Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition – Sturdy & Easy To Maneuver?

The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is a hybrid watercraft that aims to bridge the gap between a folding frame boat and an inflatable vessel. This kayak is constructed with a unique and bold design that incorporates some aspects of each of the two base designs. Being a hybrid, it redefines various primary aspects of a water vessel that users are accustomed to.

For one, the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition can neither be fully folded nor solid all the way. This blending of two designs makes the boat a unique product that could potentially excite or turn off particular buyers. While there are a few obvious expectations in terms of performance, it is not easy to tell whether the construction makes it more durable or feeble. The design of the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition kayak has definitely brought about many advantages and benefits that users might find suitable.

The common core feature of all water vessels and any consumer product is the user experience. The setup process, the ease of use, and the maintenance of a product are some of the main determinants of the overall value of the item. With such a non-traditional design, the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is quite an esoteric item for the wider kayaking populace. The watercraft promises a lot of things on paper, but what can it offer in the water? Let us find out more in this Advanced Frame Expedition Elite review.

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Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition


Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition Frame

As mentioned before, the AdvancedElements Advanced Frame Expedition has a hybrid construction where the frame is aluminum and the bow and stern feature the lauded rib-frame technology construction. This build is great for improving the stability of the boat. When fully inflated, it has a maximum length of 13 feet.

The width of the kayak is 32″ and it has a total weight of 42 pounds. At this size, the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition can be described as a typical short kayak which is perfect for recreational use that can hold up to 450 pounds.


The rest of the inflatable part of the kayak is attached to the central aluminum frame. The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition has a number of features within it that give the user stability and comfort, like 9 chambers for extra buoyancy.

The hull design is great for improving stability in the water. The Drop-stitch construction of the floor is also quite essential when it comes to improving the paddling experience.


Yellow AdvancedElements Advanced Frame Expedition


From the outside, the AdvancedElements Advanced Frame Expedition kayak looks like any traditional hard-shell vessel when it is inflated. The only difference is that the less rigid shape becomes quite obvious when you take a closer look at the edges of the watercraft.

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Overall, it features a solid build where all the parts are firmly secured to the frame. The watercraft is lightweight, as most of the weight is only attributed to the minimal aluminum parts of the frame.


Features of the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition

The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition kayak packs a number of features that are either unique to it or common to other watercrafts as well.

The first dominant noticeable feature of the boat is the drop-stitch floor construction. This construction is emphasized greatly in the core of the vessel. It extends throughout the floor, where a plethora of threads are employed to make it as tough as possible. As a hybrid, the rigidity of the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is essential to determine the user experience and this kind of build is welcome.


In addition, the seating area has an adjustable lumbar seat in the middle that allows the user to modify it in accordance with the space in the cockpit. You can go for longer periods without any back pain or soreness. There is a rudder mount included, allowing users to add navigation accessories. The handles on the Advanced Frame Expedition Elite kayak are made from rubber to increase comfort and for a better grip. A tracking fin also comes with the boat.


Expedition on the water

The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is a single user sit-inside model that features a decent paddling speed when in full operational mode. It has a minimal design that does not leave out the important features, nor clutter the machine.

The exterior design of the boat is quite streamlined and symmetrical. There is an inclusion of the rather common welded seams and adjustable foot braces in this kayak as well. Overall, it packs just the right features for a day touring vessel.

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Storage Within the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition

When it comes to storage, you get some sufficient storage options from the Advanced Frame Expedition Elite kayak.

First, there is a big compartment at the back, just behind the seat. The front also has sufficient room to keep a number of items. Depending on your height, the front storage might be affected a little, especially if you are tall.

The storage space in the stern of the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is, however, quite sufficient to store your full day supplies in case you intend to take a long trip. There are bungee cords on the deck for securing extra gear. The storage options can be described as sufficient in general.



