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Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem Kayak Detailed Review

The Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem Kayak is a medium length watercraft that comes with some distinctive features. It’s a strong, quality vessel for people who like to go kayaking with a companion.

This particular model is yellow and it is one of the few on the market that is designed to offer great performance and convenience for the money. The careful balance of features and functionality is evidently the standout aspect of the watercraft and any buyer will need to analyze them carefully.


Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem

The unique design of the Polarity clearly establishes the boat as a product from Riot Kayaks, a well-established company. The design of the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 is not the only thing that stands out with this watercraft, however. There are other features, like storage and the frame, that gives it a unique identity.

A key issue that any buyer seeks to find out is whether a product will perform as expected and give them value for their money. By looking at the various aspects of this tandem kayak, we will be able to establish the real value of the boat in this Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 review.

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The entire frame of the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 is made of strong polyethylene, with only the seats and peripheral parts being made of other materials. As the frame is the most vital part of any boat, it is great to see such a strong material being used for its construction. Most durable and lightweight kayaks are made from polyethylene and as such, durability and portability can be expected with this product as well.

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Looking at the bare specifications, the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 weighs almost 90 pounds and the maximum weight that it can support is well over 500 pounds. That could hold two average sized adults and a considerable amount of gear.

In terms of size, the watercraft’s length measures about 16.6 feet, despite its description, and it is 25.6 inches wide. With such dimensions, most kayaks would not have enough space left for much else. This is not the case with the Polarity 16.5 Tandem, however, as the frame is designed optimally in such a way that no space will go to waste.

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The hull of the Riot Kayaks Polarity is constructed in the unique catamaran design to improve stability and speed. Great performance is expected with this kayak, as it is compact in all aspects. The exterior of the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 is also streamlined in an almost perfect symmetry where each side of the boat is a mirror of the other. Seats, storage compartments, foot braces and all other important aspects blend in quite well with the frame design.

The overall construction of the frame is commendable, especially since it contributes to its enhanced performance.

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Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Features

The Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 does not fall short of features. One particular feature that gives this boat an edge is the Contour-Fit seating system. This system is great for allowing quick adjustments on the seats and deck for both users.

Such adjustments allow people of different statures to use the kayak comfortably. The quick-lock foot braces are also adjustable and offer maximum support for efficient paddling, and there is a pilot rudder system included to ensure easy steering. In terms of handling, rubber handles are included at both the front and rear ends of the boat for easy transportation.


Riot Polarity Tandem Kayak

The cockpit space is also quite sufficient for allowing users to enjoy uninhibited movement when paddling, measuring 32″ x 19″, which provides plenty of space for average adults. Another important feature is the tunnel hull, which makes for easier tracking, stability and speed.

With an elevated mid-section, much of the weight is distributed evenly and users of any level will not find it hard to use this boat. Overall, the features that the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 comes with works well for both experienced users and beginners.


Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Storage Space: Is There Enough?

There are many storage options that come with the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5. To start with, there are compartments at both the front and rear ends of the kayak. These compartments are covered with Thermolite hatch covers for maximum protection.

The compartments are able to hold a huge amount of gear and the shock cord storage included is also great for securing any extra gear that might be needed in an excursion. The straps between the cockpits are also great for keeping any items that do not need protection from water.

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Overall, there are ample storage options with the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5. Considering that the design is optimized for performance, there is no cause for concern even when all the compartments and storage units are fully loaded. This kayak is fast and agile, good for long trips and that’s what most people will use it for, so storage will most likely be full.

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The Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 might be compact, as we’ve discussed in this Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 review, but it is still a long kayak, so finding a place to store it when it is not being used might pose a problem. Also, transporting it requires extra equipment and/or a truck, so if you have a small car, you might be better off looking at a smaller kayak.


Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Pros

  • The pilot rudder system is great for tracking
  • The Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 has a great design that allows for great performance
  • The hull design is great for stability and speed in the water
  • Storage compartments are able to handle a lot of gear
  • Features a minimalist, but effective design

Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Cons

  • The Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5’s weight can be bothersome when transporting it over long distances
  • The seats might be too close for people of a bigger stature

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Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Review Conclusion

The Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 Tandem is a great watercraft for those who are looking for a quality tandem kayak. It is made by a reputable company that has produced remarkable products in the past. With a great design and various comfort and performance features, the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 holds its own on the market.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a good tandem kayak, but the most important of all is value. The performance, durability and functionality aspects of the Riot Kayaks Polarity 16.5 are the standout features, which make it a formidable option.

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It is best for day or overnight trips, but not a good candidate in the way of convenience, when a short trip is planned, like fishing. If you’re an angler, be sure to also check out our Riot Escape 12 review.

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Pelican Unison 136T Kayak – Surprisingly Comfortable Tandem Ride?

The Pelican Unison 136T kayak is a premium watercraft made by Pelican, which has some great features and design qualities. Pelican is a renowned manufacturer that has produced many quality products in the industry. With this background, there is a lot of expectation for this watercraft, considering that the market is saturated with good options. The watercraft borrows heavily from various design aspects of previous products by the same company.

Most boats made by Pelican are aimed at a specific niche of users who want to get the best value out of an affordable product. The same principle seems to be the idea behind the manufacture of the Pelican Unison 136T kayak. There are many other things that give this kayak its character. While it does not fall short of features, the main determinant of the real value of the Pelican Unison 136T kayak is the user experience. Any good product needs to have a careful balance of features and user value.

With such huge clout behind it, will the Pelican Unison 136 tandem manage to impress? We will find out shortly when we analyze this watercraft in detail. Since there are many different things to explore with this kayak, we will look at its frame, features, storage options and a number of benefits the kayak offers. Any disadvantages will also be listed in the following comprehensive Pelican Unision 136T review.


Pelican Unison 136T KayakCheck out the Pelican Unison 136T Kayak on Amazon!

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Starting off with the frame, the Pelican Unison 136T kayak is made of Ram-X Premium, which is mulitple layers of polyethylene treated with a high quality resin to be more rigid than regular polyethylene. There are many advantages with this kind of plastic, but it is most preferred because it is strong but lightweight.

Because of these qualities, the Pelican Unison 136T tandem kayak is built for great performance and durability.

