Seaward Kayaks

Seaward Kayaks is a company based in British Columbia, Canada, which employs locals/friends to make their kayaks with North American parts. The family owned business started in 1986 and has about 25 employees, all dedicated to making sure their kayaks are top quality. They are all made with great attention to detail.


Seaward Kayaks

The company is known for their quality as well as their innovations. They are responsible for the smartrudder, the Self Rescue System (SRS), paddlersideRDS (a rudder deployment system), and the safeHatch, as well as cockpit covers that lock. Seaward prides themselves on using materials of the highest quality, with the paddler’s great experience in mind at all times. They want everyone to have the best experience possible and they believe in providing the best customer service as well.


The company’s Kevlar/fiberglass kayaks include the Passat G3 Kevlar, Mantra, Quest, Shadow Kevlar, Tyee XLC, and other models. They have single, double, rudder, and skeg kayaks, the shortest one being the single Mantra at 13.5 feet. The double (or tandem) kayaks, like the Passats, are 22 feet long. Their kayaks are made to provide the ability to allow customization as well, to fit every user’s unique needs.

Seaward also sells accessories and parts including seats, rudders, skegs, deck fittings, spray skirts, and t-shirts, as well as other items. They were testing a new kayak, the Guide 17, but that was in March and nothing has been mentioned after that. The company has also worked with Nigel Foster on their Shadow kayaks.

Kayak Distribution, the manufacturer of Riot Kayaks (and others), and distributor of Tahe Marine kayaks and others, took over Seaward’s thermoformed division. However, they are still making their other kayaks, since they’ve been producing them for over 25 years.

Both companies are working closely together to provide more quality products to their customers. It’s a win-win situation for the companies AND the customers!