  • The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is modern, stable construction for sufficient stability
  • Comfort levels are improved when compared to hard-shell vessels
  • The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is very portable and does not require much storage space
  • Tracking capability is great for a hybrid
  • The design features multiple chambers which improve its performance with extra buoyancy.
  • The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is simple to use and setup
  • Affordable, high quality option on the market



  • Hybrid construction can reduce the long-term durability of the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition kayak
  • The tracking is a little more difficult, as the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition does not come with a keel
  • It is slower compared to any hard-shell model on the market


AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Review Conclusion


hybrid AdvancedFrame


The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition kayak is a unique watercraft that incorporates multiple features and functionalities into a single frame. There are definitely many distinct characteristics that make the watercraft a probable choice for those looking for a divergent model. It seems to be designed for expedition touring and single users who do not mind experimenting with a bold and new design.

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The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition is definitely also great for those who are looking for a portable boat that does not come with complicated setup procedures. There are sufficient accessories included in the kayak and for its size, paddling is quite a pleasant experience.

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Hula 11 Inflatable SUP – Better Performance Than Cheaper SUP Options?

The Hula 11 Inflatable SUP is a stand up paddle board made by Advanced Elements that lets you enjoy paddling after a quick set up. It’s so light, you can carry it anywhere in a duffel bag. You won’t find it a hassle anymore to store those large boards because you can now easily inflate it and stow it away just as easily.

This is perfect for those who want to choose between paddleboarding or kayaking during the spring or summer. If you’re going for a more serene experience, take the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP to a river and do some quiet cruising.

The Hula 11 SUP is convenient and easy to use. You’re also assured of a durable and stable board, even if it’s just an inflatable. People think inflatables are not sturdy enough, but after purchasing one, you might change your mind. Not only are they strong enough, they are also extremely portable since they can be deflated.

If you want to know more about this product, read this Hula 11 SUP review for a more comprehensive breakdown of what this product is about, as well as its pros and cons.

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Hula 11 Inflatable SUP

Construction of the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP

The frame of a kayak and paddle/surfing board needs to be sturdy enough to be worth the money you pay for it. The Hula 11 Inflatable SUP is made of a high-pressure drop-stitch material. It’s also made with a two layers of heavy duty PVC tarpaulin that makes sure its surface stays slick but durable. The board is cushioned with foam to maintain comfort, and there are 7 stainless steel d-rings to tie down any gear you might want to take along.

For an inflatable, it’s surprising that the Hula 11 SUP still stays true to its form. It maintains its shape even if you have repeatedly inflated it many times already. Paddleboards need to retain their shape because you’re going to be standing and balancing yourself on the water.

Thankfully, the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP has a durable and sturdy frame to stand the test of time. It can handle beginner and expert paddlers pretty well, and you can be assured that it doesn’t go soft or deflate once it’s on the water.

iSUP Hula 11 in action

There are times when instability issues can be experienced with the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP, like with swiftly moving rivers, for example. Choppy waters might cause the board to bend a bit in the middle. While this should not unseat you from the board, it can cause a little concern while using it. It’s most likely to perform better on calmer waters and seas. It is not recommended to use the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP in extreme conditions.

Some may experience difficulty in handling the board when they pull it out to the water. If you have a smaller frame, it may be difficult to pull the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP out, since it does not come with handles that you can hold.

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Also, some paddlers might have a problem with the board bending a little if they are heavier, while standing on it. When used as a kayak, it might be a much better option. Despite this potential problem, the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP is still pretty strong for most people.


Hula 11 SUP Features!

The Hula 11 Inflatable SUP can handle weight extremely well. Its drop-stitch construction is made to endure up to 230 pounds. It also has a raised tip, which factors in its aerodynamic feature to increase its performance. The large traction form area also makes sure that you can grip your board comfortably when going out into the sea.

The pump that comes along with the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP makes it easy to inflate. It has a pressure gauge that you can check if you have the correct PSI reading for your board. This at least makes sure that you’ve got the correct stiffness for your board when you bring it out into the water.

The outer skin of the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP is made of PVC tarpaulin, making the board durable, especially with repeated inflations. It can easily be stored and ported with the duffel bag that is packaged along with it. With a weight of 23 pounds, it’s pretty lightweight for an inflatable vessel.

Just inflate, float somewhere nice, deflate and return to the bag. The board can also be used in saltwater or freshwater, so whether you’re going to use this on the open ocean or on a calm lake, you’re good to go.