When it comes to the dimensions of the Pelican Unison 136T kayak, the total length of the frame is 13’6” and the beam is 31.75″. With this length, the watercraft is not difficult to maneuver in the water. The cockpits are 102″ long and 26″ wide.

In terms of capacity, it is able to carry a load of 500 pounds. That simply translates to two adults and a reasonable amount of gear, or option 3 at the end of this Pelican Unision 136T review. Not many tandem kayaks have such specifications without an off-putting price.


Pelican Unison 136 by Pelican Sports

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Looking at the exterior of the Pelican Unison 136T kayak, you get to see a well-designed hull bottom. This is typical of modern watercrafts that are specifically designed to optimize speed and reduce drag. It is also streamlined for maximum strength in the water, and the frame can be described as modern and improved. The obvious design language of traditional Pelican watercrafts included in this boat goes a long way to give users an assurance of great performance.


Pelican Unison 136T Kayak Features

There are many features that come with the Pelican Unison 136T kayak. The first main feature of the kayak is a multi-chine, flat-bottom hull design that is constructed for stability. This feature is created from a modern machine-aided design for optimization of speed and reduction of drag. There are handles at both the front and back for easy transportation. In addition, you get a spacious cockpit that is well-designed to give you ample room to move around.


Pelican Unison Tandem In Action

The Pelican Unison 136T kayak comes with seats which feature ERGOfit seating for comfort. They are also adjustable for various heights. The backrest of both seats are built creatively to ensure decent support, which is thoughtful for a tandem boat. There is enough space for a bottle holder for each paddler on the deck of each cockpit. An open compartment for each paddler is also available, as well as a 4″ day hatch in the middle for additional storage.

In terms of functionality, there is a tie-down mechanism included for securing paddles at the sides of the Pelican Unison 136T tandem kayak. The bungees fitted in the bow are great for securing paraphernalia at the front. Comfort features like the adjustable foot pegs for sufficient stability when paddling are not left out. There are a number of other minor features which only serve to make the Pelican Unison 136T kayak a unique product.


Storage Space in the Pelican Unison 136T Kayak

The Pelican Unison 136 tandem features a number of storage options. Starting off with the small storage areas, there is a drink holder available for each paddler, as well as a 4″ day hatch in the middle. You can store your keys and possibly a cell phone in there, or other smaller items. The main storage for the boat, however, is the water resistant storage at the rear. This hatch is big and capable of holding up to 60 liters of water.

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It is quite a welcomed addition that the storage on the Pelican Unison 136T tandem kayak features a quick-lock mechanism. Its location in the stern is also advantageous as it can hold all of your important gear.

Other storage options include the various tie-downs for securing gear. These storage options are quite sufficient for a tandem kayak, especially for a day trip. More storage would be made available to the paddler who decides to use the boat as a single-person watercraft.



  • Easy to transport, with handles at both the front and back
  • Modern hull design that gives it stability in the water
  • Great performance, due to its sturdy construction
  • Multiple comfort features in the backrest and footrest
  • Storage options are sufficient for day trips
  • The Pelican Unison 136T kayak is affordable
  • Lightweight, weighing 67.4 pounds
  • Great for taller people

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  • Tracking might be difficult for beginners, as there is no rudder
  • Width might make quick turns more difficult
  • The Pelican Unison 136T kayak’s storage is not great for overnight trips
  • Can’t be disassembled for easier storage


Unison 136T in sea

Pelican Unision 136T Review Conclusion

The Pelican Unison 136T kayak is a unique watercraft made with the great features of other Pelican models. The Unison is roomy for both paddlers, has adjustable footrests, and it is extra sturdy because of the company’s Ram-X Premium construction. There is also the multi-chine flat bottomed hull that adds stability and improves tracking, staying flat on land while loading gear onto the kayak.

Since it is optimized for great performance, the Pelican Unison 136T kayak is a decent option for tandem kayakers. There’s so much room in each cockpit, you can take your dog out with you if you’re going solo! They can be completely comfortable and stretch out while they enjoy the ride.

Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition – Sturdy & Easy To Maneuver?

The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is a hybrid watercraft that aims to bridge the gap between a folding frame boat and an inflatable vessel. This kayak is constructed with a unique and bold design that incorporates some aspects of each of the two base designs. Being a hybrid, it redefines various primary aspects of a water vessel that users are accustomed to.

For one, the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition can neither be fully folded nor solid all the way. This blending of two designs makes the boat a unique product that could potentially excite or turn off particular buyers. While there are a few obvious expectations in terms of performance, it is not easy to tell whether the construction makes it more durable or feeble. The design of the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition kayak has definitely brought about many advantages and benefits that users might find suitable.

The common core feature of all water vessels and any consumer product is the user experience. The setup process, the ease of use, and the maintenance of a product are some of the main determinants of the overall value of the item. With such a non-traditional design, the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is quite an esoteric item for the wider kayaking populace. The watercraft promises a lot of things on paper, but what can it offer in the water? Let us find out more in this Advanced Frame Expedition Elite review.

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Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition


Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition Frame

As mentioned before, the AdvancedElements Advanced Frame Expedition has a hybrid construction where the frame is aluminum and the bow and stern feature the lauded rib-frame technology construction. This build is great for improving the stability of the boat. When fully inflated, it has a maximum length of 13 feet.

The width of the kayak is 32″ and it has a total weight of 42 pounds. At this size, the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition can be described as a typical short kayak which is perfect for recreational use that can hold up to 450 pounds.


The rest of the inflatable part of the kayak is attached to the central aluminum frame. The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition has a number of features within it that give the user stability and comfort, like 9 chambers for extra buoyancy.

The hull design is great for improving stability in the water. The Drop-stitch construction of the floor is also quite essential when it comes to improving the paddling experience.


Yellow AdvancedElements Advanced Frame Expedition


From the outside, the AdvancedElements Advanced Frame Expedition kayak looks like any traditional hard-shell vessel when it is inflated. The only difference is that the less rigid shape becomes quite obvious when you take a closer look at the edges of the watercraft.

