advantage of being more maneuverable than tandem models. If you have decided to choose a single model, then the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak is a great choice to take a look at! This compact model is a well designed, performance kayak that has been built for maximum flexibility and comfort by Seaward Kayaks.

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Seaward Single Mantra Kayak

Seaward Kayaks, the manufacturer behind the design and construction of the Mantra, is a reputable brand name on the kayak market. The Single Mantra kayak is one of their most versatile and affordable models.  To learn more about whether this kayak fits your needs, please read our Seaward Single Mantra Kayak review.


Seaward Single Mantra Kayak Frame & Body Details

The long waterline of the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak, combined with solid chines, make this model suitable as a do-it-all craft. You can use it for long distances with grace and comfort, carving skillful turns, and/or for easy shore-line paddling. The solid, yet light hull of the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak gives paddlers the confidence to extend their abilities to maximum performance.



The Seaward Single Mantra Kayak weighs only 51 pounds and comes with a 24.5″ wide beam and is 13.5 feet in length. This craft is responsive, quick, and very stable, due to its well designed frame. The single Mantra Seaward kayak is available in two versions: the low volume and a high volume.


Mantra in the water

Seaward Mantra Kayak’s low volume version has a weight capacity of up to 170 pounds and has a lower deck at 13 inches. It’s a much better fit for the smaller, less heavier paddler. The high volume model has a weight capacity of up to 260 lbs, and can accommodate a paddler up to 6 feet 4 inches tall.

Both models feature solid chines and a long water line that makes the boat able to do it all. Seaward Mantra Kayak’s compact design provides performance and flexibility, allowing paddlers to carve skillful turns. With the Seaward Mantra Kayak, you can paddle long distance with confidence, style and comfort.

The single Mantra Kevlar kayak comes with interior and exterior seams made of fiberglass. In order to ensure that the hull and deck remain bonded, the outside seams come with 2 extra layers of a gel coat. The Seaward Mantra Kayak’s deck height of 14 inches and the large cockpit (36 inches x 18 inches) are designed to allow paddlers to enter and exit with ease. The paddler enjoys great comfort on the padded molded seat and backrest.

In order to secure the rudder during transport in the up position, the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak comes with a Rudder Stay-With-Tie-Down and a Smart Rudder System. For effective bracing without any compromise to the rudder’s effectiveness, foot pegs pivot on an axle. The boat comes with dual watertight hatches that feature rubber cover seals, and a day hatch.


Exciting info for the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak

The Mantra Kevlar’s day hatch is there to keep your sunscreen, cell phone and snacks handy. Between the hatches and the cockpit are fiberglass bulk heads for a watertight seal.

This single kayak model from Seaward Kayaks comes with an included cockpit cover designed to keep your cockpit free of water, debris, bugs or leaves when not in use.

Two webbing pieces behind the Mantra Kevlar Kayak’s cockpit, that are part of the Self Rescue System, are designed to make re-entry easier. Once you are back in the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak and ready for paddling, you can retrieve your paddle with the help of a quick release buckle.

Storage Space in the Seaward Single Mantra Kayak…

The Seaward Mantra Kayak has a maximum weight capacity of 260 lbs (high volume version) and comes with a cockpit dimension of 36” length × 18″ width. This model offers a stern hatch, day hatch, and bow hatch storage.



  • The Seaward Single Mantra Kayak model comes with a large cockpit, designed to allow paddlers to enter and exit easily
  • Has a comfortable padded molded seat and backrest
  • For a watertight seal, the Mantra comes with fiberglass bulk heads between the hatches and the cockpit
  • The Seaward Mantra Kayak comes with a day hatch, stern hatch, and bow hatch storage
  • The included cockpit cover keeps the cockpit free of debris, water, leaves and bugs when the boat is not in use
  • The interior and exterior seams are made of fiberglass
  • The Seaward Single Mantra Kayak boat comes with a Self Rescue System
  • The long water line of the Seaward Mantra Kayak makes it able to do almost anything
  • It features a compact design that provides flexibility and high performance
  • The Seaward Single Mantra Kayak is a versatile kayak that can be used for long distance trips as well as easy shore-line paddling
  • Affordable price



  • The Mantra Kevlar kayak is not as stable as a tandem kayak model
  • It doesn’t fit as much gear as a tandem would


Seaward Mantra Kevlar Kayak Review Summary

The Seaward Single Mantra Kayak is designed to be able to accommodate taller people, and has a large cockpit for heavier paddlers who want to get in shape or just be able to be in a kayak, period. The fiberglass frame is very sturdy, it’s a comfortable ride, and the day hatch puts you in close proximity to your immediate supplies.

The Seaward Single Mantra Kayak might not be as stable as a tandem, but once you know how to use it, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. You might not be able to take luggage or fishing equipment with you, but if you’re just going out for the day, the Mantra is a great, quality kayak to be out on the water with.

PS. Hopefully, by now you’ve made up your mind regarding this kayak by reading our Seaward Mantra review! However, just in case, if you want more options, check out our best kayaks guide here, our inflatable kayaks guide here!

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