Hula 11 paddleboard and kayak

Installing the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP fins are pretty easy, which seems better than the other competitor products out on the market. The tie-down rings are also really helpful for those who want to carry their gear for a day trip. If you take off from the shore, you can take all of your belongings with you instead of leaving them on the beach. You can purchase a seat for the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP, which installs easily to start kayaking instead of standing.

How to Store Away the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP

The Hula 11 Inflatable SUP can easily be stored and carried in the duffel bag that comes with it. You can carry the board and its pump wherever you want to try some boarding or kayaking.

Putting it back into the bag is easy also, and it stores flat so it’s not at all bulky when you carry it around. Be careful of other materials that may stick to the board after deflating it, as they may damage the board once it’s placed inside the bag.


  • The Hula 11 Inflatable SUP is extremely portable, with a very light carry load
  • Stable, made of high quality materials
  • Easy to inflate with included pump
  • 7 stainless steel d-rings to keep gear tied down
  • A seat can be installed to turn the board into a flat kayak


  • Inconsistent stability, especially extreme whitewater conditions
  • No handles to lift the board out of the water or carry it around easily while inflated
  • The Hula 11 Inflatable SUP may pose a problem as a paddleboard, for those who are heavier

Hula 11 SUP review Conclusion


Overall, the Hula 11 Inflatable SUP is one of the best inflatable boards on the market today. Its portability and durability trumps others in its category because you have a board that doesn’t get scratched easily. As you’ve also read in this Hula 11 SUP review, it’s easy to carry wherever you go, or you can keep it in your car.

You can go for a hike and then inflate your Hula for a relaxing break on the water. This is good for those who just want to go out on the sea and catch a tan, or maybe do some river cruising to relax on a sunny afternoon. Or you can attach a seat and ride some waves for even more fun!

Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite – Disappointing Performance?


Just one decade ago, the Advanced Elements kayak company pioneered the world’s first hybrid inflatable kayak. It utilized a blended design with the performance of a hard shell kayak, but offering water adventurers the portability and light weight of an inflatable kayak. The Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite is a sleek, lightweight kayak that delivers excellent tracking for the adventure-seeking athlete or outdoorsman:


Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite

If you are looking for an vessel that can get you around, with speed that is almost, if not on par with skin-on-frame kayaks, then you will want to delve deeper with us in this AirFusion Elite review to learn more.

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Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite Frame

The Advanced Elements AirFusion Elite was made to rival the speed and performance of skin-on-frame kayaks, all while simplifying the setup. It has a unique design that combines aluminium alloy poles on the frame with pressurized air tubes for a high-performance frame system.


At 13 feet long, with a very narrow beam, this Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite kayak maintains the status of Advanced Elements as a manufacturer of quick and fast turning kayaks that track like rigid hard-shells. In use, this kayak is surprisingly quick, perhaps due to its V-shaped hull. It tracks very well, is simple to turn, and has good primary and secondary stability.


Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite review

The Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite kayak frame features 2 aluminum ribs. A vertically positioned, foot-long U/V-shaped flat bar comes inserted in the stern and bow of this kayak. The aluminum ribs are tubular, allowing the pole frame to be inserted/attached. There are two molded rubber handles, also located at the stern and bow, that would be useful if you were paddling with someone else.

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The regular Advanced Elements AirFusion kayak is the most narrow in width, at 25 inches, of all of Advanced Element’s watercrafts (the rest of the fleet measures 32″ to 35″ at the beam). However, it has been upgraded on the Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite to 28 inches.

This streamline design, along with the lightweight, semi-free-floating aluminum frame and high pressure chambers, allows you to paddle it like other hard-shell kayaks.


The kayak is constructed with very tough materials. The hull material of the Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite is heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin, which is extremely puncture proof. This makes the hull very durable, showing little signs of use after years on the water.

The inflation tubes, located on the inside, are covered in a tough material and still hold their shape after years of inflating, using, deflating, and putting away.


Special Features of the Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite

High pressure chambers located along the gunwales and chines of the Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite add stability, while the aluminum poles in the front deck and keel improve tracking, hull speed and water shedding. The optional skeg addition increases performance even more.