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Overall, it features a solid build where all the parts are firmly secured to the frame. The watercraft is lightweight, as most of the weight is only attributed to the minimal aluminum parts of the frame.


Features of the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition

The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition kayak packs a number of features that are either unique to it or common to other watercrafts as well.

The first dominant noticeable feature of the boat is the drop-stitch floor construction. This construction is emphasized greatly in the core of the vessel. It extends throughout the floor, where a plethora of threads are employed to make it as tough as possible. As a hybrid, the rigidity of the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is essential to determine the user experience and this kind of build is welcome.


In addition, the seating area has an adjustable lumbar seat in the middle that allows the user to modify it in accordance with the space in the cockpit. You can go for longer periods without any back pain or soreness. There is a rudder mount included, allowing users to add navigation accessories. The handles on the Advanced Frame Expedition Elite kayak are made from rubber to increase comfort and for a better grip. A tracking fin also comes with the boat.


Expedition on the water

The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is a single user sit-inside model that features a decent paddling speed when in full operational mode. It has a minimal design that does not leave out the important features, nor clutter the machine.

The exterior design of the boat is quite streamlined and symmetrical. There is an inclusion of the rather common welded seams and adjustable foot braces in this kayak as well. Overall, it packs just the right features for a day touring vessel.

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Storage Within the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition

When it comes to storage, you get some sufficient storage options from the Advanced Frame Expedition Elite kayak.

First, there is a big compartment at the back, just behind the seat. The front also has sufficient room to keep a number of items. Depending on your height, the front storage might be affected a little, especially if you are tall.

The storage space in the stern of the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is, however, quite sufficient to store your full day supplies in case you intend to take a long trip. There are bungee cords on the deck for securing extra gear. The storage options can be described as sufficient in general.



  • The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is modern, stable construction for sufficient stability
  • Comfort levels are improved when compared to hard-shell vessels
  • The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is very portable and does not require much storage space
  • Tracking capability is great for a hybrid
  • The design features multiple chambers which improve its performance with extra buoyancy.
  • The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is simple to use and setup
  • Affordable, high quality option on the market



  • Hybrid construction can reduce the long-term durability of the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition kayak
  • The tracking is a little more difficult, as the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition does not come with a keel
  • It is slower compared to any hard-shell model on the market


AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Review Conclusion


hybrid AdvancedFrame


The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition kayak is a unique watercraft that incorporates multiple features and functionalities into a single frame. There are definitely many distinct characteristics that make the watercraft a probable choice for those looking for a divergent model. It seems to be designed for expedition touring and single users who do not mind experimenting with a bold and new design.

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The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is definitely also great for those who are looking for a portable boat that does not come with complicated setup procedures. There are sufficient accessories included in the kayak and for its size, paddling is quite a pleasant experience.

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Point 65 Martini Kayak – One Of The Company’s Best Modular Offerings?

The Point 65 Martini Kayak, also referred to as the Martini GTX, is a detachable, high precision kayak. It’s also high quality and looks great as well, which makes you want to ride in it even more. This sit-in modular kayak features a roomy cockpit and a great seating system, serving functions of both a solo and a tandem kayak.

Commendably, the Point 65 Martini Kayak allows for the use of all paddle sizes. You can comfortably use both single blade and double blade paddles. The kayak is made for normal use, but it has great tracking capabilities due to its relatively high speeds. In this Point 65 Martini review, we’ll examine all of these features, so you can decide if this is the right kayak for you.


tandem kayak

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The Point 65 Martini Kayak Frame

Primarily a solo kayak, the Point 65 Martini Kayak can be separated and a midsection added to make it a tandem kayak. In solo form, the kayak measures 10’5″, with the aft section measuring 5’9″ and the stern section measuring 4’8″. At full tandem length, the vessel measures 13’8″ with the addition of a midsection that measures 5’4″.

The sections are form fitted to snap together, and it’s just as easy to unsnap them after use. Additionally this aids in transportation, because instead of carrying around a full length kayak, you and your friends/family can carry sections of the boat to the water.

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The kayak’s mid width of 27.6″ is responsible for its bullet shape that aids in giving the Point 65 Martini Kayak a significant level of speed. Made of UV-resistant polyethylene, this boat is capable of withstanding sunny days for long periods. The vessel comes with a drop down rudder that can be attached to its back, and it can be controlled using pedals found in the front cockpit section.

The Point 65 Martini Kayak’s body also contains a paddle park compartment, and to create more fun, you can add a second midsection to allow sitting space for a small child or a pet.


Point 65 Martini Kayak

The sit-in cockpits are roomy and comfortable, measuring 33″ x 18″. Inside each cockpit is a comfortable air seat whose backrest can be regulated into position through pneumatic means. As a tandem, the Point 65 Martini Kayak is able to hold up to 530 lbs., which is sufficient enough for two average weight adults.


The sides of the kayak have molded handles which allows for easy transportation. Additionally, at 77 pounds, the Point 65 N Martini Kayak is light enough for heave-and-go purposes.

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Point 65 Martini Kayak Features

The Point 65 Martini Kayak is rigged for both speed and convenience. The speed is achieved through its smooth arrowhead shape. In solo form, the kayak is quite easy to maneuver and control. In tandem form, a level of difficulty is added where maneuvering is concerned. However, the kayak is much faster in tandem form, with two people paddling, of course.

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The patented Snap-Tap feature, only available with Point 65 kayaks, makes the kayak not only convenient for both tandem and solo use, but also easy to transport. Furthermore, the boat allows for the use of small, medium or large sized paddles. The Point 65 Martini Kayak is light enough to be used by all kayakers, whether they’re new to kayaking, have some experience, or are very experienced.


Point 65 N Martini - single use of modular kayak
Solo Martini GTX


The recyclable PE frame of the Point 65 Martini Kayak makes it one of the few environmentally friendly kayaks you can buy. The fact that the material is UV-resistant, as mentioned earlier in this Point 65 Martini review, allows for long lasting use without fearing the cracking effect UV rays have on polyethylene materials. This model also comes fitted with a fish-o-meter, which helps the kayaker to measure their catch.

With a spacious cockpit and a comfortable air seat, you can rest and turn easily within the cockpit of the Point 65 Martini Kayak. The ability to adjust the seat ensures that if you get tired of sitting in one position, you can easily change your position to regain composure. The addition of a rudder and an accompanying rudder pedal lets you have more control while navigating the kayak, for a more enjoyable boating adventure.

How To Store Your Point 65 N Martini?

The Point 65 Martini Kayak has a decent storage capacity. It comes equipped with two hatches. The front hatch measures 7.9″ by 7.9″ and is situated almost towards the end of the bow, sufficient for putting items that one does not need right away. Here you can put in some dry suits, angling knives, and other items.

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The aft hatch is a little bigger, measuring 17″ by 10″, making it suitable to store more items, including a mini cooler to store your caught fish in. It is also appropriately situated close to the back of the last cockpit. This makes it easy to access so you can grab your most needed items or gear.


Martini made into a tandemJust in front of the stern hatch, the Point 65 Martini Kayak has two cup holder slots. If you add a midsection, then two more cup holder slots are added to the kayak. With four cup holder slots, you will have plenty of room for your drinks or anything else you decide to use them for.


  • Easy to transport, due to its detachable and lightweight form
  • Capable of gaining substantial speed to get from Point A to Point B
  • The Point 65 Martini Kayak has spacious cockpits
  • Comfortable with easy maneuverability
  • The Point 65 Martini Kayak comes with a comfortable air seat and adjustable backrest
  • The presence of a rudder enhances navigation of the boat
  • Can use various sizes of paddles
  • Suitable for various experience levels and ages of kayakers
  • The front and back sections are water tight, enough to avoid water leakage
  • Sufficient storage space on the Point 65 Martini Kayak
  • The kayak allows for more than one midsection


  • The Point 65 Martini Kayak does not come with its own paddle
  • Not suitable for open water surfing
  • One may need to use a spray skirt to prevent water from splashing into the cockpit


Point 65 Martini Review Conclusion

The Point 65 Martini Kayak is one extremely versatile kayak. For fun loving, recreational water lovers, this is a great choice for a kayak. It is also family friendly and can be used to train your children how to kayak like pros, while allowing them the space to enjoy themselves.



Although the Martini GTX is touted as a fishing kayak, it is not suitable for long haul fishing. However, if you want to do some nice recreational, afternoon fishing, this kayak will serve that purpose.

breaking down the Martini to go home

One thing we didn’t mention in this Point 65 Martini review is that this model comes in 9 different colors! Versatile, Sturdy, Spacious, AND you get your choice of a nice variety of colors. It is not easy to find a kayak that incorporates speed, fun, convenience, and ease. The Point 65 Martini Kayak fits all of the above.

Check out the Point 65 N Martini Kayak on Amazon!

That does not mean that it is perfect, but then again, which kayak does not have even one flaw?

Perception Pescador 12 Pilot – Give Your Arms A Rest & Let Your Legs Take Over?

The Perception Pescador 12 Pilot is a pedal-driven, sit-on-top kayak made by Perception Kayaks. It has been on the market for quite a while now, and since it has been around, it has received a generally good reception. The kayak comes with a number of features and specifications that make it a unique product.

While it shares many common things with most of the other sit-on-top kayaks on the market, it has a distinct design that separates it from the rest. The Perception Pescador 12 kayak is made for single person use and has a sufficient frame for people of all sizes.

There are many other things about the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot kayak that also make it a solid choice on the market. We will look at each of these features in this Perception Pescador 12 review, as well as its shortcomings. If you are planning on getting a new kayak, one of the most important things you need to do is to carry out ample research on the viable choices on the market.

Check out the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot on Amazon!

The Pescador 12 is definitely a great kayak, but maybe not for everyone. We will take a detailed look at this angler kayak, analyzing its features in terms of storage allocation, frame characteristics and a couple other things.

Perception Pescador 12 Pilot

Perception Pescador 12 Pilot Frame

In terms of bare specifications, the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot has a total length of 12’5″, a width of exactly 33.75″, and weighs 85 pounds. Going by these specifications, it is evident that the kayak is a little heavier than other kayaks and has a slightly above average width.

The length of the Perception Pescador 12 also puts it in the short kayak category, which makes it great for easy navigation. With such a frame, it can definitely handle enough accessories for any kind of fishing expedition. It is made of toughened polyethylene, and as a hard-shell, well-designed kayak, the performance of the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot is expected to be great.


Pescador 12 Pilot Angler by Perception

The frame of the vessel is symmetrical from either side. The hull design of the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot is great for increased speed, as it offers less water resistance. There is a seat included, storage spaces, pedals for driving and a number of compartments in the front and back. All other features and accessories are attached to the main frame.

When it comes to the loading capacity, the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot kayak can handle a maximum weight of 475 pounds. Overall, it has a solid frame that manages to carry a number of accessories.


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Perception Pescador 12 Pilot Features

There are numerous features that define the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot kayak. The boat has a well-designed seat that features on-the-fly adjustments. In addition, there is a Transducer Scupper mount that makes it easy to handle a number of electronics.

The cockpit features an ergonomic design that allows the user to pedal easily for a hands-free ride. The seat of the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot includes some tension knobs and offers just enough comfort for short duration use.


Pescador Pilot 12 feature breakdown

The bow mesh cover included on the kayak makes it possible to store items with less of a risk that they will get wet. There are also several bottle holders and cup holders at the front, back and sides of the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot kayak. There is a total of four molded rod holders as well. These are definitely sufficient for versatile use in the water.

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Accessory tracks are also included for additional gear. The foot pedals are placed at an average distance, such that pedaling is not difficult for people of any stature. To sum up the features of the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot, the kayak is adequately designed with a key focus on improving storage and accessory options.




In terms of storage, the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot kayak comes with multiple compartments at the front and back. There is one main compartment where you can keep gear at the back. This compartment is not covered, however, and is only suitable for securing less sensitive gear.

The kayak also comes with two storage pods for keeping any necessary items. These two are well secured for handling sensitive items. Already mentioned in this Perception Pescador 12 review, the drink holders included can handle average-sized bottles.