The end result is a kayak that is surprisingly rigid in water, yet doesn’t require the complicated assembly of a folding kayak. A top kayak in its class!


yellow Elite in action

The Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite is extremely lightweight for a high-performance kayak, at only 32 pounds, allowing you to carry the kayak easily. Its design utilizes high pressure chambers that provide rigidity, lowering the total number of parts used in the frame for a dramatically faster set-up time. It packs up into a bag, about the size of a suitcase, for easier storage and transport.

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Other features of the Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite include a zippered access on the bow and stern (which aids in setup and offers access to items stored below the deck), and a rear roll-top hatch for additional storage. Molded, low-profile rubber handles ease transport to the water while the inflatable cockpit coaming offers the easy attachment of an optional spray skirt.

Also, you can add a skeg to the Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite for greater control on your next trip. The skeg makes it easier to keep a straight course, even when there are waves and winds. You can deploy the skeg using the pull cord, once you add it to the kayak.


Enough Storage Space?

There is enough onboard storage on the Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite for extended trips. With a capacity of about 230 pounds, you can load up the deck with gear if you are going for a multi-day expedition. The wide 28″ beam allows for an integrated rear storage hatch for easier access to gear while on the water.


Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite

In terms of setup, the AirFusion Elite is not 100% straight-forward. You will need to be a bit careful not to mix up pieces of the frame or inflate sections in the wrong order, or you could end up with bent pieces of frame. However, after a bit of training, you will be able to get in the water in less than 15 minutes.

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  • The inflatable Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite is very suitable for long distance paddling and sea trips
  • The kayak offers a streamlined set up procedure with fewer poles, allowing one to get out on the water quickly
  • Rear hatch with a roll-top dry bag provides easy access to stowed items
  • Deck features bungee lacing and D-ring tie-downs for more options
  • Welded seams ensure long life
  • Its narrow beam and 13′ frame cuts easily through the water
  • The Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite is built with excellent materials and constructed almost perfectly
  • Portable and packable
  • A good recreational kayak on flat water or up to Class 2 whitewater
  • Excellent customer service and warranty

Check out the Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite on Amazon!


  • Because of low weight and no rudder, the Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite’s nose tends to get blown around in winds over 10 mph
  • The internal storage space on the Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite is quite tiny
  • It should be mentioned in this AirFusion Elite review that this model is best for people who are over 5′ tall, but not over 6’5″
  • It will take a bit longer to set-up than a regular inflatable kayak, but many may consider the performance to be worth it


AirFusion Elite Review Conclusion

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the feeling of floating on a cloud beneath the clouds, then the Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite is what you’ve been looking for all this time. This great kayak pairs style and performance that will see you zipping through the water as if you were in a hard shell kayak, only without the added bulk and inconvenience.


It’s quite light weight for a hybrid model and is easily carried by one person. Better still, the price of the Advanced Elements Air Fusion Elite is reasonable when compared to other kayaks in its class.

Advanced Elements StraitEdge2 Inflatable Kayak Review

[table id=Advanced-Elements-StraitEdge2 /]


Advanced Elements StraitEdge Two-Person Inflatable Kayak Overview

The Advanced Elements StraitEdge2 is an inflatable tandem addition to the Advanced Elements line of kayaks. This versatile kayak takes less than 10 minutes to be fully inflated and lasts an entire day. It holds 3 people at most but is designed for solo rides with simple adjustments. It hold a maximum of 227 kilograms which is relatively heavy.

When inflated the StraitEdge is 35 inches by 13 feet and is available in two colours; yellow or green.

AE StraitEdge 2 inflatable 2 person kayak


Features of the Advanced Elements StraitEdge2 Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Is the Advanced Elements StraitEdge2 Kayak Designed Well?

The AE StraitEdge Two-Person Inflatable Kayak has been built with an aluminum bow and stern frame which serves to improve tracking in open water. It has an inbuilt valve which allows it to shed water in high seas and open waves. The valve can also be closed in calm water for a more quiet sail.

The kayak can either be used as a tandem or a solo sit-on convertible kayak.

This is made possible by the adjustable seats which can be moved to the center for more solo comfort.

The Advanced Element StraitEdge Kayak is made of two layers heavy duty PVC tarpaulin which is strong and puncture resistant. The advantage of this is that it allows you to drag your kayak along the beach without the fear of damage. Its strength also means that even if you bump on rocks during kayaking, there is no risk of water flooding the kayak.