Pescador In Action

The storage consoles included in the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot kayak are specifically great for keeping and mounting electronics, as they are well secured to the frame. Overall, the storage options are numerous and capable of handling versatile gear. While Perception makes a good effort of including some bottle holders, they are not exactly big and you might need to look for water bottles of a suitable size.




  • Easy maneuverability and steering with a low profile rudder
  • Sufficient rod holders and ample storage options
  • The Perception Pescador 12 Pilot features a streamlined design that enables it to move fast
  • Comes with a Pilot Drive for great balance and easy operation
  • Adjustable seat for increased functionality and comfort
  • The overall performance of the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot kayak is great
  • A great, affordable choice for a fishing kayak



  • The mounting technique for the pedals is a bit complicated
  • The Perception Pescador 12 Pilot kayak is relatively bulky for people with a short stature
  • As already mentioned in this Perception Pescador 12 review, the rod holders and drink holders are limited in size
  • The rudder needs constant adjustment in order to work well

Perception Pescador 12 Review Conclusion

There are definitely many types of angler kayaks on the market. When looking for a suitable vessel, you need to consider the kinds of features and accessories the kayak comes with. The Perception Pescador 12 Pilot kayak is a simply designed kayak which offers a number of important features without losing the traditional look of a kayak.

Check out the Perception Pescador 12 Pilot on Amazon!


Pedal Kayak by Perception

The Perception Pescador 12 kayak includes vital accessories like rod holders and bottle holders that are indispensable for fishing expeditions. While some improvements can be made to the storage features, the shortcomings are not enough to affect the other valuable aspects of the kayak. The kayak is definitely capable of exploring different flow conditions.


As you read earlier in this Perception Pescador 12 review, this is a short kayak, but it will be good enough to explore still waters and carry a sufficient load of fish.

Fissot Kayak – Is the Fissot Fishing Kayak All Fluff & Plastic?

The Fissot MFK003 Modular Fishing Kayak (or the Fissot kayak for short!) is a motorized kayak that’s been on the market for a number of years now. This kayak is one of a kind and it has drawn both praise and criticism from many customers.


Fissot Kayak

Being the outcast in the fishing kayak domain, the kind of attention the Fissot kayak has received over time is not unexpected. The Fissot kayak is a delicate balance between experimentation and a technological triumph on the verge of revolutionizing the fishing kayak market. Most people used to traditional kayak fishing might be surprised, excited or even appalled by the features the Fissot fishing kayak comes with.


Fissot kayak in action

The MFK003 is, without a doubt, a testament of the bold steps Fissot has taken to shake up the fishing kayak market that is already dominated by kayaks of a certain accepted standard. Just like any other unconventional product, the success or failure of the Fissot fishing kayak will be determined by the consumers. There is no doubt that the Fissot kayak MFK003 has brought on board some features that might be attractive to people.

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Will this kayak be the product that you have been hoping to see hit the markets? We will take a look at the features of the modular Fissot fishing kayak below:

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Frame of the MFK003 Fissot Kayak

The Fissot Fishing Kayak (MFK003) features a frame made with the widely-used polypropylene, which supports two wings and the body. As a whole, the body measures almost 11′ x 33.5″ x 16.6″. This size puts it right in the middle of the short kayak class. Since the Fissot kayak is a modular model, all the parts are attached to the central frame.


There are multiple plugs and controls for adjusting the various movable parts of the Fissot kayak. It also features a hull design for increased stability and performance. The stability of the Fissot fishing kayak is also improved upon by the wings on the side that open up to allow for weight distribution. There is an adjustable bar in the middle of the Fissot fishing kayak that provides support for when the paddler/angler is in an upright position.


Fissot fishing kayak[Note: Learn about origami folding kayaks here!]

In terms of shape, the MFK003 Fissot kayak looks like any other sit-on-top kayak when its wings are closed. When they open, however, it looks like a sea lion in reverse because of its elongated thin rear and protruding sides. In terms of weight, the Fissot MFK003 weighs about 105 pounds.

Much of the weight can be attributed to the motor, which adds an additional 20% to the body weight, as compared to non-motorized kayaks. Overall, the Fissot kayak is still generally light despite featuring multiple additions to its design.


Fissot Kayak Features

One of the most dominant features of the Fissot MFK003 Fishing Kayak is its side wings that open up and provide increased stability. When these adjustable wings open, you are able to stand on the Fissot kayak and reel in fish more efficiently.

In addition to that, the Fissot fishing kayak also has a 12V battery in the system that provides power to the motor. The battery runs for 2 to 3 hours before running out, after it’s charged for the same amount of time. In total, the electric power in the system is 480W. There is a single paddle included in case the power runs out, or you would rather paddle for fun.

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The MFK003 modular Fissot fishing kayak is a single-person sit-on-top machine that has three rod holders, two of them located at the front and the other in the back. The Fissot fishing kayak is said to provide forward propulsion at a speed of about 6 miles per hour. It also features a fairly large cockpit with ample space for keeping a few important items within reach.

The Fissot fishing kayak is also large enough to support users of different sizes, and also has foot pedals at the front and a rudder at the rear for controlling the direction of the machine. There is a seat included, even though it does not offer much support for the back.

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Storage Room in the Fissot Kayak MFK003


Fissot MFK003 Kayak

The Fissot kayak MFK003 has a number of storage options. There are hatches at the front and rear that are great for storing dry items and caught fish. These hatches have a rubber covering.

However, the storage compartments are not particularly waterproof, so it might be necessary to keep water out of the kayak if you have sensitive items in the storage. There is a big water bottle holder in the middle of the cockpit. There are also two additional storage hatches on the two arms that spread out.

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Overall, this Fissot kayak has ample storage for its size and can hold a weight of up to 500 pounds, so it is definitely a decent machine for carrying loads of fish.


  • The motor, included with this Fissot kayak, simplifies the operation process
  • Adjustable side arms to improve stability
  • Fissot Kayak can cruise at a decent speed
  • Provides an efficient way to fish and kayak at the same time
  • The motor allows for reverse and forward motions
  • The Fissot kayak delivers a great performance overall


  • Multiple, adjustable parts can cause problems in this offering of the Fissot fishing kayak
  • Not versatile enough to be used with dynamic flow conditions
  • The Fissot fishing kayak is quite pricey when compared to other kayaks on the market
  • The inclusion of a motor makes the kayak less of a kayak, and more like a small boat

Fissot Kayak Review Conclusion


The Fissot MFK003 Fishing Kayak is a different kind of sit-on-top kayak, which has a number of definitive features and characteristics. It is a divergent product with minimal accessories and various enhancements.

This Fissot kayak comes with a sufficient motor that can push it at a considerable speed. It also comes with a paddle, which is not really needed with the kayak since it is motorized. However, for those days where you might want to paddle around a lake and enjoy nature, it will be available.

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Altogether, the MFK003 Fissot kayak is designed for small-time fishermen. It’s definitely not built for those who might want to spend long hours on the water, as it does not provide sufficient comfort. Because of its modular construction, the kayak is also not suitable for rapids and other potentially turbulent flow conditions.

Because of this, rivers and streams are places that you don’t want to take this Fissot kayak. Still water and small water bodies are, however, perfect places to take the Fissot kayak MFK003.

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Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak – Performs Better Than A Regular Kayak?


The Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak (by Point 65N) is a modular kayak that has dominated the paddle-sphere space. The transitional touring kayak breaks apart into three manageable pieces that make it easy to transport and store.

This yet again proves that Point 65N modular kayaks are the best on the market. Its high level of performance and stability makes Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak the perfect exploration companion that you can also take home in the trunk of your car.


point 65 mercury gtx

The Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak offers a convenience that cannot be overemphasized. When taken apart, each of its sections can be carried to the water’s edge for easy assembling, which opens up the possibility of kayaking for people who would not ordinarily be able to handle a heavy kayak.

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This Point 65N kayak is a classic that soars above the rest. Needless to say, it is every kayaker’s dream come true. The Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak is perfect for use in open waters, rivers, and lakes. To learn more in-depth information, scroll down for our Point 65 Mercury GTX review.

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Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak Frame

Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak - in modular pieces

The Point 65 Mercury GTX has an enviable design and sturdy frame that is made of rotomolded polyethylene. This gives it the durability and edge that it needs in comparison to more fragile kayaks.


Based on its overall appearance, it seems like the manufacturer’s put a lot of thought into the overall frame and construction of this modular kayak. The rotomolded polyethylene equally makes the frame strong and impact resistant. Even if it’s used on a consistent basis, its outer frame will ensure that it does not succumb to any wear and tear.


Features of the Point 65 Mercury GTX

When it comes to features, the Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak will surprise you in incredible ways. In addition to its high performance, the kayak also has a large cockpit that will accommodate all types of paddlers. As previously noted, the kayak breaks apart into three manageable parts, each weighing slightly more than 24 pounds.

This allows for the movement of one section at a time. The Mercury GTX boasts of a top-snap technology that enables it to be put together in only a matter of minutes. This is certainly a huge advantage over traditional kayaks that usually take half an hour or more to assemble.

When it comes apart, the 39” nose section fits into the cockpit, making for easy stowage. Its additional midpiece transforms the 65N Mercury solo into a tandem kayak. The combination of different parts gives you the end result that you need, from solo to tandem to triple. The Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak eliminates any need to purchase two kayaks.

Never before has a kayak been so brilliantly designed!


The Mercury GTX Kayak is a tandem!

The ideal length of 17’ 10” (bow 42”, front cockpit 64”, stem 62”, rear cockpit 62”) makes it possible for the kayak to hold a weight capacity of 530 pounds. In regards to the seating comfort, the Point 65N Mercury Tandem is fully equipped with comfortable AIR seats. It has a pneumatically adjustable backrest that will give the paddler extreme comfort. In case you want to change positions during your exploration, you can do this with the adjustable seats!


The seats of the Point 65 Mercury GTX are also perfect for longer paddling hours. They also come with seat covers that are made of highly durable and comfortable honey-comb patterned material. This is also combined with a mesh hike fabric that allows for the right amount of ventilation. The fabric of the Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak is also laminated with molded over EVA foam. They go hand in hand with the padded foot braces that equally offer the right leg support and allows for a comfortable paddling position.


GTX padded seats

All great kayakers know that the true test of a kayak lies in its cockpit. Fortunately, the Point 65 Mercury GTX Tandem Kayak does not disappoint. With a large and comfortably padded cockpit, the kayak allows for the easy entry and exit of any paddler. In addition to this is an efficient keel rudder system that allows for dropping of the rudder with easy maneuverability. This is not common on many kayaks. The system also has a brilliant direction and control capability, ensuring that you are well guided no matter where you paddle to!


The Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak’s hull speed matches that of comparable light touring kayaks. This ensures that the Point 65 Mercury GTX Tandem does not slouch in rough waters. The edge turn feels sporty and responsive, making the kayak one of a kind. The combination of strength and impact resistance makes it possible for the kayak to easily integrate with its features. Because of its features, the Point 65N Mercury Tandem offers a kayaking experience that other similar kayaks cannot match.


But How Does the Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak Fare When It Comes To Storage?


storage of a mercury gtx modular kayak
A Modular Kayak In Storage


The Point 65 Mercury GTX tandem modular kayak has a large aft oval and a round forward hatch that gives it the ultimate storage compartment. You do not have to worry about how you will get your equipment and important gear from one point to another because the kayak guarantees you will have sufficient storage space.

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Now, the compartments of the Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak are watertight, fore and aft. If you wish to take the kayak out onto the water for a day or two, the sufficient storage space will ensure that there are no limitations as to what you may carry.



  • Safe, stable, well-padded seat for ultimate comfort
  • AIR seats with pneumatically adjustable backrests for a better ride
  • Easy to transport, but also easy to assemble and take apart
  • Snap-tap technology that allows the kayak to go from solo to tandem just by adding an extra midsection
  • The Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak is easy to handle in and out of the water
  • Extra-large cockpit area for easy maneuverability
  • Great tracking and performance



  • When out of the water, it’s clear that there is a 1” gap between the parts. However, this is not visible when the kayak is in water and does not affect its overall functioning
  • Some of the Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak’s parts seem fragile and easily breakable when mishandled. Worry not! Better replacement parts can always be gotten for any faulty or broken parts.