The PVC build makes the kayak very durable. You can be assured of service that will be no less than 4 years. Check out this video:

Is the AE StraitEdge2 Kayak Comfortable?

The kayak is made of breathable foam mesh which is very comfortable. The seats are made with padded mesh to allow for a full day kayaking activity without spinal strain.

What’s Any Kayak Without Stability & Maneuverability?!

This kayak is fairly stable and may be used on level 3 whitewaters. This makes it an attractive kayak for professional kayaks and for individuals engaging in kayaking as a social sport.

The kayak also has thigh straps to ensure you are able to sail in a straight line.

It is stable enough to allow a wine glass to settle on it without toppling over. This stability feature is especially attractive for amateurs who might be afraid of the experience. It helps to build confidence.

How Would You Store the StraitEdge2 Person Kayak?

The kayak comes with a waterproof duffel bag addition. This allows you to deflate it and comfortably store it in your trunk or garage. This also allows you to be able to carry it along for camping trips in the wild. It can also be checked in as luggage when flying.

Summary of Unique Features!

  • The kayak has rod holders on the side. This means you can double up your outdoor water experience with also reduces the weight that would come with adding an additional rod crate.
  • It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

The additional items that come with this kayak include:

  • Folding seats
  • A repair kit
  • Manufacturers own manual


  • Easy to set up and comes pre-assembled in the factory.
  • Its stability is a selling point
  • It takes only ten minutes to fully deflate it.
  • Safety is enhanced by the open water tracking system.
  • Easily portable


  • When first used, it tends to steer off in the opposite direction. This will need a while to get used to.
  • Relatively slower compared to other kayaks of the same weight and length.


How Much Does the Advanced Edge StraitEdge2 Inflatable Kayak Cost?

There are many different offers for this kayak and it depends on where you buy it. For a very sturdy two person kayak (also known as a tandem kayak), it falls in the typical range.  However, Advanced Elements is not new to the game and makes some of the best inflatable kayaks available on the market!

Do People Like the StraitEdge2?

Most customers that have bought the StraitEdge tandem kayak have voiced their appreciation of its stability and versatile nature. The durability of the kayak makes it a once in a lifetime decision that you will definitely not regret.

Is the Advanced Elements StraitEdge2 Worth It?

With all, that’s been said above it’s quite clear that the Advanced Elements StraitEdge2 is a versatile and handy kayak for anyone who loves kayaking and canoeing. Its convertible nature coupled with the stability are a pull factor for family kayaking and group adventures.

Advanced Elements is a sturdy name in the inflatable kayak industry, making the AE StraitEdge 2 another hit.

Need More Information?

Well, buying a kayak can be challenging if it’s your first time. Sometimes pictures and videos help, so check out the following video to see how easy it is to set up the Advanced Elements StraitEdge2:

Even better, the next video goes into details about the parts of the Advanced Elements StraightEdge 2 and its build, plus more:

Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak – Best AE Option?

[table id=AEFireFly /]

The Advanced Elements FireFly inflatable kayak is designed for recreational family use catering for all shapes and sizes who want to spend some fun hours on the water. It arrives in a backpack, inflates easily with the help of a pump, is lightweight to handle and is ready to hit the water in no time.

Of durable materials, the FireFly inflatable kayak is well designed and produced by the renowned company Advanced Elements, made of durable materials. Whether you want to paddle around lakes or drift down calm rivers this little kayak will give you hours of pleasure performing well in its class. Essentially it is an easily transportable compact lightweight recreational kayak and it has a number of features that make it perfect for the job.

Is the Advanced Elements Firefly Portable?

As the name suggests, the Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak is extremely portable. You won’t have to think about fitting a roof rack to your car as it stows easily in any car boot and there are no storage complications as the FireFly will store away in a garage or even a closet at home. As a traveler myself, I love anything that comes in a bag, in this case a nifty breathable fabric duffle bag to ensure your Firefly kayak dries out properly after use. Also included are a repair kit and owner’s manual. It goes without saying – read it.

Does The Advanced Elements FireFly Inflate Easily?