Point 65 Mercury GTX Review Summary

The higher-end construction and capability of the Point 65N Mercury GTX Tandem makes it easy to split into manageable sections and reassemble in seconds. Whether you want to try out the solo or tandem version is entirely up to you.

Equipped with the best variety of features, the Point 65 Mercury GTX Kayak sits at the top of the charts with the best modular kayaks. It is by far the fastest option for those who want the ease of a well-constructed boat and the storage parts of a portable kayak.

In this Point 65 Mercury GTX review, If you’re thinking about purchasing a kayak that delivers on all fronts and lasts a long time (plus can be easily stored!), the Point 65 Mercury GTX is a great option!

Old Town Predator PDL Kayak – Most Comfortable Fishing Kayak?

With the right equipment, such as the Old Town Predator PDL, kayaking becomes the most thrilling fun activity in the world of water sports. Designed with perfectly engineered ergonomics and aesthetics, this kayak is the ultimate choice for anyone seeking the best experience when traversing waterways. The Old Town Predator PDL kayak is specifically designed to cater to the needs of avid sportsmen, and with this comes durability, strength and optimal stability.


The Old Town Predator PDL Kayak’s features ensure that you will never be disappointed when kayaking, water rafting, fishing or taking part in other related water sports. As a matter of fact, its ability to seamlessly traverse both calm and choppy waters is incredible, a property that makes it a valuable asset for water sport lovers.

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old town predator pdl kayak


Frame of the Old Town Predator PDL Kayak

The Old Town Predator PDL Kayak is designed by sportsmen for sportsmen, which translates to its tough exterior. Its chassis is composed of LT900 polyethylene for maximum strength, sturdiness and durability. For the sake of maximum stability, this kayak’s frame features a Tri-hull design. It also makes use of its slip-resistant exo-ridge deck to ensure perfect traction, thus preventing slippage, as well as better water resistance.


body of old town predator pdl kayak - red

The Predator offers easier customizability as it comes with 6 mounting plates that are removable, thus removing the need to drill through the boat’s hull and damaging it.

With these rods, you can easily customize your kayak using fish finders and rod holders, among others, depending on your specific needs. With dimensions of 13 ft x 3 ft x 1.25 ft x 4 ft in length, width, seat height and leg length respectively, the Old Town Predator PDL Kayak offers more than enough space for accommodation of its user, as well as storage of the user’s equipment and supplies.


Features of the Old Town Predator PDL Kayak

#1. Forward and Reverse Pedal-Powered



The Predator PDL kayak is equipped with the most advanced features meant to ensure the best kayaking and fishing experience. First, it features the most reliable pedal-powered design for superb hands-free operation. Without having to struggle with paddling, the Old Town Predator PDL kayak gets you to your desired location faster and more safely.

Even better is the fact that its pedal-powered design offers both forward and reverse maneuverability, which ensures ease of control. The Old Town Predator PDL Kayak’s pedals are also padded for a better grip and comfort even when the user is barefoot.

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#2. Lightweight Design


sideway view of Predator PDL Kayak

The Old Town Predator PDL Kayak has a weight of only 117 pounds, which is light enough for easier portability. Its light weight is just a disguise for its great strength, as its frame has a weight capacity of up to 550 pounds. Its angler paddle is also lightweight for easier portability and operation, and it also comes with a carry handle that is really handy during transportation.


#3. 8 Scupper Holes

Safety is a matter of great importance when kayaking. For this reason, the Old Town Predator PDL kayak has 8 scupper holes that drain any water that will enter it. The scupper holes have a one-way valve that only allows water to flow out of the kayak, and never into it. This ensures that you stay dry throughout your kayaking or fishing experience, and that you do not face the risk of capsizing.

On its side, the Old Town Predator PDL Kayak has an especially molded-in transducer scupper hole, which is a perfect fit for deployment of Hummingbird transducers.


#4. Element Angler Seat


fishing in a Predator PDL

Measuring 21 inches in width and 15 inches in height, this element seat is designed specifically for the angler, as its inclination can be adjusted over a wide range with ease. Given its size, it can accommodate users weighing up to 550 pounds. Old Town Predator PDL Kayak features a side-lock system that easily adjusts the leg length to the most comfortable pedal stroke. This seat is padded for comfort and cushioning, even as you sail through rough waters.


#5. Quick Access Rudder Control Knob

Strategically positioned on its side is this kayak’s rudder control knob that allows for easier and faster access. This accounts for the greatly impressive steering control that is achieved by this Predator PDL kayak. When combined with its PDL drive, you can achieve up to 5.5 MPH speeds with the Old Town Predator PDL Kayak.


#6. Predator PDL Kayak Comes With 4 Color Options


different colors for the Predator PDL kayak

The Old Town PDL Predator kayak offers 4 color options for buyers to choose from. These include the Urban Camo, Black Cherry, Camo and Lime Camo. Not only are these color schemes modern, but they are also attractive to the eye.



Old Town Predator PDL Kayak Storage!!!

The Old Predator pedal kayak offers optimum storage options, with the most secure being its Exo-Ridge tank. This tank well is large enough to securely and safely store your gear and equipment, while offering easier accessibility.

If you are into kayak fishing, then the Old Town Predator PDL Kayak is the perfect place to keep your cooler or storage boxes.


PDL fishing kayak in action!

On both of the Old Town Predator PDL Kayak sides, there are holders that offer convenient recessed storage that keeps all your gear dry while keeping them accessible. In addition to these side holders, this PDL kayak’s drive console also offers dry storage for your gear.

For quick storage and placement of the paddle, the Old Town Predator PDL Kayak has a molded paddle rest that helps to free up the user’s hands, especially if they want to enjoy the pedaling experience.



  • Ease of customization without drilling of the hull
  • Forward and reverse maneuverability, which ensures ease of control
  • Better and optimal storage options
  • Old Town Predator PDL Kayak is compact and lightweight design for easier storage and portability
  • Best hands-free pedaling experience
  • Easier maneuverability, thanks to its quick access rudder control system



  • Old Town Predator PDL Kayak is a bit costly
  • Doesn’t come with a motor, but can be purchased separately


Old Town Predator PDL Review Conclusion

The Old Town Predator PDL Kayak is equipped with each and every essential equipment and technology you need to get to the next level of kayaking or fishing. It has a stand bar designed to offer additional steadiness and support when you get out of the seat. It also features Scotty triggers for optimum stability and buoyancy.

This pedaling Old Town Predator PDL Kayak not only brings the thrill to kayaking and fishing, but also gives users a personal connection to nature. Reliability, convenience, safety and durability are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy from investing in the Old Town Predator PDL kayak.

BIC YAKKAir HP2 Fishing Inflatable Kayak – What’s the Deal?

BIC YAKKAir HP2 Fishing Overview

Type: Inflatable
# of Seats: 2
Weight Capacity: 550 lbs

About BIC YAKKAir HP2 Fishing Inflatable Kayak

Good fishing holes are hard to find – often, you find yourself having to travel to several to find the haul you want. Fishing kayaks that are light, mobile, and easy to inflate/deflate are crucial to making sure you do not come home empty handed.

The BIC YAKKAir HP2 fishing inflatable kayak is made for this purpose – an ultra-light, easy to transport vessel that does not sacrifice functionality, durability, and strength. Developed in France, the entire boat kit (boat, footrests, backrest, pump, and bag) weighs in at just 44 pounds, and fits neatly in the included wheeled backpack. Transporting it no longer requires a roof rack or unwieldy trailer – the car trunk will do just fine.

BIC YAKKAir Fishing Kayak

How Does the BIC YAKKAir HP2 Fishing Perform?

But how does it perform? Just as reliably as a hard-shelled kayak, in fact – its PVC skin, high pressure keel, and solid PVC floor form a V-shaped hull that provides enough room for 2 adults, as well as a variety of accessories such as rod holders, safety grab lines, paddle attachments, and footrests. Paddles, however, are not included in the boat kit.

Kayak fishing is a sport that is growing in popularity, due to its convenience and ease, particularly attractive to beginner and novice fishing enthusiasts. The BIC YAKKAir HP2 Fishing Kayak makes it easy to not only transport and set up for a day of fishing, but also cleanup and maintenance.

From its sturdy material to its light weight, all it requires is a quick rinse and dry to make it ready for the next fishing trip. This is also an incredibly versatile boat that allows it to not only be perfect for fishing, but also perfect to travel with as well. Road trips to national parks will never be the same again – you can now actually boat in that pristine lake or river, instead of just admire it from the banks.

Should You Buy the BIC YAKKAir Fishing Kayak?!

Have a look at our quick points and make up your mind if you would like to be a proud owner of the BIC YAKKAir Fishing Kayak. 🙂



  • Not self-bailing
  • Best only for flatwater or recreational use


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AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance 2 Person Kayak In-Depth Review

ahtk-2 2 person montanaMy Gosh! If you live somewhere perfect like Southern California or any where the weather is sunny and beautiful even in the “winter months”, then you may be looking for something as fun as a two person inflatable kayak. And, since you’re here, let’s dive into a review of the Airhead AHTK-2 Montana Performance Kayak.

Wow, that’s a mouthful and a handful to type!

Since one of the first things I do is shop by price (hey, no shame in admitting we have a budget!), this two person kayak comes in around $370-$390 on Amazon (which I believe is the best place price-wise and customer service wise to shop for something like this). Now, $390 isn’t very “cheap” and is considered a decent investment so let’s break this baby down bit by and see if it’s worth every penny of your hard earned dollars 😉

The Basics

Yes, the Airhead AHTK-2 Montana is a two seater inflatable kayak and comes in around 12 feet long. It is constructed of durable material making it ideal for kayaking in the lakes and moderate white river rafting. The floor is designed as tubular I-beam floor (typical) and weighs around 36.3 lbs. Some of you may love the orange colour and some may hate it but it’s a smart choice for safety enthusiasts as it makes the product high visibility. The tubular I-beam flooring does make it very comfortable to sit in. It contains two Boston valves for quick inflation and deflation.

And look: it can support upto 500 pounds! If size is an issue, this baby can definitely handle that. Have a look at this beaut:

ahtk-2 demonstration pic

The Meat of the Airhead AHTK-2 Montana Kayak

Patience, please 😉

In case you haven’t caught yet, if pricing isn’t an issue and you are looking for an inflatable boat that can fit tall people comfortable or upto 500 pounds, then this one is your lady. If that isn’t impressive, a reviewer on Amazon touts that AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance 2 Person Kayakhe bought the AHTK-2 in 2006 for the purpose of roughing it (in 2006) and that it still hasn’t developed any leaks (review written in 2004!) This is due to the build of this superior kayak which is constructed from the nylon denier fabric shell. When it comes to leaks, this kayak is extremely durable.

Another cool thing about the Montana Two Person Kayak is that it looks very nice and doesn’t look “cheap” as some of these can. Of course, priced around $375, you’d think this would be standard but sadly, it’s not the case with all inflatable boats and kayaks.

Even with two people, there is plenty of space for you to store additional items (trust me, this comes in handy). It’s extremely easy and quick to inflate and deflate. Also, thanks to its build and the four fins it comes with, you’ll find the tracking to be consistent and the maneuverability to be better than most kayaks in its class.

The Cons…

I expect you to read this section before you read any additional reviews. That’s what I do 😉

The only two cons are that the Airhead two persona inflatable boat comes with straps which is fine for carrying but a tad bit cumbersome. It does NOT come with a bag to put it away which would’ve been ACE.

Because of that, the weight comes into factor. This two person kayak weighs 36 pounds and sometimes, you can feel it.

The Verdict

In all honesty, if you are looking for safety, room, durability, stability, and good tracking, this is the perfect buy. It has plenty of 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon (undoubtedly, my favourite way to check out sports gear).

AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance 2 Person Kayak Features

Inflation Time15-20 minutes
NMMA Certified?
# of Seats2
Maximum Weight Capacity500 lbs
Inflated Size12 feet

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