It is easy to inflate although but you do need to use a pump if to make the job practical. Fitted with twistlok valves as well as high flow spring valves, the Advanced Elements FireFly inflatable kayak is super swift to blow up.

Getting the inflation pressure correct is important as, if the Firefly is overinflated, the cockpit space will be significantly reduced and the kayak performance will be greatly affected. This is also the case if underinflated. It is possible to set the correct psi levels without a gauge because of visual markers however use of a gauge is recommended. Deflation is also easy, which can be important at the end of a long enjoyable day when you don’t want to be struggling to deflate your kayak.

At 16 lbs weight it is light so almost anyone can handle it at any stage, especially for those petite independent women or small teenagers. Also attached are molded rubber grip handles that facilitate moving the FireFly inflatable kayak around with ease.

As for durability despite it being an inflatable, the Advanced Elements FireFly, offers a high level of durability with its PVC tarpaulin hull, welded perimeter seam, 600 D polyester cover, as well as heavy-duty PVC main chamber. It has good water clearance too so those who do find themselves over rocks can navigate with some confidence and it is durable enough to survive a few bounces against all but the roughest rocks.

Is The Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak Stable and Able?

Once on the water the Advanced Elements FireFly inflatable kayak has a few features that are important as an entry level or recreational kayak. It is relatively wide so that gives it extra stability for inexperienced or nervous paddlers who only have to concentrate on staying centered.

Despite the fact inflatables usually do not track well in the water, Advanced Elements have dealt with this problem by utilizing fixed rigid forms that help the FireFly kayak to cut through waves and stay on course. In-built into the cover are rigid bow and stern forms, plus a landing plate and tracking fin also to aid the kayak’s performance. Speed is limited compared to rigid models however the Advanced Elements FireFly inflatable kayak is designed for relaxing recreation.

The following video shows how easy it is to set up the Advanced Elements Firefly:

Paddling and maneuvering the FireFly is easy because of the features added by Advanced Elements that ensure FireFly is responsive and sensitive as any inflatable in the water. The lightweight cover material means it is very maneuverable compared to heavier inflatables.

Note though: because of the extra width it is probably best to purchase a longer paddle than one would normally use to make sure you have enough to reach over the sides, possibly 4-5” longer than normally recommended for your height. The FireFly is specified for paddlers up to 250 lbs so it can take a fair pounding for its size.

Planning on the side of safety, Advanced Elements have made the FireFly from bright yellow material to ensure you are seen on the water by passing craft. On the same note, because the FireFly is so stable in the water, if you do fall out for any reason, it is easy enough to clamber back in regardless of how inelegant your efforts.

Advanced Elements take their products very seriously and offer great customer service on top of warranties for all their products. If, for some reason you did have a problem with an Advanced Elements Inflatable FireFly, you can be assured they are interested in it.

How Hard Is It To Fold Up the Advanced Elements Firefly?

After a fun but long day kayaking, the last thing you want to do is take forever to put everything away, especially your kayak… especially an inflatable kayak.  Thankfully, this video shows you just that.  Putting these babies away in the proper manner can be a bit of a hassle but that comes with the territory. However, watch this video and determine if the Firefly kayak is the one for you:

Missing Features of the Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak

Worthy of note, there are a few features that the FireFly Inflatable Kayak does have. The FireFly does not have a designated seat fitted with back support so may make paddling for longer periods more tiresome. Having said that, being an inflatable kayak, it is relatively soft and comfortable.

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It also does not have much storage space anywhere so other than a packed lunch, you will not fit much in. You might consider also purchasing a sealing dry bag or box to keep valuables safe and dry.


  • Super compact and easy to transport or store
  • Durable lightweight materials
  • Simple and easy to inflate and deflate
  • Stable in the water for inexperienced paddlers
  • Has sufficient maneuverability for its purpose
  • Good value for money


  • No specified seat
  • Limited storage space
  • Suitable only for calm conditions, mostly Class 1, some Class 2


Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak Review Summary!

The Advanced Elements FireFly is a great small inflatable kayak for either entry level paddlers as well as those more experienced relaxed paddlers who value convenience. It is extremely portable, whether inflated or deflated so can be handled by people of all ages and sizes. It promotes a carefree relaxed feeling so is perfect for its job. I believe it perfectly fits the job it was designed for.